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Nissan 350Z Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774

    I ordered mine from Power Nissan of El Monte. The only problem is that most dealers don't have much inventory in roadsters if you want a 6 speed. If you haven't already, try the website and search their inventory.

    Good luck!
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    My new 350Z Roadster arrived today and I sent it right back. Somewhere between the showroom floor in El Monte and my office in Tucson, the air dam got curbed and left a 9" gash. So, I refused delivery and sent the car back.

    What a drag! The dealer was totally understanding and offered to fix the damage, but in my book "new" means undamaged. Now I'm back to hunting for a deal...
  • iancianc Posts: 3
    I got an offer 750 + invoice for roadster touring 2004.

    Do you think this is good or I should wait for 2005?
  • After doing what is probably WAY to much research, I have a final plan to get my new 350Z

    -I plan on getting a 350Z Enthusiast (preferably blue).
    -I am selling my old car instead of trading it in.
    -I should have 1000-2000 cash for down payment.
    -I am getting a loan at my local credit union (I have done much business with them before).
    -I intend to search the three local dealer web sites and locate an Enthusiast that fits my needs.
    -I plan on printing out Edmunds TMV and a similar CarMax asking price.
    -I plan on going in to the dealership with the vehicle that most closely resembles what I want.
    -The first salesman that walks up to me will hear -I will buy this car right now cash if you can sell it for 27,500 (a bit below TMV counting no options... like floormats)".
    -I plan on entertaining no more than 2 other offers, and if its more than 28,000 I am walking to the other dealers.

    Does this sound like a good plan? I am not typically a rude/confrontoation person, but looking at sticker prices, the dealerships here are crazy. 2000 for a *protection package*?

    I work hard for my money, and I don't want to get taken. Does this sound like a fair offer and a method that will work?
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    The more money you save up front on the purchase of the Z, will likely be used to buy new tires every 10,000 miles due to alignment issues.
  • My understanding was the feathering was fixed in the 04.5s and 05s, and that Nissan replaced the affected ones free anyhow...

    is this STILL a significant issue?
  • Tacomaboy,

    My 2004.5 has no feathering yet *knock on wood* at 9000+ miles. So far I am happy, I hope to reach 15k before I have to replace the fronts.

    When posting, be careful when using the "2004.5" designation at the main "Nissan 350Z" form. A guy over there is arguing with me about using that.

    I posted about feathering and he knocks me for using 2004.5 LOL.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Owners club may be a good place to check?
    Owner's club
  • I am planning on making an offer today.

    Trick is my credit union offered me 4.45% but only up to wholsale!

    So I have to cover TTL and any amount over invoice.

    I have 2500 cash to put down.

    Found a Blue Enthusiast 6spd, Edmunds and KBB show invoice at 27212.

    So the most I can pay out the door is 27212 + 2500 = 29712.

    In TX, does this sound like something the dealer will accept?

    He'd better if he wants to sell it hehe.

    But whats is the best way to negotiate? Should I try and focus on the OTD price or should I try and negotiate on the vehicle price (I believe 27700 or so should put me at around my limit).
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    You really should negotiate an OTD price - this reduces the possibility of invoice scams & sudden extras when you're signing the paperwork. If $27,700 is your upper limit, you don't want to negotiate a $26,900 sales price and then find a $350 ad fee, a $75 documentation fee, and a $200 administrative fee tacked on.

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  • Thank you that is very helpful... I think I have done enough math so that I can figure an OTD price of 29712 should give them 500 to 700 dollars over invoice, and at the end of month with a ready to go sale, I figure they will go for it.
  • I'm interested in leasing a 2004 350Z Touring Roadster. 2 questions for this esteemed group:

    1. With what I've read about some quality problems on this board and elsewhere, particularly the tire feathering problems, would you recommend this car? Are these major issues/problems or relatively minor nuisances that can be resolved?

    2. What is some of the latest lease pricing you've experienced? Looking at a 36 or 48 month lease with 10k or 12k miles and as little cap reduction as possible.

    Any input you have would be greatly appreciated as I will likely make my decision imminently.

  • Hehe I got it at 500 over invoice. 29700 out the door.

