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    Well I own both vehicles. I have a 99 JGC 4.0 I6 and a 2004 4runner 4.7 V8. I can say from experience that the 4runner is a much much better ride than the jeep. It is a larger vehicle to start with, weighs more than the jeep, yet it smoother on the road than some cars I have been in. I credit this to the new XREAS suspension system in my 4runner. I don't think it is in every vehicle, mine is the Limited version so I got it. It runs smooth as melted butter. I still like my jeep a lot and find it fun to drive still, but take it from experience, the 4runner out classes the jeep by far and is a much funner ride overall.
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    md4runnerman, you are comparing the old gen 99 Jeep with the all-new gen 4Runner, not really a fair comparison since the Jeep came out 6 years ago. The new 2005 Grand will be out in a couple months, take that for a test drive and then see how it compares...
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    I presently own a Wrangler Sport for fun in the sun, but recently sold my 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo.
    I so regret it now! I miss the smooth drive to work, I miss my moon roof and my infinity speakers! God, I was so spoiled. I went to look at 2004's and was so disappointed in the color choices that are left! :( So now I think I'll just wait for the 2005's, cause they look really cool... boxier chunkier looking, but without the look of a Durango (which I dislike) Does anyone know what the Interior of a Laredo will look like? Are they offering GPS and Entertainment systems? Is there a site where I can view the new 2005 colors?
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    Again, this is my opinion. I cannot see comparing a 4Runner to a Jeep. These are two different vehicles. Let's face it, the new SUV's on the market are not designed for offroad driving anymore, unless they are Land Rovers, Jeeps, or an H1. In my personal opinion, the new 4Runners have way too much plastic on them for the price. But, let's remember until the new '05 Jeep comes out, Jeep used two solid axles for off road capability, which would lead to a more truck like drive on the road, where every other SUV was using front wheel independent suspension. The new '05 switched to a front independent suspension, which should offer a smoother on road experience, not that I ever minded the 'rougher' ride on the road. Again, people it's about what you are looking for, offroad prowess, or on road capability. There is no reason to buy a jeep if its 2WD, there are much cheaper SUV's for 2WD. Jeep's hear and soul are its 4WD capabilities. So let's switch the discussion to which is better off road, the JGC, or the new 4Runner?
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    secret12s, the new '05 Grand Cherokee has a new GPS system with a large screen and built-in 6-CD changer. There is information on that plus all of the other options and colors at http://www.wkjeeps.com
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    Guess what? I am buying it back today! I can't believe this is really happening! ::::Smile::::
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    Limited...the day was hot in Atlanta, and just a small wind...as I drove the freeway at 70 mph, the car was a challenge to stay on the freeway, as the wind buffeted the body quite noticeably...and that was hardly any wind!!!...while the car and the interior were quite nice, I hope that the larger 2005 addresses this issue...I fail to see how this vehicle could be stable on a wintry windy day, when the balmy summer made it work to stay in lane...what gives???

    Also, I read the jeep site concerning their 3 4WD options, but I still do not understand...which option would I seek if I wanted to drive normally in 2WD, but had the option of engaging 4HI or 4LO when I wanted it???...in other words, I do not want AWD I just want 4WD when I want it, just like in the old days when you got out of the car to engage or disengage the Warn hubs...I want 4WD only when I want it, not when they want it...which one would I choose with a 4.7 or Hemi engine???
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    Selec Trac is the system that was the high end 4WD in the Cherokee and now the Liberty. It has 4 part time 4 all time Nuetral and 4 Low. I hope it's an option on the newest version of the JGC, I got a packet from Jeep telling all about it, and it doesn't look like it will have Selec Trac.

    The Packet said Quadra Trac 1 would be the Laredo 4WD along with the 3.7 Liter V6. I am not even sure what Quadra Trac 1 is. I know Quadra TRac 2 but not 1. Get the Hemi DUDE!!!!! MDS is awesome, and it's the only one with MDS. More Power and better gas mileage that worth the extra cost.

