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Hyundai Tucson



  • maverick1017maverick1017 Posts: 212
    I guess the ticking noise is the same as the clicking I mentioned although I only noticed it with the windows down and parked. Didn't notice it during acceleration. Engine was pretty quiet ideling, had to look at the tach to make sure I actually started the car. I guess if the pistons are still trying to seat, it may take another 100 miles or so but typically it should have stopped by now. Then again, individual vehicles behave differently, even if they are from the same model line.

    Yeah, keep that engine from reving above 4000rpm, high rpm creates a lot of heat and will affect the pistons from seating properly, which will lead to engine trouble down the road. May also crack a piston if reved too high too soon, I am talking from experience here...don't ask :blush: I don't know what rpm the Hyundai V6 cruises at at 55mph but if it dips below 2000rpm in 4th, try to keep it in 3rd using the sportshifter. If 3rd rev the engine too high, then I am out of ideas. But I can't image an engine cruising at 55mph under 2000rpms. Is the Hyundai engine that effecient?

    Follow the maintenance schedule in your owners manual for oil changes. Modern engines don't come with special break in oil or additives anymore. What's in the engine is the same stuff you buy at the store, nothing more. You can either use a Hyundai filter or an after market one, personally I prefer Purolators, never failed me and always good results, based on an oil analysis done at 100K. I don't have any experience with Hyundais but for the first oil change just make sure you are really draining the oil and not another fluid, believe me I have heard horror stories about mechs at quick lube places draining the wrong fluid and end up doing severe damage to the vehicle.

    This brings up an interesting question, anyone know if Hyundai sell factory service manuals? I know Subaru does, I got a set, expensive but well worth the money.

  • mtice1979mtice1979 Posts: 22
    Nothing to worry about. That noise is just temporary and rarely occurs, but when it does it last around the first 100-150 miles. It does it normaly on new cars in cold crank sitiuations. but it WILL go away.If not then its under warranty. And I haven't heard any recalls cause of it.
  • zhao4zhao4 Posts: 6
    Thanks both mike and mtice. It might be going away now. I will keep an eye on it.
  • zhao4zhao4 Posts: 6
    I got the clicking noise from engine or whatever part since I got the my new Tucson. The noise tends to be louder when the gas pedal is pushed harder. During test drive, I was told the noise is normal and piston or the cylinder is not fully seated. (It is a shame bacause actually I don't understand what is it about), and fter 500 miles the noise should decrease to acceptable. I have been 600 miles on the car and unfortunately, the noise is still there. During the next a couple of days my dearler will install a sunroof for my car and they will also try to address my problem about noise. I hope they can help.

    On the Santa Fe board, some people mentioned "tin can flutter" sound or "valves tapping or a diesel engine like" sound, the issue is about "timing belt & cover plate".

    About mileage. The first tank gave me about 20 mpg, 40 % local 60 % highway. The second tank gave me at least 25 mpg, 90% highway. neither is bad to me.

    If the car can give me a quiet ride as what happens to many other poeple, I will be satisfied with everything.
  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    The two sounds I hear are the diesel like sounds while at idle and light acceleration, and the more important one of a "clunk" from the engine compartment at 10-15mph. It doesn't happen the same time as the shift. It only does it on the first drive of the day or after the vehicle has sat for a couple hours. Its like 2 parts don't fit exactly and the torque of the engine snaps them in place, then as the vehicle sits, they come apart again and the whole process starts over. The dealer said all the suspension parts were tight, but I'm not sure I want to take any trips until the problem is found.
  • jtcsmjtcsm Posts: 1
    We've had this Alpine Frost Tucson for about a month. Some comments: 800 miles now and no clicking - if it ever did, we didn't notice it. Good in crosswinds, quiet on freeway, cruises at 75-80 with no drama. Mileage lower than expected, but improving with use. Transmission hunts at low speed in city traffic, but we're getting used to using manual shift mode when it becomes too irritating. Rear visibility limited - must use mirrors more than in other vehicles. Windshield pillars create big blind spots, but we've adapted. Bad reflection in windshield from dash top - just ordered dash cover to fix that. Access through rear hatch (window and door) very convenient. Shopped Ford, Mazda, Saturn, Honda and Toyota before buying. Considered Tucson best value in class. Overall, my wife and I like this vehicle very much (it's her daily driver) and are very pleased with our decision to buy. We're particularly impressed with the build quality, attention to detail and the many standard features. Oh, and our 70 lb. Aussie cattle dog loves all the room she has in the back seat. Can't beat it for the money.
  • barullobarullo Posts: 1
    GL: AM/FM stereo and CD player with 6 speakers, 80 watts

    GLS: AM/FM stereo, cassette and MP3-compatible CD player with 6 speakers,
    140 watts

