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I own a 2012 EX-L CRV and I like it and I'm thinking of buying a newer one. My only complaint is road noise. Are the 2015-16 models any quieter?


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    Not sure I can help much.......previous to buying my '15 CRV EXL 2WD I owned a '09 Accord ExL. I find my new CRV to be quieter than my Accord was in regards to window and road noise. Now at 8,250 miles and nearly 10 months old it performs excellently in all respects. My gas mileage is consistently 32-36 mpg in mixed driving. I drive within the posted speed limits, no jack rabbit starts, and anticipate braking. Glad to have made this purchase. It's a true joy to drive! Cheers!
    2015 CR-V EX-L 2WD = One Sweet Ride :p
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    Surely one of you folks that have gotten 2016 CRV's have noticed if they are noisy or quiet.
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    I have a 2015, which is identical to 2016. It's fairly quiet, and the review sites claim that they added a lot of sound dampening material to the 2015/2016 because of complaints with the previous years. It's not as quiet as my previous car, but that was a Lexus and maybe the expectations are a bit high. The CRV is a comfortable car with a lot of tech, and a decent mileage. The CVT transmission is excellent, IMO.
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    Only way for you to know is a test drive. My 'quiet' might be your 'noisy'. 
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    He's right. "Quiet" is a lot more subjective than one might think.
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