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    I would also add one additional concern that is a must with the Prius. Be sure to get wheel alignment about every 40-50 K. I bought new set of tires and failed to do this servicing of alignment and began to notice chaffing spots on front tires and a very noticable vibration in the front at 65mph and up. Ended up getting 2 new tires and the alignment. Learned a valuable lesson. Great car w/76K. :)
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    ..reading between the lines.

    Previously it was announced that The CEO of Toyota would have a major announcement next January at the NAIAS about a new Prius and a new stand alone hybrid for Lexus.

    Then this today.. from GCC Toyota to jump Prius production for 2009

    So reading between the lines..
    ..we probably won't see a major change in the Prius this Fall;
    ..we probably will see a major change in Fall 2009 as a 2010 model
    ..demand is increasing even as the vehicle ages
    ..fuel prices might be reaching really really painful levels in 2009 so a huge jump in availability is warranted
    ..pricing may come down somewhat, unless everyone of them is snatched up.
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    I test drove both the Touring and standard model back to back and liked the Touring significantly better. To me the car felt less "floaty" and more connected to the road w/o feeling stiff in the least. It definitely had less lean on curves as well.

    IF the fuel economy is less with the Touring it is practically negligible ... you can find drivers on other boards who have had both and would attest to it.

    In addition I like the looks of the wheel covers better on the Touring and the slightly larger spoiler. When I priced out both models in Pkg 6, there was only a $500 MSRP difference ... a dealer may be less likely to negotiate on a Touring though.

    Another Touring benefit is you get the HIDs without going with a higher package since they come standard. Another nice part of it imho is that you'd be getting a Prius that doesn't quite look like ALL the rest of them out there.

    The Touring isn't exactly sporty in the Prius model, but it does ride more to my liking w/o being stiff. For the record I am a 33-year-old male.
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    Where is the link about converting water to auto fuel?
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    Funny thing I never thought about but, just how does the "ICE" engine restart from electric mode. It does it fairly smoothly and does it countless times but I never gave it a thought. I doubt that it does it with a conventional startermotor. Anyone know for sure.? I'm curious cuss it amazes me how well it works.
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    There is a big electric motor/generator that is part of the shaft of the ICE. When the ICE is needed the generator becomes a motor and turns the shaft.
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    As stevegold noted there is an MG1 that acts as a starter motor connected directly to the drive shaft.

    But there are two unique situations that occur while driving. At 41 mph and less the ICE does actually shut off such as while coasting and while at a dead stop and even during EV driving at say 35 mph. At speeds above 41 mph such as on the highway it appears that the ICE shuts off but actually it just goes to idle at about 900 rpms or so, thus it's still spinning.

    From a dead stop with a stong acceleration I'm nearly certain that it's MG2 that overcomes inertia to get rolling while MG1 gets the ICE spinning..then the ICE kicks in.
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    This is very interesting, is there someplace to read up more on the Synergy system and just how the Prius works. Thanks.
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    Years ago, the discussion group had archives with illustrated descriptions of how Hybrid Synergy Drive works. There was also that had the same archives.
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    Here is one such graphic also just posted over at Priuschat

    It is this simple brilliant innovation that makes the Prius and all the HSD vehicles so remarkable.
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    That is a great graphic. The biggest advantage of the HSD is that since the ICE is really running most of the time, the power it produces to move the car at that moment can go directly to the wheels without going through the generator/battery/motor with the significant (20+%) loss, but if the ICE is producing more or less power than is needed, the excess goes to or comes from the generator/battery/motor. Thus, if a lot of power is suddenly needed, the ICE is seamlessly supplemented by the electric motor which provides an instantaneous boost for accelerating or hill climbing. It is truly a marvelous implementation. I love my 2004. My three wishes are for 1. an electric turbo to improve hill climbing on long, straight, hills, 2. 4WD since I live in the mountains and 3. the auto parallel parking software to be implemented in the USA.
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    I am considering a 2009 Prius, and will sell it in 2~3 years and buy either a 2011~12 plug-in or the Lexus version of Prius.

    What type of package is good for re-sale? The packages can be expensive (especially in % term, Like $4450(top) / $21760 base). Honestly the only option that I really want is the JBL Audio, and I don't care the HID or NAV or Leather or even the Cruise control much. So I can get a base vehicle and get some nice after market Audio with MP3 and I-pod input and speakers.