    Happy customer...
  • The 05 is really the same with the exception of tire pressure monitors on all models ,seat lifts for front/back of seat and yellow as an available color. Unless you can wait until this time next year this price on 05,you will pay more for nothing. Maybe you might want yellow ,in that case wait for the 05 around this time next year.
  • zoranzoran Posts: 69
    Any news update on 2005, any one? Prices/deals, features? I am interested in roadster
  • pbcuppbcup Posts: 6
    bought an 05 roadster, 6speed enthusiast, $1400 off msrp. probably could have gotten a few hundred more off, but didn't want to spend hours haggling. negotiations were done in 15 minutes.

    painless experience at Douglas Nissan, Orange, CA.

    p.s. don't use buying services. you can do much better on your own.
  • luxieluxie Posts: 3
    With the 05's starting to roll off line, some deals on 04's in inventory can be had! Local dealer Brown's Sterling Nissan of Sterling, VA was offering $400 over dealer invoice for all '04 350Z's in stock. Invoice price matched what you find here on I jumped on it. (FYI: for this vehicle MSRP=$38,590, invoice=$34,400, my walkaway price=$34,800.) I was in and out in under 90 minutes, driving away in my new Touring roadster (chrome silver, black interior) with the top down! Thank you Sterling Nissan.
  • Just got my '04 Touring from Passprt Nissan in MD for invoice and no processing fee. If you are not stuck on getting an '05, this is the time to get a good deal on an '04.

    Loving the car!!!
  • tobitobi Posts: 3
    Hi newguy here,
    Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask, mods feel free to delete if thats the case.

    Im in the market for a 05 350z, but im in las vegas and if you dont know already, all nissan and pretty much every car dealer here is a major joke.

    So im going around to all the different nissan boards asking, if any of you can recommend a Socal nissan dealer/internet sales guy?, thats reputable, with no BS? Yeah I know wishful thinking, but heck no alternative. links to other boards to will be helpful also.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Tobi, that's not the kind of info we exchange here on these boards. You can get dealership recommendations, but not names or contact info for individuals. Our Membership Agreement also doesn't allow promoting other automotive forums.

    Hopefully you'll get some good Nissan dealership recs, though!

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  • tobitobi Posts: 3
    Yes,I thought this was the wrong kind of board for that, as I had mentioned in my prev post. Please excuse me.

    But no problem tho,I got some great help on some 350z club boards.

    Thanks and sorry again.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Not a problem! My post wasn't meant to be hostile, just for information.

    When you do buy your 350z, it'd be great if you'd share what you paid, and if you finally found a good dealership. I searched the Nissan discussions here for "las vegas," and couldn't find a single answer!

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  • Im pretty much decided im going to buy a 2004 350Z base curious as to what I should ask for thinking 26,500 out the door..thast including tax, you think thats a fair deal or can I get better?
  • tobitobi Posts: 3
    No worries I saw no hostile vibes either :) it hard to judge a persons emotions in a chat box huh? LOL

    I sure will share any info I can when I get it, but as of now, like I knew already, there is NO dealer here in the whole of NV :( off to cali.

    I will be contacting the people/dealers who were referred to me on the 350z boards.

    I let you guys know.
  • Guys, I've been looking at both the Z and the G35 coupes. So far, Infiniti doesn't want to budge from their demand of $1K over invoice. However, I've got a dealer willing to go $500 over invoice on the new 05 Z's whether its a roadster or a coupe. What do you guys think? I'm still teetering between the two but wanting to lean towards the G35. Oh the dealer is in Texas.
  • They are both excellent cars, you won't go wrong with either choice. The $500 difference should not be determining factor. Just go with the one you like best. The advantage of the G35 is that it offers more convenience and a longer warranty coverage, but on the other hand it is expected to depreciate more than the Z.
  • Hi All,
    Just wanted to share my experience with owning a new 350Z 2005 model. I FINALLY bought my 350z from Ramsey Nissan in NJ. After reading members experience here and pricing competetion between dealers, i belive i got a fairly good deal.
    I paid 28K(EVEN) with Aero dynamic package and all standard options like carpets, kick plates etc etc, BS doc fee and reistration included. I had to pay about 1670 plus 7.5 tax. Is this a good deal for a 2005 automatic enthusiast Z?
  • I bought my 2004 Z at Turner Nissan in Sacramento for $500.00 over invoice through the Costco Membership program. No hassling, great buying experience. The dealer found the only Daytona Blue in Northern California for me and had it the following day. $34,600 otd with the $1660 chrome rims,aero package ,mats, kick plate. I love the car have put 1200 miles on it already.
  • nickgnickg Posts: 1
    I am purchasing a slightly used 2004 Z Touring Coupe, with 6 speed manual, Navigation, Leather heated seats, kick plates, splash guards, aerodynamic package, trunk luggage package, Bose audio, 18" alloy wheels. It has 7800 miles on it and I got the price down to $27500. White color with black interior. This is my first time posting here and im supposed to make the deal tomorrow with a private party. The person owes $39500 on the car but needs to get rid of it fast, so will pay the difference. Please tell me if you think this is a good deal.
  • I want to offer $500 over invoice for a base model you think thats a fair deal or would I be a dummy for offering that? Also what dearlership gave all of you Cali drivers a great price with no hassle?
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