2005/2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee & Wagoneer



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    The Wagoneer is longer.
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    I thought it was the Grand Cherokee redesign too, but that's what they called it. I gave this topic both names because I can't be sure, since I really can't tell how long the wheelbase is in this photo. The Wagoneer is supposed to be a stretched version of the Grand Cherokee, allowing for a third-row seat. Originally DC/Jeep was considering the new Durango platform, but has revised that decision.

    If I were to bet on it, I'd say this is just the '05 Grand Cherokee and not the Wagoneer. Popular Mechanics has been wrong before.
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    My dealer just told me tonight NO 3rd SEAT in the GJC BUT THERE WILL BE A HEMI... YEA
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    What's a "GJC"? Oh, a GRAND Jeep Cherokee...

    Anyway, we already know there won't be a third row seat in the JGC, hence the reason for the Wagoneer.
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    Are there any better shots of the upcoming Jeep Wagoneer and the upcoming Jeep Grand Cherokee for us to see?
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    That blue pic is a PhotoShopped version of the current JGC with elements added that resemble the spy shots. There are better quality spy shots on thecarconnection website, as well as more pics at autosinsider. I don't dare put the links, for fear of having this post deleted, due to "promoting" another website that has automotive forums.
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    Yea, those were photoshopped
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    were just current Grand Cherokee with a Jeep Compass front fascia slapped on.
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    Has anyone heard when in 2005 this vechical we be out?

    I figure if they have the test vechical in the magazines then hopefully it will be out soon. So no 3rd seat right? Hemi 5.7 yes?
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    third row seat will go to the upcoming Grand Wagoneer, details on that aren't out there on the net. Hemi I think is going in, as previous posts have probably said.
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    That "exclusive" spy photo is as fake as Big Foot and Loch Ness Beast. It's a current GC with enlarged headlights.
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    The 2005 Grand Cherokee will have 3rd row seating and stretched wheel base midyear. The name of the vehicle is still up in the air. The Wagoneer name is no longer a consideration. Wagoneer will continue to be a package available (dealer installed) on the Liberty (wood panels), and is being considered for a dealer installed package on the 2005 Grand Cherokee.

    It's possible the 2005 will be called Cherokee, and the stretched version will be called Grand Cherokee, just as the minivans are designated by wheelbase size.
    The only problem is that the Liberty is still called Cherokee overseas. If Cherokee is the name used, the Liberty/Cherokee would be renamed Pioneer overseas.
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    Is the Jeep Cherokee (replaced by Liberty) with a facelift. Nothing special. :)
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    is the old Cherokee with a new grille. They didn't bother to move the spare tire! There's plood on the front dash, if you squint at the picture of the interior with the seats down.
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    Hi-- I am looking at getting a used 03-04 JGC. Am concerned that it will be so outdated by the time the new models come out and am curious as to what the new ones look like... Also, I am thinking of maybe getting a Liberty Renegade or something else... any advise?
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    What is to become of the axles on the JGC 2005? will the Jeep go the way of the Land Rover and Liberty? I've read the 2005 disco will loose the solids in favor of IFS and IRS, The photos of the Jeep rescue are SFA, will that be rig to get if you want luxury and capability? I was in the market for either a JGC or Disco, and like every ting about the disco except how I fit in it and the traction control, (I like quadra drive better so a JGC is in the works for me), just seeing if I should wait for the incentives to get better than $3500 on a new one, or buy low mileage used?
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    Jeep has confirmed that the all-new 2005 Grand Cherokee will be unveiled at the New York Autoshow in mid-April. They sure have tried hard to keep it under wraps but everyone will finally get to see the real thing.
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    that's exciting. i have been waiting forever to see the new Grand Cherokee
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    A couple of fairly revealing photos are on that link I listed above (Post # 20). They show the entire side and rear unmasked.
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    The follow can from DC CEO today -

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- CEO Dieter Zetsche says Chrysler group product planners considered a seven-seat Grand Cherokee but quickly rejected it.

    Loyal buyers want a five-seat version, he said at a press event here. So the company will produce a separate nameplate with its own identity and sheet metal. That vehicle will debut about 12 months after the 2005 Grand Cherokee goes into production this fall.