    The Highest end moel will have Quadra Drive 2 i don't even know how you can improve on quadra drive, unless they let you control what wheel they let you transfer torque to the wheels yourself.
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    I have both a 4runner and grand cherokee so I can speak from experience. Although I enjoy my jeep and have had "relatively" trouble free experiences with it, my 4runner is to die for. It is the V8 Limited, and the features on it like vehicle stability control and down-hill assist are just astounding. I feel very safe in the 4runner, compared to the jeep. Just simply driving down a straight road in the jeep is a chore sometimes the way it likes to wonder off the road. Not a problem with the 4runner. If safety on the road in particular is a factor, go with 4runner. Besides, resale value on the toyotas are 10 times better than jeep. That is a real value there, my friend.
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    The all-new Grand Cherokee comes out in just a couple of months. From what I have seen and heard it will blow away the 4Runner in more ways that you can count. Besides the much more powerful Hemi engine, the Boston Acoustics sound system will put the 4Runner JBL system to shame. The Navigation unit in the new Jeep is much nicer and easier to operate than the 4Runner version which has confusing and complicated buttons. The gauges in the new Jeep are also nicer than those in the new Toyota, which are all but impossible to see in the daytime. Overall, the new Grand Cherokee has a much nicer interior than the 4Runner. All features and options are easy to operate and reach, something you cannot say for the Toyota. The all-new 4WD systems with electronic diffs will put the Toyota system to shame. And the list goes on and on.

    The Grand Cherokee outsells the 4Runner by a very wide margin, and always has since day one. A lot more people prefer the nicer-looking Grand and all that it has to offer. As far as resale value, so what. It's not really all that much different when you consider all of the factors. And if you are planning to keep your new vehicle more than 5 or 6 years, resale value becomes a moot point.
  • md4runnermanmd4runnerman Member Posts: 72
    I don;t know what you are talking about concerning the visibility of the display panel. On my 4runner the panel is lit up even when the lights are off during the day. no problems.
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    I can't help but post after reading your responses. It almost seems like you are jumping up and down with Jeep pom-poms while you type. It also is evident that you know nothing about what makes a quality vehicle just that - a quality vehicle.

    A little background: I was employed as a Buyer for a HUGE nationwide used car retailer (I'll let you guess the name) for a good while before I decided I would rather be off on the weekends and switched careers. My living, and the dealership's existence, was based strictly on purchasing good quality used vehicles. Each vehicle was put through a rigorous inspection, and you would not believe the number of nice, newer vehicles that did not pass, and therefor were sent to auction. I appraised, test-drove, and purchased thousands of vehicles over the years. I speak from experience, not what I read in magazines, etc. and then regurgitate on an internet forum. Now onto the good stuff:

    1) Chrysler vehicles, especially Jeeps, are one of the worst manufactured vehicles quality-wise produced. They have been surpassed by Hyundai and other inexpensive manufacturers when it comes to quality.

    2) The dealership I worked for wouldn't consider purchasing any GC at auction with over 60,000 miles. It just wasn't done. We bought countless Hondas and Toyotas with well over 80,000 miles, knowing full well they would make it through the shop.

    3) Every auction has an arbitration process, which means if you purchase a vehicle with an issue (transmission, etc.) that wasn't 'announced', you could arbitrate it and reverse the deal. Every auction I attended had signs posted stating that Jeep Grand Cherokee rear-end noise was NOT arbitratable - they ALL whine and grind. In fact, if we took one in on trade, it was pretty much figured into the purchase that we would have to put a rear end in it. Now I know you are going to state that you don't have a rear end problem in your GC, and all of the people you know with GC's don't either. That's fine and you are one of the lucky ones. The majority of GC's, and I drove hundreds, have the noise. Basically, the stock rear end is junk.

