1999 Outback 2.5, idles fine but bogs or loss of power when stepping on throttle.

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can "feather" or tease to get going and will hold rpm once it gets there...


  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    Got any trouble codes from a scan tool?
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    "check engine" light is lit, but I do not have a scan tool. Car cannot be driven. Initially someone else was working on car and did have a scan tool. I don't know the code but I believe I remember something about "timing".
    So I pulled the timing belt covers and re-set the timing marks. Starts fine, no miss at any RPM's. Cleaned Airflow sensor, throttle body, checked EGR valve, checked crankshaft positioner sensor, camshaft position sensor was replaced(initial mech.), checked PCV valve, did find wire off Knock sensor and re-attached and checked sensor, replaced coil (was replaced 1 yr. ago with new plugs and ignition wires), pulled plugs and cleaned and re-gapped, replaced fuel filter 1 yr. ago but did by-pass to check, checked fuel injectors and they seem to be "clicking", did put a bottle of Techron fuel injector cleaner in a 1/4 full tank and have been starting and running till hot. The engine does seem better when the engine is hotter, not 100%. I'm going to get more fuel( it's getting pretty low) and may add "Motor Flush" to oil and then change oil and filter. Unless u have some other ideas!
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    Are you losing any coolant? Have you done a compression test? The 2.5L Subaru engine is notorious for bad head gaskets.
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    Since I normally do not drive the car I'm not sure about the coolant. I've NOT done a compression test but I'm Not seeing any steam from the exhaust. The head gaskets were replaced a few years ago. After getting the RPM up to 2K to 2.5K, it'll stay there and not wander. I have been avoiding the compression test only because of how difficult it is to change out the plugs...would a vacuum gauge tell me anything?
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    Well then could you at least do a cylinder balance test with someone watching the tachometer while you remove each plug wire one at a time?

    Another test would be chemical. You can buy inexpensive test kits for the coolant water to see if any combustion gases are present.

    A blown head gasket will not necessarily show water in the oil.

    Another idea is to disconnect the catalytic converter as a test.
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