    "There was strong agreement that the important characteristics of the Grand Cherokee are its nimbleness and compact dimensions," Zetsche said. "We definitely did not want to sacrifice those."
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    Did anyone see 20/20 on Monday night? It was about common Myths and they did a segment on if SUV's are really safer than cars.

    But at the beginning of the show, there was a clip of an SUV on a test track and it looked like a new Jeep; possibly the 2005 G/C. I'll try to take pictures and post.

    Did anyone see this show? Maybe you have it on Tivo?
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    What's going to happen to the old 4.0-liter straight six? Will it continue in the '05 JGC?
  • dc661dc661 Member Posts: 71

    This is the vehicle I saw on 20/20.

    What do you think?
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    That is the 1999 Commander concept, but interesting that ABC would have had that footage. How long was the clip, just a couple seconds?
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    I thought I had something here. Yes, the clip was very brief - maybe 3 seconds.
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    ...supposedly, the new G/C exterior is somewhat based on the Commander design, correct? So reexamining that concept might not be such a bad idea...

    - Bret
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    Go to the link mentioned in post # 20 and you will see a very clear shot of the new 2005 model, the entire side and back, uncamouflaged.
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    Here's all the pics from Wieck:

    http://www.wieck.com/public/*wieck_search?ws4d_nav=true&Sourc- - - e=ALL&latest=7&Page=1

    I have to say, I am unimpressed. I love the current design, and if it weren't for dependability issues, I would consider grabbing up one of the last of a near perfect-looking SUV. As it stands, my list of potential new trucks has now narrowed to the new 4Runner (with a 2" lift), and the '05 Xterra (see new pics at http://www.nissannews.com ), with consideration for the '05 Pathfinder, and the '05 H3.

    I can't believe Jeep took a step back in design with the GC, and the Liberty as well. That new front bumper on the Liberty is UGLY! What a disappointment...
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    Well, I don't know what to say. I'm a fan of the current design as well, which I still think both successfully whispers "tough" and "upscale" at the same time. I'm not sure what this design whispers. It's not a *bad* design, but after this long, I expected much more.

    The front and rear look like they had two totally different designers. This is what I picture having happened...
    Front designer at 11th hour: "Hey, I'm almost done with this update. It'll outdo the Rovers and M-class!"
    Boss: "Oh, uh, too late... You've gotta make it look more WWII and be done, um, by tomorrow... You hear about the whole Hummer grille lawsuit?"
    Designer: "Oh, s***!"

    Rear designer at 12th hour: "I've got this cool design. It'll make the X5 appear dull!"
    Boss: "oh, uh, too late... We're going with this WWII thing because of the Hummer and all..."
    Designer: "Oh no! It's finalized. Too late!"

    Like the Dakota and Durango, the whole design looks really goofy and disjointed to me, lacking harmony. There is a lot of tension in the design in a bad, 7-series-type of way.

    On the other hand, I really like the change to the front of the Liberty, which is a model I've never really liked, to be honest. I always hated the, "Gosh, jolly gee!" look of the headlight bumps on the hood and the new model finally rids us of them. I do not like the turn signals, however, which look like the ones on the Korean Jeep copy (was it Daewoo or a Chinese or Russian maker?) that Chrysler was suing.

    If DC wanted to make sure their models don't compete with the upcoming MB models, they sure succeeded.

    - Bret
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    My first impression is disappointment as well. Interior looks good though. Hopefully exterior will grow on me. Love the current version too. Will be seeing it in person this week at NY Auto Show. Maybe better in person.
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    Yes I would like to order a 2005 JGC or Mitsubishi Endeavor or whatever else looks the same as these two vehicles.............
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    Well, I can say that I love my 2001 Grand Cherokee, but that is NOT the case with the 2005.

    They removed the 8 way seat for the passenger (wife won't like that for long trips).

    They have taken away the oil pressure gage & volt meter on the dash and given us idiot lights. These are essential items for off roading and towing.

    This SUV has gone the way of the yuppee.

    I enjoy my jeep on road as well as off roading.

    The rumor of a diesel in the 2005/2006 will send me into the Hummer dealership for my next vehicle.