    4) I'll give you two guesses which vehicles were owned by the other Buyers at other locations. Honda and Toyota. When it comes to quality, resale, and reliability, there is NO comparison to be made, especially between a 4Runner and GC. They are night and day qaulity wise. How can Jeep offer all those features you keep mentioning and price the vehicle less than a 4Runner?? It's easy - J.U.N.K. Junk is cheap to produce.
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    Wow this group is getting awfully personal. I think we are losing sight of what the argument should be. New '05 GC. So, no offense here pajjm, but used vehicles and resale value are really a moot point unless you are leasing. So if we are discussing financing options, then I can see discussing resale value, etc. otherwise I believe it really is a non-issue. As basing your opinion on 'experience' I believe most people in this discussion group are basing their assesment on their own personal experiences, whether good or bad, not just blind 'regurgitation' from magazines etc.
         I believe that your assesment on Chrysler products of late is pretty bold considering that the latest unbiased information from consumer groups reports that there are less defects per 100 parts in Chrysler products in the last few years as compared to their German counterparts, ie Mercedes. Also, as for quality, I have to base my opinion on my own experience with an older model vehicle, '96 GC. I have had the normal wear & tear that would be expected with the age/mileage of my vehicle. No major problems, and so I am not completely sure of the 'rear end' problem you are talking about. I am not the only GC owner that I know personally that you consider 'lucky', then again, I never bought and sold used GC's for a living. So as for your own admission of me saying 'everyone I know' doesn't have a problem with it, I suppose we are lucky there is no noise from my rear end. I am curious as to what the actual problem is with the rear end you are referencing. I don't buy used vehicles anymore, I dont trust dealers for one, and I don't trust the previous owners. Certified vehicles might be a different issue, but I avoid used now.
    So, as for some people in here waving their 'pom-poms' about Jeep, well this IS a Jeep discussion group, just like I'm sure there are people in the Toyota group waving their 'pom-poms' as well. I'm not trashing Toyota, as they are always top on the list with the least amount of problems per 100 parts. Though they have been losing ground of late, they are still head and shoulders above the rest, in OVERALL quality. As for me, I don't base my preference for any 'utility' vehicle by any one option. I prefer the ability of my utility vehicle to live up to it's standard, on or off-road. I also want horsepower, torque, and a few interior 'toys' to play with. For myself, I don't consider road noise as an issue, or else I wouldn't buy an SUV. And as for Jeep being surpassed by Huyandai, well if these products are so poorly constructed, how is that they have been the second best selling SUV in their class for years? Ford Explorer being tops.
         Here's the thing, Jeep and Ford know their market. Ford hits the daily commuting suburbanite, while Jeep GC attracts people separating themselves from the Jones'. Jeep GC has always been percieved as an 'upscale' and more capable off-road vehicle to the Explorer. That is their market. You may not like Jeep/Chrysler vehicles, but again, used markets are different than new. I also don't think you are including the sheer numbers of all names of vehicles foriegn or domestic that don't make the cut to the resale lot of any used dealer. It's pretty equally distributed among names of vehicles, especially with more than 60-80k miles. That is alot of miles for ANY used vehicle sold at used dealers, especially one's like CarMax/AutoNation. So as for Honda & Toyota owners, are you not waving your Toyota 'pom-poms' and spitting on Jeep owner's at the same time? Let's agree that I won't change your mind about Toyota 4Runners, and you won't change Jeep owners minds about their vehicles. But I don't think common courtesy should allow that you essentially attack someone's opinion with your own clearly biased pom-pom cheerleading for another brand while searching through a Jeep forum in which clearly you do not prefer to begin with.
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    I guess I am one of the "lucky" one's too! I own two 1997 JGC's and have a friend with a 2002, none of them have any noise or rear end problems. That is not to say no one else does, but my experience is different than yours. Overall I have been pleased with the quality of my Jeeps and especially like the ease of maintenance on them.
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    I'm another lucky JGC (1996 Laredo) owner without the "rear-end" problem. We had other issues with our JGC in the first 36K miles...broken water pump, radiator cracked both taken care of under warranty then bad muffler around 70K which Jeep took care of as they extended their warranty on this issue to 80K miles (unbeknownst to me until they told me there would be no charge due to that warranty extension). In the first 40K miles if you asked me "Would you buy another Jeep" I would probably have leaned towards no.

    Now that we have 104K miles on it and it's been trouble free from 36K (the cracked radiator occured just a few miles before 36K, lucky again....) I am considering a new JGC with the 5.8 Hemi...but probably not for at least a few years as this JGC is performing well still!!!
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    The "reliability" argument between Toyota and Jeep has been discussed here in endless posts. I have never claimed that Jeep was better in reliabilty when compared to Toyota, but the difference is far less than what you seem to want people to believe.

    Exactly which model year Jeeps are you referring to? It is well known that Jeep has a lot of problems in the 1990s, and with the 2nd generation 1999 introduction. But from that point on, Jeep has improved dramatically each and every year. Look at the current auto issue of Consumer Reports (April 2004) and you'll see mostly "red" dots from top to bottom, going back several years.

    This thread has pretty much covered later model Jeeps, not models that are 5 or 10 years old. And the "problems" Jeep has had in the past few years have for the most part not been serious problems. The brake rotors on Grand Cherokees was where a lot of the complaints came from, and that issue was pretty much solved in 2002.

    You need to spend some time going through the 4Runner boards here (and on other boards). I would sure hate to have had some of the problems 2003 and 2004 owners have encountered with their "reliable" vehicles, especially issues which have been difficult to solve or unsolveable. From the infamous "sulphur" problems that originated with the new 2003 model (and continues to this day) to rattling sunroofs, rattling interiors, crooked front seats, tilted chassis, poor audio system, engine noises, hard-to-see gauges, the toothpick shifter and the list goes on and on. In an earlier thread I compiled a list of some 50+ issues with the new 4Runners. Even Consumer Reports rated the V6 model as "Not Recommended" due to a variety of issues.