    XL: AM/FM stereo, cassette and in-dash 6-disc CD changer with 6 speakers, subwoofer, 200 watts
  • epimperepimper Posts: 2
    You can just move the saved music in the folder its saved in on your computer to the disk you are burning it on. The music will burn alphabetically (you know, a to z based on the album title). You will still have to scan through them but they will be in alphabetical order. Hope this helps! I like having the MP3 option better than the CD changer my husband's Lexus has!
  • 238000238000 Posts: 48
    I bought my Tucson the high-end model- GLS? So far, it's a great car, I drove it to Florida from Connecticut and it proved to be a great highway cruiser. I haven't experienced some of the problems of others on the site. The engine never hunts, and if you want more oomph, just press the accelerator slightly and off it goes.We had a lot of snow in Connecticut in March,(2005) but no problem, the car handles great in the snow. Okay, I have a gripe - when I want to turn on the dome light, sometimes I open the hatch by mistake - if its dark, you can't see anything.. I've learned to do it be feel. Also, when ypou get in the car, the light around the ignition key hole doesn't stay on long. Petty gripes. It's a great car, I think the best that Hyundai has made so far.
  • rab613rab613 Posts: 8
    does anyone have any feedback regarding a tucson GLS compared to the sportage EX, both with 2 wheel drive. the features and prices seem very similar, though i think the sportage includes a moonroof. what are the design or cosmetic differences between them?

    thanks for your input.
  • dovid2dovid2 Posts: 90
    I don't know if anyone was watching, but on the last installment of Revelations on TV last night, at one point the protagonists all loaded into a Tuscon and drove off. And this was Italy.
  • 238000238000 Posts: 48
    Tucson has arrived - so far, I think it's Hyundai's (pronounced Sundays) greatest car. Just my opinion, of course. I loved my 2003 Sonata, but the facts are these: The disk brakes needed resurfacing twice in 23,000 miles, once under wty and once considered wear and tear. Coming back from a ski trip in New Hampshire with sub-zero weather, the heaters weren't working properly, and my companion was freezing, since on route 91 there was no place to stop safely and get blankets out of the trunk. My Michelin tires looked like I would have to get new tires for the 2005-2006 winter season with just 23,000 miles. Well, somebody smashed into my Sonata, and I decided to bail out. The Sonata was a great car, but not without surprising problems . Anyway, to be fair, I complained about the Sonata disk brakes to Hyundai Corporate and they refunded me the money that I paid to the dealer to have the brakes fixed the second time. We look for perfection in cars, and it is never achieved - just look at the problems with other cars on the Edmunds sites. The Sonata came close, but no cigar. Well,so far with 5700 miles on the Tucson, I'm very happy.
  • kooldudekooldude Posts: 2
    Howdy fellow Tucson owners.

    I am confused as to how often I should change the oil. The dealer and Edmnuds say that oil should be changed every 3 months or 3750 miles. The owner manual says do that if your Tucson is under "heavey usage" ;otherwise, do it every 6 months or 7500 miles.

    I got a great deal on my GLS. The youngman who sold me the car was very professional, courteous and patient. Message me if you live in the houston, texas area, I'll gladly give you the name. Hope this doesn't break any rules.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    3,750 sounds too frequent to me; I wonder if our maintenance guide is wrong.

    I'm on a 7,500 mile schedule on my van, which sees normal service.

    Steve, Host
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    Do you own a Tucson? If so, the maintenance schedule should be in the owners manual.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    The dealership will always want the maintenance to be done as frequently as possible and will send you "reminders" in the mail based on their schedule.
    Do you understand that they make a profit on maintenance and the more often you go in for service, the more money they make?
    Dealership maintance schedules usually also require additional maintenance items not listed or recommended by the manufacturer.
  • kooldudekooldude Posts: 2
    Steve: Our (Edmunds') maintenance guide lists oil change every 3000 miles.

    notsrt1: I do own a Tucson and read the manual thus the question.

    307web: I am well aware that dealers make the most profit from after sales servicing. Modern engines + motor oil could go 7,500 miles between each oil change. I am skeptical about dealer's suggestion that's why I posted this thread.

    Guys, tell me how often you change oil on your Tucson. Thanks!
  • themanxthemanx Posts: 110
    you don;t want a sludge problem from neglect... the motor can be toast at anytime
    if it has a sludge buildup problem from no changing the oil.

  • maverick1017maverick1017 Posts: 212
    Change the oil every 5K miles. I do this for a few reasons, one I don't think I need to change the oil at 3750 miles but I don't like to stretch it to 7500 either. two it's an easy number to remember and calculate. three I do a tire rotation with every oil change so I dont' have to remember two sets of mileages for both services.

