Car tint setup questions - please help

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So I'm fairly inexperienced in car tint and cars in general. I just purchased a 2010 Acura TSX black paint on black leather. My main goal is to get a tint to where: - you can barely see inside so I still have privacy - still be able to see outside with decent visibility even at night -I would like the the paint to match the tint or at least look somewhat flush with it I was thinking there could be two set ups: - 20% tint all around except the front or - 20% on the sides 35% on the back 70% on the front windshield *I know there's a taboo on getting your front windshield tinted, don't bring up this argument* Again, I'm fairly inexperienced in car tints so I don't know what's it's like first hand to be in a car at night/daytime with these tints. If someone with similar tints let me know how they like it I would greatly appreciate it or just have tint in general. Thank - Brad


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    This CHART might help you.

    As for the windshield, it's not a "taboo", it's illegal, so if you don't want police harrassment on a daily basis, don't do it. Every state has different laws on % of tint allowed and on which windows, so best check on that first before you do anything. In some states, the fine is close to $300 per window.
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