I have a 2007 Dodge Caliber 2.0

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My car keeps overheating...had a pressure test done And no coolant is leaking! Sometimes my heater won't work when it's overheating! I don't know where to start! Had the computer looked at said it was engine coolant problem

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    Why did you have a pressure test done?

    Thermostat is probably stuck closed, or open.

    Either give us more information (under what conditions, how soon after started, typical driving behavior, miles, ec) or bring it to the dealer.
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    Well let's see...everything was fine through the summer! I recently had the swing arms replaced as well as front ball joint then had to have new tires put in the balanced and had a alignment done, about a week after that is when things started (not satin it really had anything todo with what I had done) I first thought it was possibly the water pump but it's not... I don't know I suppose I will just have to take it in and spend a ton of $ that I don't have to have it just looked at :-( but it's gotta b done
    it over heats within less than a week of me putting coolant in! I don't know where the coolant is going it's not leaking anywhere that I can see! When it overheats my heater won't work! So assuming it's a thurmostate issue....go figure there is two! 
  • graylillygraylilly Member Posts: 3
    I also bought a new radiator cap cuz the one I had was looking pretty bad
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