    I don't own a Tucson but my Subaru recommends the same frequence for oil changes. btw I use Mobil 1 and Purolator filter.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Even every 5000 miles may be a little more often than needed under normal driving conditions, but it's a covenient round number that coordinates with tire rotation schedules, so I see how that can be convenient rather than having to take the extra time needed make separate trips for oil changes and tire rotations on different schedules.
  • dovid2dovid2 Posts: 90
    People in the car business have told me 6,000 miles; Car Talk suggests 5,000,
    because oil is better than it used to be, and because disposing of used oil is getting to be rough on the environment. Most manuals recommend 3,000 for hard usage, such as towing, short trips, etc.
  • zhao4zhao4 Posts: 6
    I am recently switching to Tucson from a sedan for everyday transportation. Mine is GLS FWD V6. I am only not very sure for one thing - what is the normal engine sound like for a Tucson? From many reviews from professionals and customers, the ride is quiet. For my Tucson, the idle and free way driving are very quiet but during acceleration(especially driving incline), even the rpm is only 2500~3000, the sound from engine is loud (especially obvious at low speed range). When the rpm goes above 3000, the sound is louder. I talked with my dealer and the service manager drove it and thought everything just normal. I am not saying the engine sound during acceleration is not acceptable, but it is more rough than my previous Camry and my expectation. I might be too sensitive about it, but I really appreciate if you could describe what is the engine sound like during acceleration on your Tucsons. BTW, I am using 87 gasoline from shell all the time and I have 1500 miles by now.
  • 238000238000 Posts: 48
    I have the same Tucson with about 5700 miles. And, yes, the engine emits what I like to call a healthy growl. I have no problem with it and am very satisfied with the car.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Despite what JiffyLube would tell you, there is no oil change interval schedule that applies to all cars all the time.
    Some engines are designed to run more cleanly and efficiently than others and to that you need to add your individual driving conditions to the equation as to whether to go by normal or "severe." Some vehicles severe maintenance schedule is comparable to the normal schedule on another vehicle.
    That is why there is a maintenance schedule printed in your owners manual or maybe even a separate maintenance booklet that goes into detail on what is supposed to be done and how often.
  • mlwashmlwash Posts: 1
    I have a 2-month old Tucson, and it has had an annoying clicking/ticking sound in the front suspension since I bought it. I wrongly assumed it would go away with time, but at 3,500 miles, I have to believe I'm stuck with the tick-tick-tick sound forever. The sound is not noticeable at high speeds or on hard bumps in the road. The sound seems to occur when the car is going moderate speeds and the road surface is relatively flat. I've been to the dealership 3 times, and I don't think they want me back. Any advice?
  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    For my 2.0L Tuscon the owners manual says to use 5w30 or 10w30 if temps stay above 32F. If you look at the hmaservice Hyundai website, the shop manual says 10w30 or 10w40 if the anticipated temps will be above 100F. Dealer and 800 customer service has no idea why the difference but both say to use 10w30, not the 10w40. Then why did they list it? Small, high rpm engine and hot temps, I can see the logic for the 10w40, too bad Hyundai has no idea what to tell customers. As far as oil change intervals, I plan on every 5 months or 5k miles for my easy style of driving. If anyone really drives the vehicle hard or tows, 3mo/3k would be appropriate. Almost due for my first oil change, anyone tried it on their 2.0L yet?
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    You should use the exact oil recommended by the owners manual and the oil change intervals recommended under on your driving conditions and not try to out-think it. If ocassionally towing a trailer of a weight within the vehicle's recommended limits constitutes severe conditions, then follow the severe schedule.

    What are the oil change intervals listed under the severe maintenance schedule?

    If you follow the what is printed in the manual, you are covered by the factory warranty. If you use 10W40 and coincidently something happened, it may not be covered by the warranty. At the least you might get slightly sluggish performance and lowered fuel economy. Using oil of a different weight than what they recommend in the owners manual might not hurt anything, but just use what the manufacturer recommends and you are safer.
  • flytedhyflytedhy Posts: 63
    That was kinda my point. Hyundai does say to use 10w40. Its says so on their website, if temps are anticipated to be above 100F. They will be, and at times 110+F. The manual says10w30. In this small high revving engine, only 4 qts of oil, it could very well make a big difference. Thats why I wanted clarification from Hyundai, but didn't get it.
  • csuvcsuv Posts: 25
    Hi guys. I am interested in buying a Tocson GLS Fwd model (adding sunroof). I just wonder how much did you pay for this SUV. I test drove one and love it better than Escape. But the dealer billed me nearly 2000 more than MSRP (around 21000). That's rediculous. Of course I won't take that. Nobody should pay around MSRP. This car should be closed below the Invoice ($18806 & 709 for sunroof). If you don't mind please post how much did you pay for it on the base price. Right now it has a $500 manufacturer's rebate. How does that work? fill out rebate form and send to Hyundai and wait for the $500 check in a couple of months? The dealer even tried to impress me that they could decudct that amount from their 1st ask price. it's sick for dealer to to cheat customer to believe that $500 as their offer.
  • csuvcsuv Posts: 25
    I found the Tucson GLS is slow for acceleration and a more than moderate sound can be herd when accelerate. I have not drive any oterh SUV before. But the Honda CR-V is quieter than Tucson. What do you think. Are the acceleration and engine or transmisstion sound when acceleration acceptible?
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