Buying a new car

matty12345matty12345 Member Posts: 1
Bought a new vehicle in Texas. Drove it home to Oklahoma. I signed the paperwork and the mailed the original paperwork back home for my wife to sign. I realized the 0% option is more expensive then the 3.4% rate because I could buy the car cheaper and then refinance it right away with my bank for 1.9%. Since I have the original paperwork can I call and see if they will change it?

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  • matty12345matty12345 Member Posts: 1
    Yeah I still got a good deal, but I didn't think about doing it while I was there. Now I feel that my leverage is gone.
  • carboy21carboy21 Member Posts: 760
    Before I bought my car in August, I got my loan approved from my bank, Then When the finance guy asked my about the financing I told him I am pre approved with my bank and I will only buy if they arrange the loan from my bank and no one else. He agreed and I got it at 1.9% from my own bank.
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