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    My worst vision of exterior design of the new GC has come true. This thing is really UGLY! What the heck were they thinking - or not thinking?

    The flared grill slots on the current GC is beautiful but this new vertical grill is terrible. the current GC is fluid and this new one looks like it was derived from pieces of an Erector set. And they there is the de-contenting of the vehicle.

    Count me out! I would never buy one and I was planning on it.
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    The new GC has a list of features and options a mile long. Jeep has done a brilliant job on the redesign from top to bottom. It's still a much better looking vehicle than the new 4Runner and The new Xterra looks just like the old one.

    It's going to takes years for Toyota and others to catch up with all of the high-tech and class-leading features of the new GC. I bet a lot of 4Runner owners are kicking themselves for not waiting, I know I would be!

    Look at this impressive list of features I found on wkjeep.com web site:

    Engine / Drivetrain:

    3.7L V6 engine (standard on Laredo)
    4.7L V8 engine (standard on Limited, optional on Laredo. Refined for 2005 - dual knock sensors added, improved NVH characteristics with use of composite valve covers, air box and resonator structural improvements and improved dampening of the heat shields)
    5.7L V8 Hemi engine (optional, with Multi-Displacement System and Electronic Throttle Control)
    W5A580 5-speed automatic transmission (3.7L only)
    545RFE 5-speed automatic transmission (4.7L and 5.7L only, refined for higher-quality shifts)
    Transmission Electronic Range Select (ERS, "Auto-Stick", available on both transmissions)
    New gated automatic transmission shifter with high-quality chrome bezel
    Quadra-Trac®, Quadra-Trac® II and Quadra-Drive® II 4WD systems
    New transfer cases, NV140 (single speed, full-time 4WD) and NV245 (full-time active four-wheel drive)
    Electronic “T-handle” lever switches between 4WD Low and 4WD High ranges (NV245 only)
    Electronic Limited Slip Differentials replace Vari-Lock progressive axles that were used on the previous Quadra-Drive system
    Aluminum Slip-in-Tube Propshaft with higher stiffness, lower mass and superior damping characteristics
    Exterior features:

    Increased wheelbase (3.6" longer)
    Independent Front Suspension, all-new short and long arm setup with single-piece nodular iron control arms for higher ground clearance; all-new aluminum knuckles, coil-over shocks
    Front suspension wheel travel is increased 10 percent over the previous generation WJ (+ 1")
    Remote tailgate window release
    New rack-and-pinion steering system for a more precise steering feel
    Painted body color grille for Laredo models, chrome-plated grille for Limited models.
    Smart Beam® headlamp system with high-performance halogen headlamps (automatically dim with oncoming traffic, variable 25%-100%)
    Laredo cladding eliminated
    Spare tire now located on underside of vehicle
    Badges are now injection-molded and chrome-plated to communicate a richness and sense of precision
    Hood, air dam and exterior mirrors wind tunnel developed to minimize wind noise and maximize aerodynamics.
    New stamped steel transfer case skid plate mounts to transmission cross member and fuel tank skid plate to provide off-road protection to the transfer case
    Flatter windshield for improved vehicle aerodynamics
    Proportionately longer hood and greater distance between the center of the front axle and base of windshield
    Interior features:

    All-New larger interior with a two-tone instrument panel, door trim and new finishes. Increased seat track travel and increased headroom
    New custom developed top grain perforated leather seats with a Royale Grain embossment. Both leather and cloth seats are of a European structure and purpose-built and designed for long-distance comfort (2-tone leather standard on Limited, single-tone optional on Laredo)
    Double-DIN size navigation radio with integrated 6-disc changer and 5.8" screen
    Boston Acoustics and Visteon Corporation, Six-speaker premium sound system with 280-watt digital amplifier, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology
    Large speakers in top of dash (4"-5")
    SIRIUS Satellite Radio offered as a factory-installed option
    Redesigned instrument cluster. 140 MPH speedometer for Limited
    Reduced instrument panel gaps and parting lines are minimized
    Message center with record function (in navigation radio)
    New EVIC, now located in cluster (in tachometer gauge)
    Overhead console includes only reading lamps, plus sunroof switch and HomeLink if equipped
    UConnect hands-free phone option incorporated into rearview mirror
    AC/Heat vents wrap-around at front corners (to assist windshield defrost)
    Rear seat air vents (mounted at top rear of center console)
    Easier entry/exit to rear seats
    Rear seats now fold down with a single-action operation
    Multiple storage bins added for additional storage
    One-piece molded-to-trim A-pillar assist handles
    Rear seat overhead mounted DVD video player option
    Cargo area reversible floor panel; carpeted on one side, storage trays on the other side
    Cargo area power outlet (left side)
    Cargo area storage pocket with net (right side)
    Safety features:

