Can I replace alternator myself?

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Any motor heads out there that would comment on replacing the alternator by oneself? Any one with the experience of having done this? I have a 1996 Subaru Impreza and the alternator is definitely going. All the warning signs, - flickering dash lights and headlights. I am mechanically handy and have done other things myself. Have new battery and new starter, just hard right now to squeeze out the $$ for another major repair cost.

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    Not knowing you expertise and tools at hand, this is impossible to answer. You say you're mechanically handy but have to ask? I would have no problem though.
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    Dude, yes, that IS right, I am asking for comments on anyone's experience in doing this job. Easy; wish they hadn't taken it on; first time; have done it one thousand times; etc.
    I listed my car in case someone out there has the same, has done this job and can make an intelligent comment to guide a first timer. I have looked at video's and will look at Mr. Shiftright's video's.
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    I borrowed a meter and a breaker bar. Will commence with diagnostics after the rain. thank you very much !
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    Hello. I have watched the video's and have tested using the volt meter. With the car running and a load on, it fluctuates between 12.6 and 13.26. When I shut lights, etc. off, engine still running, meter reading drops to 14.00 - 13.99. With engine off and after sitting for a few minutes, meter reads 12.55. I also went to AutoZone, where they tested for free, first test came up battery no good. It is a month old. Tested again, battery showed good, then showed alternator bad, regulator bad. I didn't get a print out.
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    Well before you go replacing the alternator, be sure all your battery cables and alternator connections are clean and tight.
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