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Audi A3



  • acorin88acorin88 Posts: 14
    Kurt, I meant to give you my thoughts on your second question in my earlier post, as I don't know about the first one.

    With respect to the seats, I have the sport package and both my wife and I love the seats so far, absolutely no problems with discomfort of any kind on them. If I had one concern, it would be that getting out of the car, I'm constantly smashing the bolstering on the seat bottom to get out. I'm wondering about how the seats will hold up over the long term (I'm not really petit).
  • kurtamaxxguykurtamaxxguy Posts: 677
    Thnx acorin88. My Maxx seat bottom bosters are smaller but also get squished as I get in and out of the car. A towel and heavy t-shirt protect the seat nicely and prove easy to swap out and clean.

    A previous Saturn ION's leather seat wore badly within 8 months with same kind of in-out motion (the car was a lemon for other reasons and was returned). I do not know how good Audi leather is and am leery of leather anyway.

    hope someone else here will share chain info (when I bought ION / Maxx, GM had me sign documents stating my use of chains on the cars would void the warranty).
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Acorin88, nice to hear the car is performing well for you. I'm still shocked that this funky station wagon/hatch is continuing to fascinate me. That 2.0 and the DSG is such a killer combo. Of course 3 years from now DSG (or close variation) will probably be everywhere. But for now VW/Audi seem to have it dialed in. As someone mentioned before the Cayman S with DSG could be sensational... that exact car is one reason I think the GTI/A3 still exist on my radar. Buy one of those - a cheaper, fun car - and then in 2008-9 spring for a Cayman S as a second car.

    Allhorizon, strangely, I've found travelling at over 90 keeps the CHP from sneaking up behind me. My only concerns then are cops sitting on the road ahead (easy to spot) and the eye in the sky (also easy to spot). I discovered this a few years ago on a big roadtrip and so far it's worked...stay ahead of johnny law and you're not gonna get one of those in the mirror "uh-oh" moments.

    Kurt, if your leather went to pot after 8 months, odds are good the cloth woulda worn out faster. Again, it could be saturn uses uber-cheap leather but in general my leather lined cars have shown much less of a proclivity toward serious wear and tear than cloth ones. And it's always the left side bolster as I'm quite hard on seats when getting out of cars. Audi's leather feels pretty good (better than I'd say 85-90% of what's out there). I don't expect a big problem with fraying or wearing.
  • kurtamaxxguykurtamaxxguy Posts: 677
    is probably much superior to the cheapo stuff Saturn used in the ION, whose interior has been razzed by virtually every ION reviewer I read.

    Meanwhile C&D mag is raving about the A3 - saying it outdoes the GTI in some ways.

    not to nag but did anyone buying their A3 have to sign a disclamer regarding chains? AWD or no, They are mandated in the passes I would like to be able to drive in winter.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    I don't have any actual knowledge... But, considering the standard tire is 225/45-17, which is the same size that is on my 325i.. I'd say chains wouldn't fit.. That is a massive tire..


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  • north0f49north0f49 Posts: 10
    Going back for my 3rd test-drive tomorrow, getting very close to doing the deal, but the following situation is an annoyance which makes me hold off...

    It is about the options packaging set-up, which seems to be designed to max Audi's take while forcing the customer to pay for as many packages as possible in order to get the few things he/she really wants.

    I want leather. Therefore I have to go Sport or Premium. I live in the frozen north, so that means the Cold Weather Package, to avoid that sensation of sitting on a leather-covered block of ice. I like tight cornering, so that pushes me towards Sport for the suspension. But I also like dashboard intelligence features so then I have to add the Convenience Package to get the trip computer and be able to track fuel consumption etc. although I believe this is included with Premium.

    So to get the 3 simple things I really want: leather, optimal cornering, and fuel consumption read-out, I would have to go with 3 "packages", total 4500$ CAD + another 1500$ for Open Sky.

    Or re-think Sport vs Premium. So, a question for anyone who has tried both - how much difference did you really feel between sport-tuned suspension and regular?

    And what are the perceptions out there on the Driver Information System? I did not even notice it on the 2 A3's I drove, I do not think either one had it, but I did see something very similar on the V50 T5 I test drove and I thought it was cool and useful.

  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,330
    I thought the base car handled very well. I wouldn't myself opt for the sport package. If it is too soft, you can always add some suspension mods later, probably for less money.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    I sort of agree.. Plus, with all-season tires, you aren't going to be able to take full advantage of that sport suspension..

    The only hang-up that I would have is the seats.. Don't you get nicer seats with the sport package?

    On the other side of the equation.. (speaking in US dollars here), it will suck to pay $31K for a car, and not get everything you want, just to save $1000-$1500. I know everyone has a budget and a line they can't cross, but I've never been sorry I bought the "loaded" model.



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  • acorin88acorin88 Posts: 14
    Hey northOF49, I tried both the premium and sport models before settling on the DSG sport/convenience/winter combo you are leaning toward. I am not a "performance" driver by any means, but I did find the two packages to be noticably different at cornering ability and the sport package to its credit was not too jarring.

