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Hyundai Tucson



  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I wouldn't worry too much about negotiating the ad fees (or any other line items). If you concentrate on your out-the-door price, you'll get closer to a bottom line number, and you'll usually get there faster.

    Good luck shopping!

    Steve, Host
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Of course there are a variety of ways to approach these negotiations. I suspect it depends on your ability to--and interest in--sustain the "game". If you'd like to start from a reasonable space, show interest in seriously dealing, and save yourself some hassle; start at invoice plus $500. I'd be interested in hearing how things work out for you and what type of financing they offer--if you go the financing route. Best wishes..
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    I am looking for a Tucson LX V6 4WD Frost Alpine. Could someone provide information where I could find one already in the show room.

  • I went to the dealer today to look at the Tucson LX today and came away with a deal. The price I questioned earlier ($23540) in this thread was set in stone, but I got a few other things that made the deal much better. I had a trade-in (2001 PT Cruiser base model with medium high mileage and some paint blemishes but otherwise good) that they first offered only $7000 for but I got them up to $8500 and got their $350 Signature paint treatment thrown in. In addition they were able to get me financing for 2% less than my credit union! All in all not a bad deal. I pick it up Thursday. Thanks all for the info.
  • I've had a request out for 10 days to find a FWD LX, sunroof, gray interior in blue or alpine frost. Hyundai dealerships don't seem to have visibility into the pipeline. I was told nothing was even "on the boat" and then received a call today with news that a blue LX with beige interior was at the port. One of the dealerships I've been working with says they've gone through the regional manager. I've been in three showrooms over the last month or so and I don't think I've seen a 4WD yet. I'm just waiting....
  • delta4delta4 Posts: 138
    Just came across a very good review of the Tucson. Although this was written by a Canadian Auto reviewer for that market it is very well balanced and objective. Check out the article here:,view,Hyundai.spy?art- id=31441
  • Jason5Jason5 Posts: 440
    Ironically, all the Tucson's I've seen here in northeastern PA are 4WD--which is fairly typical here. I've not seen an Alpine Frost colored Tucson on a dealer lot, but did pass one the other day. I'd like to get a closer look before I decide on a color. Information from thecarconnectiondotcom suggests that production was delayed and decreased for some reason.
  • Today I decided to test drive the Tucson LX even though I am more likely to purchase a Jeep Liberty Limited loaded. Before I provide my first impressions, I'd like to first share my experience with the Hyundia web site and the Dealer.

    The WEB SITE provides very minimal information. In fact the forum on Edmunds is more informative than . My biggest complaint is Hyundia's lack of information on the 4WD drivetrain with Shiftronic, the Electronic Stability Control and the Traction Control Systems. These all sound like great features but little or no details are provided by the manufacturer. No mention on ground clearance or towing capacity, I assume there is no towing capacity since there was no tow option (???).

    THE DEALER: There is too much to criticize but to summarize: high pressure, high initial pricing (started out at 25000 ! for the LX with package #3 and within 1 minute I had him down to $23,300) its obvious they will try to get what they can but to go 5% over MSRP... thats just greedy. Its obvious that there would be more room to negotiate price down from $23,300 but it will take a few more visits if I actually decide to buy the Tucson.

    Hands-on and Test Drive:
    1) I was very impressed with the safety features, roof mounted side curtain air bags and seat side airbags! all Standard. The middle seat in back also had full cross shoulder seat belt.
    2) The back seats fold down completely flat and flush with the rear cargo area! I wish American cars did that! The back of the seats had a thick ABS plastic covering to protect the seats from cargo stored on the seat backs as well as add a friction free aspect to the expanded cargo area when the seats are folded down. In addition the seats lock down when folded. The front passenger seat also folds forward completely flat as well as recline completely. In all cases I never needed to remove the headrests while configuring the various seat positions.
    3) There is a half width but full 16" diameter spare tire accessible from the inside cargo area. A decent compromise when space is a premium.
    4) Dashboard lighting very nice, test drove at night and I found everything either by touch or visual fairly quickly. Back lighting was light gold tint. Much more soothing than the typical green lighting. The only instrument light slightly obstructed from view was the left seat heater switch from the parking brake. All other instruments were well lit and visible. I wish the RPM gauge was bigger and more to the center but this is because I only drive manual vehicles.
    5)Transmission, SHIFTRONIC. Overall shifting manual was smooth and typical of most automatics I've test driven lately, but the SHIFTRONIC was nicely layed out. With the shifter in DRIVE, just lean the shifter to the right and a display indicates the gear the car is in. Then either press shifter up or down to up/down shift. The gauge displayed the current gear as you dropped through the gears. My impression as a manual only driver was that I was straining to hear the engine in order to feel when to shift and since the RPM gauge was not very notable I found the shifter to be cool and mechanically sound but more of a nice feature than a necessity for most drivers. I would need to drive the car more before determining if its worth the potential wear and tear on the transmission for the feature.
    The dealer said since the trans. is on a 100K warranty, use the shifter and save the brakes! Okay so I'm still bitter about the sales folks but this is the kind of nonsense that comes outta these guys!
    The electronic stability control on or off did not seem any different but a 10 minute test drive wasn't enough for me to tell how improved the car handled when this feature was enabled.
    6) Power was sufficient for most commuters but considering the 19/24 MPG I expected more power as I punched it from a red light. Similar to the Subaru Forester 165 hp which is about 300 Lbs lighter.
    7) Seats: comfort(front)was average nothing negative to point out only wish they offered power seats. The back seats I thought were very comfortable considering they were back seats. After all how many people sit in the back seat of their own car? I was impressed plus the back seats reclined back as well.
    8) The only issue I found to be bothersome was that when I hit bumps in the road the rear end shocks sounded like they were clunking. Not sure what I was hearing but my 1998 forester with 185000 miles still is quiet over the bumps.