    Dynamic Handling System (DHS, hydraulic-controlled active stabilizer system for significantly reduced body roll and smoother ride)
    Electronic Stability Program (ESP, for maintaining vehicle directional stability)
    Gas tank relocated in front of rear axle for 50 mph collision protection
    New Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
    BeltAlert enhanced seat belt reminder system
    Advanced multi-stage air bags including an occupant classification system for the front passenger seat
    Longer and wider wheelbase for improved rollover resistance
    Passenger air bag off switch on center dash
    Auto-reversing side windows, auto-reversing sunroof
    Rear Park Assist obstacle detection system
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    after waiting so long, I expected more than what was shown in New York.
  • tloke1tloke1 Member Posts: 185
    "after waiting so long, I expected more than what was shown in New York."

    Just curious, what were you hoping for that is not on the new Jeep?
  • tbcreativetbcreative Member Posts: 357
    I think that if you read through the latest posts here, you'll see that no one agrees with you about the styling. The new GC can have all the gizmos in the world, and I'd still buy a new 4Runner over it. I also think the new Xterra has enough significant changes in design, that it's now one of the best-looking SUVs out there. Much cooler-looking than the new GC.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think most people on this thread might agree with me.
  • tloke1tloke1 Member Posts: 185
    "I think that if you read through the latest posts here, you'll see that no one agrees with you about the styling"

    So what is that, 3 or 4 people? The GC has been an overwhelming success in NY, very well received by the press and just about everyone who has seen it. The previous generation was regarded as one of the best looking SUV's out there. The new generation exterior changes are not all that dramatic. Either model is miles ahead of the 4Runner in styling.

    "The new GC can have all the gizmos in the world, and I'd still buy a new 4Runner over it."

    If you want an inferior vehicle that does not look as nice as the GC, then go for the 4Runner.
    And I think I would run as far away as I could from Nissan if the Armada is any example of what they are bringing out for new vehicles.
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    I've owned both Grand Cherokee models and now a Liberty....if the Jeep people had asked me, I would have told them to address my concerns about the upcoming model exactly as they appear to have designed them into the 2005..except for the added five inches of length. I'm looking for better handling.. stability at high highway speed and cornering... and it looks like that is what I'm going to get. Looks good to me.
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    I can say that I'm glad I didn't hold out for the '05 JGC. I was back and forth for a couple of months and finally traded in my 2000 Jeep GC Laredo for an '04 Jeep GC Limited. Wasn't sure I would like the 2005...after seeing the pictures, feeling like I made the right decision. Even though I feel small compared to many SUVs, have always felt the JGC was distinctive and a head turner. Not sure about the angular lines on the 2005. Maybe it will grow on me??? The new Durango certainly hasn't!!! That optional Hemi would be fun, though. It sure puts a kick in the Dodge Ram and would be a blast in a lighter vehicle like a JGC. Bet the new JGC will be a strong seller...wondering how many of its' buyers will be traditional Jeep enthusiasts, though.
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    tloke1, obviously beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but come on:
    "Either model is miles ahead of the 4Runner in styling."

    "If you want an inferior vehicle that does not look as nice as the GC, then go for the 4Runner."

    I think the new 'Runner has a very contemporary design, and looks better than just about everything else out there (especially with a lift on it), except the current Grand Cherokee. And labeling it "inferior" is just ignorant. Toyota is still #1 in quality, and the new 4Runner is recommended by consumer reports. The GC has never been bestowed that honor, and Chrysler is below GM and Nissan on the list of top auto manufacturers for quality.