    When choosing among vehicles a buyer has to weigh a lot more than just "reliability". In my opinion, and that of many others obviously, the benefits the GC offers far outweigh and possible differences in reliability "numbers". The Jeep has better styling, more power, a much more logical interior layout for comfort and controls and the list goes on. There is many a reason Jeep continues to, and always has, outsold the 4Runner by large margins. And I'm talking about the current generation that came out 6 years ago.

    I'll take a Grand Cherokee any day over a 4Runner. The new model coming out in a couple months is going to leave the 4R miles behind. The reliability gap is slowly but surely closing as Jeep continues its climb and Toyota loses ground. Chrysler's recent launches the past few years have shown dramatic increases in quality. Sales are way up, with many models killing the competition. Chrysler has more new innovative products than ever before, and many are stomping the competition in all areas.

    Also pajjm, take a look at some of the posts on the boards of another "reliable" brand - Nissan. I would sure hate to have some of the problems with my Jeep that they have encountered.

    To secret12s, an outstanding and well-written post, you make a lot of valid points. For some reason, there are a few people who like to spend all of their spare time bashing Jeeps on message boards. Some have never owned one, many it seems have just spent time in the library reading back issues of Consumer Reports. What they should be doing is spending more time reading posts on the Toyota boards so they get a true grasp of just how "reliable" 4Runners are. They will also see how Toyota ignores and skirts problems, how their service department service is rated far below that of Jeep's, how they charge outrageous prices for parts and service, and so on. Like I mentioned, there are a LOT more reasons to look at when choosing a vehicle than reliability ratings that are typically flawed or over exaggerated. I am more than pleased with my Jeep, and so far after more than 3 years with my current model, I have not had to use the 7-year/70k warranty. No worries here.
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    OK, folks - we're not going to get into the JGC vs. whatever here. This topic is for discussion of the upcoming redesigns, period, not for reliability of past model years, nor for yet another import vs domestic argument. Carry on.


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  • dwrestledwrestle Member Posts: 72
    Grand Wagoneer or what. I haven't heard much from it anymore. It would be cool if it was a 3/4 ton Jeep, and they put a Cummins Diesel in it. Make it the size of a Tahoe or Suburban. It would be an awesome vehicle. Great Off Road, great people carrier, gobs of power, and good gas mileage for the size.

    Maybe make it a very utilitarian vehicle, kinda like a mix between a Avalanche and a Envoy, with a bed like a truck, but still be very upscale, and a real people carrier unlike the Grand Cherokee which I hate to ride in back of our 1999.

    I don't think Jeeps are roomy enough, I think anybody over 6'5 would have trouble driving our 1999 Grand Cherokee. I scoot the seat all the way back and then recline a little, and can still put the petal to the floor with no effort and I am only 5'8, besides that no one can sit behind me when I drive literally. And there is not much room as far as width goes either. I would hate to try and drive a Cherokee even though I love those things. I hope Jeep makes their cabs bigger from now on, I want Cadillac, and Dodge Ram like room here.
  • secret12ssecret12s Member Posts: 6
    Well, dwrestle, I don't know what Jeep has up their sleeve about their new 7-seater. I have seen some 'spy photos' of the vehicle being tested, but of course it is just an SUV wrapped up behind covers. I believe it is based on the GC chassis, but larger and more roomier with the ability to seat 7. I doubt it will resemble the "Rescue", though I must admit, that if that particular vehicle ever came to production lines, I would be the first in line to drive one home. I think it has been a long time coming for Jeep to step up and have a formidable large SUV, though for me personally, unless it is a concept Rescue vehicle, I think the GC is still the better sized SUV for myself. I love it's nimbleness and ruggedness with the handsome exterior. I am not fond of the Liberty's looks, even the Renegade still has a 'girl' like appeal to it. I know it is a very capable Jeep and lives up to the name, but it still seems as a 'female' vehicle to me, because so many of my female friends consider it 'cute'. That's just another reason I love the GC, I can't ever remember anyone calling it 'cute'. I personally don't need a cute 'ute. But I am not sure we need another 'confused' SUV truck hybrid running around. I mean enough with the SUV with a truck bed, get an extended cab pickup or a full size SUV, seems like a no brainer to me. But I agree with your assesment of the lack or roominess in the back seat for the GC, I hope their new Commander will have more than enough room.
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    I own a '99 JGC Laredo, V8. Bought it new and now have 126K miles.