    Any suggestion?
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    Package #4 will get you everything you want...and not force Navi or Leather on you. Good choice.
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    I just purchased a new Prius Touring Pkg # 6 but can't get the home link programed to my garage door opener. Can anyone help me with this problem ?
    Also, I did not realize that this car was not equipped with daytime running lights, nor did I see it in the list of options. Is this feature unavailable for this vehicle ? I thought it was pretty much standard in all new vehicles.
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    Homelink is a trademarked proprietary device from Johnson Controls. There are two unique situations that you might have to deal with in installing it in your vehicle.

    If you have an older model garage door opener then it's pretty straightforward in bringing your transmitter up to the Homelink button to transfer the signal as per your owners manual instructions.

    If you have a newer model opener then it probably has a 'rolling code' and your have to do several additional steps as per your owners manual.
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    I had problems with my homelink in my 08. Talked to the guru at the dealer, he said he was having severe problems doing the same. I looked up the homelink web page and it has a section for Toyota and specifically the prius. But you must follow EVERY step in order for it to work. I skipped the part as if my garage unit was not 'rolling', it didn't take. So I stared over and did every step as it said and bingo, it worked. I took the print out instructions to the tech at the dealer. First thing he said was that you didn't have to do the first steps (as if the unit was non rolling). I told him yes you do. He called me in a few days and told me I was right, do all of the steps.
    Sorry, I don't have the web page info anymorer, but you can find it.

    I'm like you about the DRLs. I think it is only in the #5 or 6 ^ package. As many safety things as they put on the car, I think that would have been one of the first, cheap to do and high results.
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    I am new to the board. Just purchased a mica green Option #2 a week ago. The car is even better than I thought, and something about it amazes every day. The build quality is top of the line and the system works flawlessly.

    I wonder if anyone knows how the computer deals with MPG when you are stopped with everything shut down (i.e. at a light). A regular car would of course be idling at that time, burning gas and decreasing the MPG. How does the Prius computer compensate for that in it's MPG calculation? If it did not assume something (like an "average" idle burning of fuel) the MPG would only be looking at when you drive an actual distance. If nothing is allowed for this "idle" savings of fuel, the Prius MPG would be lower than it really is in comparison to a regular car.
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    I actually just realized the answer to my dumb question. There is nothing to compensate for. It simply burns no gas which is part of the equation. Too late to think I guess!! Good night.
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    Hi! I am currently researching a Prius for my very first car (at almost 40 years old), and am leaning towards the Touring (2008), rather than the basic models. Any feedback on Touring versus basic? And what about additional options such as lumbar support, heated seats, back up sensors, and the highly debatable sun/moonroof? I have been quoted prices which vary almost 2x standard pricing for these options, but I am more interested in having my perfect dream car than hassling over a few hundred bucks.

    I would really appreciate any guidance or experience to share! Thanks!
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    I have bought this car a couple of months age. I have become aware of EMF issues only yesterday, after reading a warning article in The NY Times.
    Apparently this issue has been out but kept out under the radar from the general public, including people concerned with health and going green.

    Is Toyota addressing this ? If not, they should and should supply their cars with covers as they do on fleets aimed at European (particularly Swiss) consumers.

    And what about Consumer Report???
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    I have a 2004 Prius that I love driving. I've never tried the touring model. Living in the Colorado mountains, I would love heated seats (and 4WD which is not available).
    I do have the Navigation system and a bluetooth phone which is great. I also enjoy the extra steering wheel controls for the phone, climate control and sound system. I would like a built in X-M but I use a removable Roady2 and pay for only one X-M subscription.
    All of my previous cars had one or sometimes two sunroofs that I NEVER used, so I didn't care about that. I would have ordered leather seats, if available, but for this cold weather, I actually prefer the cloth. The same might be true in very hot climates. I was luck to find a set 4 brand new tires AND wheels that someone had taken off on day one. I'm now using those tires and have used the wheels for snow tires since that first winter. I would love an electric turbo too help with long, steep,straight mountain passes that I take infrequently but I get by.
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    You gete all the options and features you can afford. You will like this car a lot. I have the Option 5, don't wish for anything more, but that's me. Get XM, Get heated seats, get all you want - then be happy!

