2004 Saturn Vue V6 shaking and vibration from front end, what is it?

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Several months ago already, when I am driving up any type of slight incline, usually it happens between 2 and third gear shifting, It is an automatic, I can feel a vibration that comes through the pedal , and floor board. It actually makes the whole front end of the car shake, almost like a tremor. Over time it has gotten worse. Now when I'm sitting at a light it has a noise it makes and also rattles. It sounds somewhat like I'm grinding on the muffler, or transmission. I don't know what it is. Any suggestions?


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    Hello! Will try and help figure this out, just need a little more info. When the tremors started, was it only on up-shift or did it sometimes happen on down-shift from third to second? And now when idling at the light and you pull away is there a tremor in each shift or is it still isolated to second and third? Sounds like you may have a torque converter going, but could be in the transmission as well. One last thing, is the tremor worse when the engine and transmission are cold or after warm up?
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    When you are referring to up-shift, and down-shift, I'm guessing that would refer to having a manual transmission? Mine is an automatic. There isn't a tremor in each gear shifting. It will usually do it when I'm driving up a street with an incline, and usually seems to do the tremor, or shuddering when its going between 2 and 3rd. It has a lot of vibration in the front end, pretty much continually, doesn't really matter if its warm or cold. I have since had someone look at it, and it looks like I have 2 bad motor mounts. The right mount, and the front mount need to be replaced. Do you happen to know where I might be able to purchase these? Do you also have a Saturn Vue? Thanks you! :D
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    Hello again! No, I wasn't actually refering to a manual transmission as all transmissions up-shift and down-shift. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I guess I assumed that you had already isolated the problem to the drive line, and was simply attempting to acertain which componant was at fault. You can purchase motor mounts for most vehicles at almost any local parts store, or dealership. But if you want geuine GM parts at a fair price, you can order them direct from the GM parts web site below. Just go to the web address, select your vehicle, select engine, and scroll until you see the images of motor mouts, click the image and it will load a page of the mounts availible for purchase. Hope this helps, good luck and again sorry for the misinterpretation.


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    I think ROCK AUTO has them, too. About $75 each. You might have to call them to make sure you order the right one.
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    Have a 2003 Saturn vue, Manuel trani, its whining when i accelerate,does that mean its low on fluid, any help please would be appreciated 
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