    Con: I am on my 3rd transfer case. First time, I torqued it real hard I was at 20K and it immediately blew. Under warranty and company put a rebuild in it. Thus, I didn't really care to investigate exactly what went wrong. Second time, I torqued it real hard I was at 95K and the chain inside the case broke. One little plate of the chain, which is made of steel, must've gotten very hot. It flew right through the aluminum case with laser precision. Quite impressive actually except for the fact that I lost all my fluid and I had to replace it again - this time on my dime. So far so good on the 3rd case. FINGERS CROOSED FELLOW OUTDOORS TYPES!

    Also - it seems that power steering fluid leaked from the moment I bought the car and the dealer's report was that it wasn't leaking when in plain sight it was. I finally gave up and have driven it 126K miles and topped off the fluid every 6 months or so. No blood no foul.

    Lastly, the stock '99 wheels are not cool at all. The more recent stock ones are better and I hope the '05 is improved or at least more wheel choices (LISTEN UP JEEP MANAGEMENT).

    Pro: Other than the transfer case and steering fluid, my JGC has been 100% reliable. The engine runs very strong, great punch and my recent test drive of a Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer proved to me that my '99 JGC still has a better interior than a new Explorer, so that was satisfying. The storage capacity is excellent for a mid size SUV IMHO. I like the rubberized bumpers so that scratches don't show much. It still looks and performs better than many new style SUVs.

    '05: I have been looking for a new SUV for a while and have tested everything. My conclusion is to wait for the new JGC or maybe the Hummer H3. I think the H3 will attract many of the same buyers. With a more squared off back and a 5.7 HEMI, I think the new JGC will lose some of it's 'soccer mom' stigma. Plus, the new two toned seats look great from teh few photos I have seen.

    From what I understand there will only be painted bumpers???? Any clarification on this, anyone? It would be great if they continued with the option of rubberized/non painted bumpers for us city folk who have to dela with drivers in So Cal with no car insurance who don't care if they ding your rig. Plus, when I do go up in the hills, I don;t worry about rocks as much as I would if they were painted. That's just my request if Jeep is listening.

    Looking forward to the new JGC and the H3 to evaluate.

    Does anyone have an opinion on the JGC vs the forthcoming H3?
  • onemanoneman Member Posts: 1
    Go edmunds.com.
  • marsha7marsha7 Member Posts: 3,703
    Jeep GC Limited, on a hot day in Atlanta, almost no wind to speak of, and at 65 mph on the freeway, I could barely keep the vehicle in lane as I was fighting the 65 mph wind that I was creating by driving...why is this vehicle so popular if ordinary freeway driving is so difficult???...right after the GC test drive, I then drove a Durnago, with no problem staying in lane...I realize the Durango weighs more, but the GC is still the weight of an average vehicle, not, say, a Ford Fiesta or a Mini-Cooper...
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Member Posts: 501
    I've had the same experience driving my bosses fairly new JGC on the highway. I was driving once on a windy day and it was pretty tough staying in my lane. Sadly, my Mazda B4000, which is also a 4x4 and is built on an ancient chassis tracks much better than his fancy and much more expensive Jeep.

    My understanding is that the excuse is Jeep accepts wander on the highway in order to avoid the steering wheel whipping when you hit an obstacle off road. While I actually do occasionally drive off road, I would much rather have a car that steers well on the highway and be careful to not slam into something when I am off the pavement. I hope this is changed for the '05 version.
  • duxfan3duxfan3 Member Posts: 3
    Bringing this thread back on topic.....

    The 2005 GC is on the way to dealerships. I commute between Toledo and Detroit daily, and the southbound car carriers are full of the new GC, bringing them out of Detroit.