    OVERALL if you can pull off invoice on this car with a good rate or invoice and cash back bonus in a few months, then this car is a great value. I was impressed with the overall design and build quality considering the price. I might actually get one if I loose my interest in a 2005 jeep liberty limited (loaded) is 24475 with all the incentives.
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    From what I have been reading it appears that Hyundai will be coming out with their new 4 cylinder (2.0 & 2.4) and 6 cylinder (3.3 & 3.8) engines next year. If this is true, will the Tucson get the 3.3L for the 2006 MY? If so, it may pay to wait until next year to get a Tucson, as I understand the 3.3 will be much better than the 2.7.
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    I wouldn't anticipate a larger engine in the Tucson any time soon. Mainly because of size restrictions. The Tucson and Tiburon use the same platform as the elantra which probably would not accomodate an engine of that size. Also, Gas mileage is a primary concern with an SUV in this class. They have class leading power with the current V6, while people are criticizing the mpg so putting in a larger engine would cause two more objections.
  • According to the Tucson specs and the Sportage specs, looks to me like they are twin sisters. Anyone know how similar they will be. Sportage is not out yet, but due by the end of the year .
  • kidokido Posts: 3
    sportage and tucson share same platform
    just like sonata and optima
    and here are some info of next hyundai's engine
    theta:2.0 144PS, 2.4 166PS sonata
    mu:2.7 TG(next XG)
    lambda:3.3 233PS, 3.8 sonata,TG,BH(first luxary brand??)
    tau:4.6 343PS, 5.0 373PS
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    "Today, Hyundai enjoys a reputation as a builder of sturdy vehicles that still undercut the competition by thousands of dollars, but no longer at the cost of refinement and dependability."

    First Drive: 2005 Hyundai Tucson

    Steve, Host
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,869
    especially will it be so if you watch your total ringing up and the haggling doesn't allow extra charges from left field to trickle in. Here is where I like the Scion philosophy of "negative haggling". The small SUV seems to have everything you'd want, including the extra traction with a flick of the "button on the left of the dash" for slippery driving conditions. Most of us don't 4-wheel, anyway, so that should be sufficient. It is a nice looking body design, too.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • naybonaybo Posts: 2
    Does anybody know what the towing capacity is for the Tucson...? I can not seem to locate it anywhere.
  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    It took a whole 5 seconds to find it.