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    I no longer use a cell phone with Blue Tooth but, I continue getting the message that "Blue Tooth Connection Failed". Is there any way to discontinue that message?
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    Yes, EMF radiation from hybrids such as the Toyota Prius is starting to become a concern in the media lately.
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    I purchased a 2008 Prius Pkg. # 6 about 3 weeks ago and the car is great, but........
    The dealer agreed to put in heated seats. I made an appointment and took it back and when I picked it up they told me that they had cracked the panel where the buttons were installed. I also noticed that the interior had smudges on the dash and glove box. They ordered a new panel and told me that they would detail the inside of the car. I took the car back several days later when the part came in and when I got home I noticed that there was a 'foot long' :lemon: :mad: scratch on the left rear panel. I immediately called and took the car back for a third time. They told me they had to re-paint the entire panel. I was really concerned about this but felt I had no choice. They did a flawless job and I was satisfied but when I got home I noticed that the front drivers mat had a grease spot . I called them again and they told me that they would replace the mat. It's been 4 days and I haven't heard back from them as yet.
    So far every complaint was addressed and they gave me a rented car to drive. Although nothing mechanical is wrong with the car, it is all related to service department issues. I am definitely going to have the car serviced elsewhere in the future. Can anyone give me any further advice on this matter ??
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    "Yes, EMF radiation from hybrids such as the Toyota Prius is starting to become a concern in the media lately. "

    For those who don't want to follow links, I'll summarize from the article:

    "It would be a mistake to jump to conclusions about hybrid E.M.F. dangers, as well as a mistake to outright dismiss the concern,"

    Not ONE scientific study was referenced - probably because scientific studies have not found a confirmed correlation between EMF and any illnesses, despite what some "advocacy" groups claim. The EMF discussion has been around for at least 20 years.
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    May 12 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. Supreme Court let stand a $4.3 million award against Toyota Motor Corp. for using another company's patented technology in gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles, including the top-selling Prius.

    The justices, without comment, today turned away an appeal by Toyota, leaving intact a jury verdict favoring closely held Paice LLC of McLean, Virginia. A federal appeals court in Washington upheld the award last year.

    Toyota, the world's second-largest automaker, also may have to pay Paice royalties for future vehicles it produces using the disputed technology. The appeals court told a trial judge to revisit his order that Toyota pay $25 for every Prius, Highlander and Lexus RX400h sold. The appellate panel refused to block sales of the infringing vehicles.

    The disputed technology involves a microprocessor that accepts torque information from both the internal combustion engine and electric motor.
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    This is not the first such case, and it probably won't be the last.
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    Yep this little one is the 3rd different one if I'm not mistaken. The first was thrown out. The 2nd IDK.

    There are a lot of vultures circling.
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    HI ALL
    I was hoping to get one of the small clean diesels to compliment my Prius. Looks like that plan is on hold. Diesel is $0.85 more than regular now. I don't see diesels taking off anytime soon. Pity. I had my eye on the Subie. I guess I'll make due with my 48.6 mpg Prius for a while. The wife will make due with the Mazda 3. :):)
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    Hi all,
    I hope this is the right place to post this. I was wondering if the Prius is worth it? I'm pretty sure that gas will hit $5 or $6 a gallon by years end. I currently have an 06 Accord that gets decent mileage (about 22-23 mpg). I drive about 28 miles to work round trip each day. I've heard that some people have had issues with the battery and that the "bladder" in the fuel tank takes some getting used to (not sure what that means though). From reading briefly these forums i see that the Prius is going for the high 20's and low 30's (depending on the package) and that supply is really tight. I'm also looking at the new 09 Carolla. I'm trying to find out which one would be better. I also travel to see my in laws (about 197 miles away) every couple months.

    I'm trying to get a head start before the big rush sets in when gas goes higher. Thanks for any and all help.

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    This is the 4 step process I tell everyone to do for themselves after asking this question.

    First recognize that nearly every vehicle made will be worthless at some point. This is a given.

    1...Choose the vehicles that appeal to you. You've done this
    2...Decide if you are most interested in the lowest cost of transportation or if certain features are mandatory. An honest inward-looking assessment is needed.
    3...Add up all the costs. This takes some work and good estimates of your personal situation.
    4...The one that costs the least before the vehicle is worthless is the best buy, this is the one that's worth it. This is easy it becomes obvious.
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    Pricing: the standard package 2 Prius can be had for just about $24000
    The fuel bladder issue is just one that's unfamiliar to new drivers after a few weeks of breakin it's a non-issue.
    Supply is very tight and discounts are rare. The Corolla can easily be bought at a discount.

