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Toyota Solara Convertible - 2004 and Newer



  • gbelislegbelisle Member Posts: 1
    we came across your message on the Edmunds website about having problems with your Solara rear defrost. We own a 2008 convert Solara and have problem with the rear defrost that doesn't work. Toyota claimed that we broke the wiring by storing things in the rear panel...which we never did. We had a 2005 convertible Solara and had the same problem. Then Toyota suggested that we put the repair compound on the wires but we don't want that on a 47000$ car. We truly beleive that this is a problem of the rear window manufacturer. And we also think that it's an engineer's bad design that the window has to be replace along with the top.
    Now we try to have the whole thing replace by Toyota.
    Did you had any success dealing with Toyota solving the defrost problem ?
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