Coolant leaking

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Hey Everyone,

I had a '96 Jeep Grand Cherokee with about 140k on it. I noticed a few bright green drops under my car this morning. I've traced the coolant leak to a connection at the lower front driver's side of the car. Could this be a matter or simply tightening the connect or at least seeing if that does the trick?

I've attached a photo of the connection.

Thanks for any advice!



  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaMember Posts: 64,482
    can't quite tell what that is. Odd looking coolant hose. Water pump bypass hose? What does it screw into? But anyway, yes you can try to snug it up but don't force anything!
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    my guess from the diagram below is that it is the coolant supply hose.
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    I too have 1996 GCL which had a coolant leak similar to what you are describing. At the time, mine had about 160k on it. After much searching for the source of the leak it turned out to be the gasket between the timing chain cover and the engine block. Yes I know, who runs coolant through the timing chain cover. Answer, Jeep on the 318 V8. The repair is quite extensive as it involves the water pump, timing chain cover, oil pan and motor mounts. If you plan on keeping your Jeep, you may also opt to replace the timing chain and gears at the same time.
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