Feels Like a Luxury Car Should - 2015 BMW M235i Convertible Long-Term Road Test

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imageFeels Like a Luxury Car Should - 2015 BMW M235i Convertible Long-Term Road Test

I love driving our 2015 BMW M235i because of its powerful V6 engine. Shouldn't all luxury cars be this way?

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  • ebeaudoinebeaudoin Member Posts: 509
    Larger engine by and large is more fun-to-drive, in my highly subjective opinion.
  • dm7279dm7279 Member Posts: 63
    The larger engines are simply more refined, and refinement is what customers of the luxury brands expect, in this country anyway.
  • daryleasondaryleason Member Posts: 501
    I know the history of cars....from it's humble beginnings with Benz, the expansion pioneered by Ford, the design improvements, etc. But hands down I will always want a big V-8, manual transmission, rear wheel drive or four wheel drive vehicle. It doesn't matter what it is. Truck, sedan, coupe, convertible, van, SUV, etc.
    I'll buy a car with a four or six cylinder because of the price or fuel economy or whatever...but it's the sound of 8 cylinders creating that oh so sweet burble that I want.
    A V8 is the "Girl Next Door" photo spread. She may not be the Centerfold that the V-10s and V-12s from Italy produce, where their shear vulgarity makes you lust, but the Girl Next Door is the one you fantasize about on a regular basis.
    A 4 or 6 cylinder is the one that you come to realize has her benefits, and if you look for it, beauty. You can have a "nice" life together. You may even be fond of her. But you've settled for her. She knows it, she accepts it, but that's life.
    The 3 & 5 Cylinders though....those are the photos your friends send you at 3 am when the club is closing up. You know they're out there, but you don't want to see it, hear it, or smell it.
  • stevej2001stevej2001 Member Posts: 10
    My previous two BMWs '08 E60, ''11 F10 had the 3L 6cyl motors. Now I've got a 2L F30 and really it's just fine. Acceleration is more than adequate, esp in sport mode. The mileage is a real advantage.
  • allthingshondaallthingshonda Member Posts: 878
    There was a time when German luxury cars had superior engines over lesser vehicles. I don't know if that's true anymore. I would put Ford's new 2.7 twin turbo V6 against anything from Germany. And Honda has always made some of the best 4 cylinder engines in the world. And to make that point clear, and prove that Honda has gone back to their roots, their upcoming 2.0 turbo 4 is supposed to put out 310 horsepower and 295 lb/ft of torque.
  • tsdriver27tsdriver27 Member Posts: 24
    I enjoy the 3.5l V-6 in my '15 Accord, but I really like the 4.7l twin turbo V-8 in my '14 CLS550.
  • marry_raomarry_rao Member Posts: 1
    I really like.. :smile:
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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