Thinking of buying a 3 year old A4 or 5

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Thinking of buying a 3 year old A4 or A5 convertible Quattro. I I usually then keep a car for at least 10years. Does anyone have an opinion of reliability of a Audi this age and in the future. Perhaps suggest a website with a used car review, I tried here but could not get an opinion.

Thank you very much a for,your time.


  • nnlogisticsnnlogistics Member Posts: 4
    Found several edmunds reviews on this site. I am looking for independent or consumer reviews. Thank you
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    If you found the Edmunds reviews, I'm assuming you scrolled down to the consumer reviews that are linked on the same page. For example, 2012 A4 Consumer Reviews.

    Any owners lurking?
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    Just be aware that maintenance costs will be high and that Audis can be verytroublesome as they age.
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    I agree. After the warranty has run out, any major repairs will be extremely expensive. By all means buy low miles and get a pre-purchase inspection done.
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    The store where I worked got to the point we would just wholesale any Audi we took in on trade. We just got burned too many times even on ones we thought were exceptional.

    Same with Land Rovers.

    If you price an aftermarket warranty on an Audi, you'll be shocked at the price. Those warranty companies aren't dumb.
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    I'd get an IS350 or GS350 instead.
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    I agree. There are much better choices out there.
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    As much as I'd like an Audi, their general lack of long term reliability is a problem, and the specific issues with intake carbon buildup with their direct injection engines (also a problem with BMWs, I think) keeps me away from them.
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    Thanks everyone for the feedback. I guess opinions are fairly negative. I saw a few other suggestions. I would like a car in that class, but I guess the key word is"convertible" and "quattro". Any further suggestions would be appreciated. I have driven a small sprts car for a long time, now its time for a four seater and something my wife loves and fells safe in winter (all wheel drive). Not many choice with these requirements.
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