    If you mod your vehicles, it's probably correct that you could do it yourself later for cheaper. As I have kept all my cars stock and will probably do so with my A3 as well, I wanted to "build-in" the performance. I would also second those that have pointed out the seats on the sport package - they are quite supportive and comfortable and on the style front come with very nice looking contrasting stitching.

    The convenience package including the trip computer is pretty good, and we have used the computer for gas mileage, etc, but I have to say the more useful elements of the package for me have been the auto-dimming rear-view mirror and automatic lights neither of which are necessary by any means, but are nice to have.
  • allhorizonallhorizon Posts: 483
    not to nag but did anyone buying their A3 have to sign a disclamer regarding chains? AWD or no, They are mandated in the passes I would like to be able to drive in winter.

    I would address that directly to audi using their web site. Let us know what they have to say. Also, many cars that have problems with the old-fashioned thick chains can easily fit the thinner, roller-type chains.
  • kurtamaxxguykurtamaxxguy Posts: 677
    Audi web site does not offer email contact. Only request of brochures and a phone number to call a "technical expert".
    I suspect they do not want to deal with SPAM that an email address would offer them.
  • allhorizonallhorizon Posts: 483
    Audi web site does not offer email contact. Only request of brochures and a phone number to call a "technical expert".
    I suspect they do not want to deal with SPAM that an email address would offer them.

    You must be looking at a different web site than what I have. There are numerous contact links for different categories, and I have used them successfully:


    warranty, service, and parts

    current models
  • kurtamaxxguykurtamaxxguy Posts: 677
    could be due to the browser (firefox) I use, which does strange things to some websites. thanks for links - chain query sent today.

    general question: how many audi dealers in the usa (none in my immediate area)?
  • After reading about 10 pgs of comments I've decided to put my 2 cents in to see if i can be of any help. My wife owns a 2002 1.8t passat and I drive a 2002 audi a6 2.7t. for all those that are waiting and raving about the golf I must tell you that the difference between audi and vw is night and day!! We can't wait to get rid of the passat, that god it was a lease i've never seen a car age so badly! the leather is cheap compared to audi's everything inside is wearing out the stearing wheel looks like it's 5 years old, the homelink fell off the visor, we were experiencing a pulsing problem with the brakes took it in and they had to replace the whole system! caliper rotors... on our next scheduled maintenance they called us and told us that our new brakes were completely worn out and needed to be replaced!!! 5000 miles later and they tried to blame us!! to top it all vw service at least here in socal sucks. Don't get me wrong, maybe we've had bad luck, I mean over all the passat is a good practical car, but there is no comparison with my a6, I mean it's a whole different car even though It's not a direct fair comparison, the audi is far far superior. Audi might not perform like a beemer but is is by far of all the germans the best dressed. meaning the interior is best!
    I drove the A3 and was blown away by the prformance and can't wait to trade in the passat. that 2.0t has almost no turbo lag which in comparison to the old 1.8t is amazing, the 1.8 was just a dud. Also as far as price difference the a3/golf, to me it's worth spending a little more for audi simply because all the service is free until 50/000 miles and that is pricelss! The maintenance on the passat made it way more expensive then if we had leased an a4 with free maintenance. Also it seems that audi tightens the bolt a couple more turns. The cabin noise in the passat at 80 is extremely loud, where as the a6 is infinitely better. so I can guarantee you that the golg on a long road trip will not bring the same confort that the A3 will offer.
    I hope this will be of help.
  • deweydewey Posts: 5,251

    IDI(indirect injection) engines will be history for Audi! Audi will focus solely on direct gasoline injection engines(DGI).

    Sounds like Audi is on the right track with its FSI/DSG features on the A3. These are features that make it stand out against the competition.
  • bdwellebdwelle Posts: 6
    I test drove an A3 the other day, and I want this car. Very nice! I love the Open Sky, but will also want a roof rack for surfboards, etc. I can see from the UK site and the Motor Trend review ( that there is/will be a roof rack option, but I can't seem to find out if you can have the rack and Open Sky.

    1) Can you install the factory roof rack with Open Sky?
    2) Can you _get_ the factory roof rack in the US? Does anyone have one?

  • acorin88acorin88 Posts: 14
    From discussions on other forums, particularly with European owners, my understanding is that you can have both Open Sky and roof racks.

    As for your second question, the factory rack is available as a special order only, and my understanding is that it cannot be added aftermarket (they need to drill holes in the roof prior to painting I've been told). I believe the decision to allow them to be special ordered was only made recently however, and I don't think there are any vehicles in the country with them at present.

    By the way, you will not regret going with the A3 - I love it everytime I get in mine.
  • mcdonst1mcdonst1 Posts: 8
    Clamp on racks are available and can be ordered from the dealer. They do not require any drilling and work with Open-Sky. You can add all of the standard roof rack accessories to the clamp on rails. They look really nice as well.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,320
    I am not a big fan of Audi/VW due to some previous (and current) experiences with the cars themselves and the corporate offices. I've always liked audis' great interiors & understated styling. The A3 is getting some great reviews. I'm impressed.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • north0f49north0f49 Posts: 10
    Thanks for the input, acorin88, stickguy, kyfdx.