    Yes bumpers are painted on all models. The Laredos have black rub strips on the side, the Limiteds have painted rub strips with a chrome inlay. My local dealer in Toledo (Yark Jeep) is either hiding the '05's, or haven't gotten any in yet. My hunch is that they are hiding them, since Yark is one of the largest Jeep dealers in the country (how hard can it be to sell Jeeps in Jeep City USA?). No matter what they'll be in the showroom shortly!
  • tloke1tloke1 Member Posts: 185
    The new Jeeps won't hit dealers until the end of September, at the very soonest. The official release date is in mid-October. Until then they are undergoing quality control inspection and will not be released to dealers.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Member Posts: 501
    He said they are planning a preview event in mid October.
  • duxfan3duxfan3 Member Posts: 3
    Sorry tloke1, but I'm seeing the new GC's leaving Detroit every day now. I was driving 75 north from Toledo this morning, and a truckload of them passed me going south. In this area it's very commom to see production mules, and early production models on the highway doing some final testing. That's not the case with these truckloads of GC's. Unless these vehicles are being shipped elsewhere for quality checks, or have failed and are being shipped to be destroyed, these are finished models that I'm seeing on the trucks. And they look great!
  • tloke1tloke1 Member Posts: 185
    The new GC's may be leaving the factory, but they are absolutely positively NOT headed to dealers, I can assure you of that. October 14th is the official release date, some dealers may get a few units a week or two before that date but no dealer will see them for at least another 6 weeks. Some units are being shipped to California this week for Camp Jeep which starts the week after. They will be for demo driving purposes only and will be destroyed after the show.
  • dwrestledwrestle Member Posts: 72
    They are just gonna destroy Jeeps WHY!!!! just give them away, what a waste of stuff.
  • sunpro2003sunpro2003 Member Posts: 15
    Does it make sense to lease a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee in August when the new models are due out in Sept? I feel like I am losing 1 year of
    value on the vehicle even thought its a new car.

    The quoted lease payment I got was for 24 month lease(15K miles/year) with no money down-The payment was $339/month which includes sales tax. The residual is $15,545. MSRP is $30,495.
    There are about $6,250 in rebates available

    Is this a good deal?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,129
    Since leasing can be complicated, please visit our dedicated discussion called Lease Questions - Ask Here.


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  • arizonajoearizonajoe Member Posts: 123
    The new Grand Cherokee looks awesome. Seems like the competition is responding to the higher HP bar. Toyota is revising its stalwart 4.7L V8 for '05, bumping HP to 282 and torque to 325 across all models: 4Runner, Tundra, Sequoia, etc.

    Can anyone confirm that the new GC will _not_ require premium unleaded in any of its engines? I hate the absurd requirement to put premium in a gas-guzzling SUV.
  • tloke1tloke1 Member Posts: 185
    Regular unleaded, 87 octane is recommended or acceptable for all 3 engines (3.7/4.7/5.7). Mid-grade, 89 octane is suggested for maximum performance on the 5.7 Hemi. Premium fuel is specifically NOT recommended for any of the engines.
  • roweljrowelj Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the 2005 Jeep will have an upgraded A/C system that includes filtration of the cabin air? It's great to see the improvements in the ride and handling that will be in the new model. I've had several Jeeps and currently own a 2002 JGC, but I now want something with a more comfortable ride without going to the luxury SUVs. Thanks!
  • tloke1tloke1 Member Posts: 185
    The '05 model uses the same exact filter that the 1999-2004 models used, called the "Cabin air filter".
  • arizonajoearizonajoe Member Posts: 123
    From AutoWeek:

    "DETROIT - The Chrysler group is cutting the sticker price of the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

    The price of the base 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x2 is $26,775, including destination charge, the company is expected to announce today, Aug. 16. That is a price cut of more than $2,000 from comparably equipped 2004 models, the company says.

    Prices of other 2005 Grand Cherokee models are the Laredo 4x4, $28,745; Limited 4x2, $32,100; and Limited 4x4, $34,690. All prices include destination charges."
  • lb3lb3 Member Posts: 1
    I live in Australia, and my folks drive a current JGC. Its not my kind of car, but I do have a soft spot for the thing and for Jeeps in general. I find the new 05 model a little underwhelming. Actually, From the shoulder line up, it could be a Range Rover, and the general proportions are very... universal-SUV. I know that somewhere, some purist at Daimler Chyrsler wanted to return to the parallel grille bars and pay homage to the headlights of the early Jeep models, but whatever happened to progress? To me, the front end of the 05 just ended up looking, well, a bit silly. The 99 shape is still one of the most expressive and distinctive SUV's out there. For me, that would make for a more pleasing basis of tradition than forcing 60 year old cues onto a modern design. Don't get me wrong, the 05 isn't a bad looking thing, but Jeep seems to be losing its 'Jeepness'. Without those seven slots, it could be anything.
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    Since this vehicle is now available, it's time to close this topic and join other owners & enthusiasts in the active Jeep Grand Cherokee discussion.

    If you're purchasing the 2005 JGC, don't forget to check out our Grand Cherokee Prices Paid/Buying Experience discussion.

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