    With trailer brake 1,500 lbs. (2.0-liter)
      2,000 lbs. (2.7-liter)
    Without trailer brake: 1,000 lbs. (2.0-liter)
      1,000 lbs. (2.7-liter
  • naybonaybo Posts: 2
    Great thanks that will help with my decision whether to buy or not. Appreciate it.
  • Hello all. I just wanted to give a quick review of the Tucson. My wife and I test drove a few smaller SUVs, including the VUE, Santa Fe, and RAV4, but loved the Tucson. Living in southern NJ I really didn't want/need 4x4, and the combo of anti-lock brakes, traction control and electronic stability control is more than enough for the weather here. The pickup was fine for us ( 2 kids, where am I speeding to? ), and even with the rebates on an '04 Santa Fe, we got the best deal on the Tucson. Toyota was typical Toyota, and even trading in my wife's 98 Lexus, they acted like they were doing US a favor, but their attitude is another story. We purchased a GLS in nautical blue with grey interior and LOVE it. We just got back from a 700 mile round trip road trip to Pittsburgh to see my beloved Steelers and it ran like a top. Hills or turnpike speeds, neither one fazed it. The stereo is suprisingly decent, and an MP3 standard is a nice feature. The sticker was 19,999 or 20,594 with destination charge, and we paid 19,400 plus shipping, and that included the window etching insurance scam, I mean safety program, which I didn't feel was a bad deal at all, considering there are no rebates and no special financing right now. Warranty and recent Hyundai quality ratings make this an easy choice for people looking for a smaller SUV, and I say that after owning my wife's Lexus for 5 years. The front/rear side airbags also make it a no-brainer. No matter what choice you make, good luck and Merry Christmas!
  • andil1andil1 Posts: 97
    Jim Mateja of the Chicago Tribune had a favorable review of the Tucson in last Sunday's edition. Go to and you should be redirected to his recent column page.
  • I just bought a 05 Tucson GLS, but I am not sure how the mp3 player works. I couldn;t really find much about it in the manual. Does anyone know how to get mp3s on it? Love the tucson though!!! It drives great and has so many safety features.
  • I just replaced my large sedan with the Tucson and it was a great move. I didn't want to compromise the great features of a big heavy car, and the Tucson is a great move. The dealer I went to in MA said that they don't charge much over the invoice, but they did take $400 off because I kept complaining about paying sticker. The only incentives right now are for if you already own a hyundai or if you own certain SUVs. I felt that for the price of what I received though, the Tucson was a great value. I really love it and look forward to driving it for many years to come.
  • dovid2dovid2 Posts: 90
    There should be a separate manual
    for the radio. I don't know if the Tucson
    has the same Kenwood as on the '04 GT, but
    it came with its own book (it's a little complicated).
  • I have negotiated a price with a dealer to buy a 2005 Tucson LX AWD w/ sunroof for:

    $23,400 including advertising, shipping, dealer fees, etc... this is a true out the door price. (Sales tax not included.)

    In addition, we're getting the $1000 loyalty rebate, bring the total purchase price to $22,400. Is this a good deal?
  • ess2ess2 Posts: 4
    After 2 months of looking, test driving, and pricing I jumped for joy when I found everything I was looking for rolled into one vehicle. The Tucson!
    I bought the LX before Thanksgiving, most of this SUV were still in the port, so I settled for the only LX the dealer had black with gray interior. I LOVE IT! $22,000 before all the other $$ added on.
    No negatives about this gem. Hyundai thanks for getting it all together. Put in on your check out list if you need a new vehicle.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,869
    on my list of "possibilities" for next new car. Whenever that time comes to trade the Kia Sportage 4x4 in it will be interesting to test drive both the new model Tucson and the re-designed Kia Sportage. It is reviews like the one above that say all that needs to be said about a new rig, eh? Anybody out there holding their breath for '05 Hyundai Tucson skidpad numbers? Does the business of reviewing new cars go a little hardcore sometime? HyunKia's climb to the top is most enjoyable to watch and savor, indeed.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • njeraldnjerald Posts: 688
    Sounds Good! $24,094 Sticker, $22,579 = advertising Invoice.
    The $1,000 rebate was a great enhancement to the deal.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Have you tried putting MP3s on a CD, then playing the CD in the Tuscon?
  • No, not yet. But I am wondering if there is a separate mp3 feature because the other models lacked mp3 and most cd players will play mp3.
  • Generally Car Stereo "Mp3" Players will play MP3s that have been copied to a CD (CD-R, etc) They tend not to have an internal hard drive like you would find with an Ipod or other portable MP3 player.

    Regular car CD players will not play MP3 files and typically what happens when you burn MP3s (leagally of course) from your comoputer your burning program will convert them to .CDA files which will would be recognized by your car CD player.

    Try burning the actual MP3 to a CD-R (do not covert to .CDA or .wav) and see if the stereo in the tuscon will play the CD. Typically you can fit only about 20 or less on a cd when mp3s are converted to should be able to fit 100+ actual mp3 files on a cd.

    Hope this helps.
  • nortsr1nortsr1 Posts: 1,060
    I was quoted a price of $21,105.00 for a Tuscon LX. The dealer said this was $100.00 over "INVOICE". Edmunds, KBB and all show MSRP at 21,844.. and the "INVOICE" at $20,505.00. When I questioned the dealer about this differenceof $600.00, I was told that "ALL" Hyundai invoices include a 500.00 advertising fee.Is this a fact??? This was all done via the internet, so I did not get to see if, in fact, the $500.00 is part of the Window sticker. I always have read that if something is not on the actual mfg. window sticker, it is an added dealer fee???
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