    Well, I bit the bullet today, and we sealed the deal. My A3 is currently bobbing on the Atlantic somewhere but when it arrives at the port of Montreal around mid-July, it will be a brilliant black 6-speed w sport, winter, and convenience packages and I popped for the Open Sky too. Can't wait, this is close to my ideal car.


    PS - I am entertaining offers on a mint-condition 95 Civic w alloy wheels, AEM cold air intake, and DC Sports headers.... ;)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    I know that will be great looking.. It's twin is sitting at my local Audi dealer (minus the convenience package).



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  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Way to go!

  • acorin88acorin88 Posts: 14
    Congrats North! You are going to love it!
  • myobmyob Posts: 51
    Kyfdx, I'd disagree about the A3 being overpriced vs the Acura TSX. You have to compare more than just number of features.

    1. The car hits 60mph in 6.7 sec with an automatic (DSG) transmission. (reports from 6.2 to 7.0 from various other sources). The TSX auto is unsatisfying in comparison.

    2. The price differential is about $4000 comparably equipped. But if you can lay off the options on the A3 it's less. I need a sunroof like I need a hole in my head.

    3. The "feel" of the Audi is superior. The fun-to-drive factor was much higher for me. The TSX is a Euro accord and feels like it. Nice, but uninspiring. It felt grainy in comparison to the A3. It certainly didn't handle as well. The DSG and 2.0T makes the A3 vastly more responsive and fun to drive. Europeans charge a LOT for power increases. A non turbo 4 cylinder A3 would probably match the TSX in price.

    4. The Audi Advantage is worth what, $1,000, in terms of free maintenance?

    5. The TSX will probably have fewer problems and resale well, but there is a price to be paid for a low volume car that is unique on the road.

    6. Most of all....PURCHASE PRICE IS NOT THE SAME AS COST TO OWN. As long as depreciation, fuel, insurance, maintenance, repairs, and tag/taxes all add up to the same number, the only difference in buying a more expensive car is interest costs. On $4,000 that works out to about $200/year. More expensive cars are usually more expensive down the line as used cars, too. Meaning, they don't depreciate more than the cheaper car in the same class. I find it is a common mistake among inexperienced buyers to look primarily at purchase price and not at total ownership costs. Usually, unless you move from one class of car to another, your costs will not vary much based on purchase price alone. Depreciation is the most overlooked cost, and that is where the A3 carries some risk vs. the TSX. The TSX resells great, and the A3 is unproven. If the A3 fails to catch on, you could take a hit. But if it does do well, you will do well as future models will see price increases. They are offered now cheaper to try to gin up interest in the model.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    The price differential is about $4000 comparably equipped


    The TSX will probably have fewer problems and resale well

    there is a price to be paid for a low volume car that is unique on the road.

    Does all this mean you should buy the TSX? Of course not...

    Does all this mean the A3 is overpriced compared to the TSX? I think it does..

    The only thing that keeps it close is the included maintenance on the Audi.. Past history with other Audis and Acuras, suggest that residual value and repair/maintenance costs after warranty expiration will greatly favor the TSX..

    I do agree with virtually all of your points, though... I just think most of them favor the TSX from a cost analysis.

    But, they are two diffferent cars.. I would buy the one that I really liked.



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  • dhanleydhanley Posts: 1,531
    Based on that argument, you ought to swap your bmw for a used corolla, kyfdx. ;)
  • acorin88acorin88 Posts: 14
    Interesting discussion. These were my top two choices. I drove the TSX about a month before the A3 came out and while I was impressed with it, particuarly the features included for the price, I didn't find the driving dynamics to be sufficiently better than my 1.8t Jetta, so I waited for the A3 to give it a go.

    I'm sooo glad that I did, and I completely agree with myob that from a driving perspective the 2.0T & DSG blows the TSX away. That's why I would dispute that the A3 is overpriced relative to the TSX.

    Objectively, I think the A3 provides a significantly improved driving experience over the TSX, which adds value to the A3. Subjectively, IMHO, from an exterior and interior styling perspective again the A3 is a clear winner over the TSX and for me personally, this brings additional value to the A3 over the TSX.

    I still think the TSX is a great car and that it is a terrific value, it's just that if you enjoy the act of driving, and are thinking about an A3 or a TSX, you'll likely go for the A3.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    I probably should... Actually, it wouldn't bother me that much.. as my wife drives it.. ;)


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  • wale_bate1wale_bate1 Posts: 1,986
    Oh please don't bring logic into the picture.

  • kurtamaxxguykurtamaxxguy Posts: 677
    speaking of logic....

    I did email Audi asking about fitting chains to the A3 for winter driving? Guess what? They don't know the answer! They referred me to their dealers, who (they imply) know more about the A3 than Audi itself does.

    Make no mistake, the A3 is a neat car and the AWD version comming next year even better. Perhaps some day Audi will figure out what it is actually selling, and can tell me.
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