    I've been on the fence about the new 4Runner design, and thought that the front end was a bit strange when I first started seeing spy pics of it, especially with the ugly gray cladding. But have you seen a lifted 4Runner? When I saw Billy's lifted 'Runner @ YotaTech, it gave me a new perspective and I turned the corner. Now I think it looks cool...enough so that it's got me excited about getting a black SR5 4x4 and adding a 2" lift with some 32" BFG All-Terrains.

    I was anxiously awaiting the new designs for the Grand Cherokee, Pathfinder, Xterra, and H3, but now that I've seen them all, I'm devoted to the 4Runner. On top of design and off-road ability, it's a Toyota, which translates to top quality build and materials. I love the 4Runner's interior too, not to mention, you get a lot for your money. I can get a 4x4 SR5, loaded the way I want it (which is almost fully), for about 30K (invoice).

    I'm sure this 3rd generation has improved in quality, but the Grand Cherokee has historically been plagued by quality issues, and has never been on Consumer Reports' recommended list. I hope that changes with this new model, but I don't trust DC or GM with many of their new products. All of that is moot, though, as I don't care for that goofy front end. The current model is so perfect in design, that this new one is such a let-down.

    I'm sure the new GC looks better in person than in the pics, but I can still tell that I'm ruling it out as an option for me.
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    I'll agree with you on the awful styling of the new Pathfinder and Xterra, I can't believe someone approved those designs. As for the new GC, the styling changes are not all that dramatic from the previous generation. It's more boxier in the back but the liftgate and glass are very close to the current model style. As for the front end the main difference is the double-round headlights. Some like that style, some do not.

    As far as quality, Toyota has always been excellent but they slipped on the new 4Runner. CS may recommend the V8 but not the V6 (and no, I don't want to hear that the "only" reason was "one" little recall - that is not the case). If the "Armada" is any indication of the way Nissan is headed in the quality department, they are in trouble.

    I have owned several GC's over the years and have had almost 0 problems with them, they have all been outstanding. And yes Jeeps have had quality issues over the years but all one has to do is look at the 4Runner boards - tons of problems to say the least, and worse, some of the problems are unsolveable.

    Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder, that is one reason why people buy so many different vehicles. Personally, I just don't care for the 4Runner interior. It is poorly laid out, overly complex, too many confusing controls, not what I would call very "user-friendly".

    The Japanese may excel in overall longterm quality, but styling and ergonomics is one area where they truly fail in so many instances. One of the only exceptions I have seen as far as Toyota goes is the exterior styling for the Highlander, that to me looks very nice (if you take away the spoiler that is).
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    Okay, so it looks pretty good in this shot:


    I won't rule it out completely, yet.

    tloke1, I didn't say that I don't like the new styling of the Pathfinder or Xterra. Quite the contrary. I think they both look cool, especially the Xterra. I just like the 4Runner styling better.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Member Posts: 357
    I'm likin' it more.

    Looks sharp in black.

    It definitely needs a lift...
  • tloke1tloke1 Member Posts: 185
    That first shot you posted in Post #50 is one of the best I have seen showing the new GC. A lot of people have said you need to see the GC in person as it looks so much better. That is true of a lot of vehicles, certain photos can really alter your perception of what a car looks like, especially "official" pictures. Per the Pathfinder and Xterra, I went and looked at quite a few more shots of each. I just can't get in to the Xterra styling. Don't like that bulge in the rear and the sides remind me a little of the Land Rover. The PF looks better, inside and out, definitely the better looking of the two vehicles.
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Member Posts: 1,031
    Whoa, totally changed my mind! Those shots makes the GC look much better!
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Member Posts: 501
    I think the 2005 JGC might grow on me. In any case, I won't make a decision until I see it.

    In terms of the "eye of the beholder", I do not like the looks of the new 4 Runner (although it is an excellent SUV) and I don't like the looks of the Highlander, as it looks too much like the mommy mobile that it is. I think the old Pathfinder was attractive. I also think the 2005 Pathfinder is ugly (and I saw one in person) and the Armada is ugly. I do like the subtle face lift on the new Xterra. New chassis, new engine, every exterior panel is changed, but they kept the essence of the old one.
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