Manual transmission - still sticky after new clutch job

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Hi All - hope I'm not asking a redundant question, I couldn't find any threads that matched my exact question. We've just had a new clutch done on this 2004 ION, manual transmission. After clutch job done initially, the gears were so sticky, i.e. couldn't get it from 1st to 2nd, reverse almost impossible, that we sent it back to him and he did a 2nd bleed, per research he did. This helped things, but gears are still considerably (30-40%?) more sticky than they were before clutch job done. I get the impression he doesn't know what else he could do after the 2nd bleed ("hell bleed" it was called, he said). I am suspecting there is some mismatch between the gearbox and new clutch now, having done a bit of time with car repair myself, but far from expert of course.

Does anyone have any particular knowledge of these symptoms, and/or recommendations. At this point I'm determined to take it to a bona-fide Saturn expert, if one can be found still. From stories I've read, I'm glad we got a manual trans with this model, but this sounds typical of this model, i.e. trouble. Thanks in advance.


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