    PS .. the only ones that have had issues with the battery are the ones who have not bought a hybrid for fear of 'something going wrong'. Check some of the hybrid vehicles sites. There are almost no issues whatsoever.
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    Thank you for the info.

    Cpuple more questions. 1. How big is the trunk space? I know its smaller because of the batteries right? 2. how is the driving and speed? I know its a 4 clylinder but does it run smooth or does it drag?
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    The Prius is a hatchback. With the back seats folded flat you have a lot of space back there.
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    I have bought a new 2008 Prius, and it will be here on May 30,2008. I wanted to know how long I should drive it before going on a 600 mile trip. Is it ok to drive it on a 600 mile trip with very little mileage on the auto? I hope the car is as good as many of you say.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    Yes, as my knowledgable friend Gary notes this is a 5 door hatchback.

    It's as big inside as a Matrix/Vibe, just configured a little differently. The battery pack takes up little or no space. It's incredibly well designed for utility. You will be able to fit more 'big stuff' in a Prius than you can in an Avalon or Camry or Corolla or Malibu or etc....
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    You can take it on a trip right away. There's no special breakin procedures except two.

    Don't tow a boat.
    Don't drive at one single speed for the entire breakin period; i.e. don't drive from NY to FLA in a single 1000 mi trip with the cruise set at 70 mph. All new Toyota's need to do a variety of driving from 5 mph to 80 mph during the breakin period.

    By all means keep us informed of your experiences both as a new owner and as you get well into the ownership. ( 75600 mi in 30 mo's and counting )
  • oldcoacholdcoach Member Posts: 28
    Thank you for the information, I will drive around the area for a few days before taking it on the trip. Also I will vary the cruise control . I am planning on going from Ohio to Atlanta. ;);)
  • oldcoacholdcoach Member Posts: 28
    How long is the breakin period we are talking about??? :)
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Member Posts: 7,160
    For the Prius it's 600 mi. For all other Toyota's it's 1000 miles. Don't worry just enjoy your trip. Vary the speeds as much as you can.. Take potty breaks and stop for meals/snacks. You might not need much gas.

    You can expect to get 450 to 500 miles on about 10 gal of gas ( 11.9 gal tank ).
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Member Posts: 1,207
    I took a 600 mile trip in my Prius when it was brand new. I even used cruise. I was well aware of the requirement to vary speed. I found that, in practice, engine speed varies significantly with gradient and I felt that it was varying sufficiently and sufficiently often that I could meet the varying speed requirement and use cruise.
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    I Would do the same thing. Cars are not like years ago where break-in was crucial to longevity. Just vary the speed and I believe that will suffice. On another note.... I had my first $40 fillup on my Prius!! OUCH!!!
  • oldcoacholdcoach Member Posts: 28
    THAT 40 DOLLAR FILL UP MAY SOON BE 50. :cry::cry: I wish my Prius would hurry up and get here. :):)
  • ctsactsa Member Posts: 6
    It may have been a $40 fillup, but I still have to fillup my Pathfinder at $65 - $70 per time about 3 times more than you do. I am now #1 on the list for a package 5 at a local dealership. I don't even care about color really. Hoping that it has XM radio, but don't even really care about that. Can't wait to get rid of the Pathfinder and the 14mpg.

    Hey, can anyone tell me if the "Sound Shield" in that 350 dollar package from the ports makes a difference? There are 3 or 4 things attached to that protection package, but I am curious about the sound shield. Please advise.
  • oldcoacholdcoach Member Posts: 28
    My Pius came in this morning May 27, 2008. :D:D:D I will pick it up on thursday May 29, 2008. I will keep you in formed.
  • oldcoacholdcoach Member Posts: 28
    My Prius came in this morning May 27, 2008. :D:D:D I will pick it up on thursday May 29, 2008. I will keep you in formed.
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    Save your money!!! That is pure profit for the dealer and any benefits are marginal at best.
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    I can't find the instruction sheet I had that tells how to shut off the "Maint Reqd" light. Anybody know the procedure?
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