Highlander Whining Noise

mike342mike342 Member Posts: 15
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Purchased a 2010 AWD Highlander, There is a whining noise coming from the rear end, possibly the differential. Is this normal in all Highlanders? If not can someone tell me what can be done to solve the problem.


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  • rusty_cagerusty_cage Member Posts: 28
    How old are your tires? I have ran into this issue and almost let a mechanic change wheel bearing before I guy gave me this tip. since then I have seen the issue twice more and in both tires made the difference
  • mike342mike342 Member Posts: 15
    Noise was present before and after I installed new tires. When I lift foot off accelerator the whining noise stops.

    Thanks for the response.
  • rusty_cagerusty_cage Member Posts: 28
    So the noise is present when u press accelerator but id gone while coasting?
  • mike342mike342 Member Posts: 15
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