Focus ZX3 IAT sensor error yet no one has the part.

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I have a 2005 Ford Focus ZX3 with the 2.0 l that has an error code P0113 and P0114. When I try getting a new IAT no one lists the car as having one. What is going on?


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    On some cars the IAT sensor is built into the Mass Air Flow Sensor and I think that's the case with your car. If this is so, you'd replace the entire MAF sensor.

    Also you could have bad wiring or a very dirty air filter, both of those will also throw this code. You may need a workshop manual to track this down. The codes don't tell you which part is defective, only which circuit or system is malfunctioning. So your ECM is reading sensor data that is outside of normal range. The MAF may not be the problem, but it is a good guess.
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    Thank you!
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