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Lincoln Navigator Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 1998 Gator love the car been wanting one for years
    finally managed to get a nice looking one,
    everything is fine BUT now after 3 weeks owning it , it wont start, had a little trouble a week before but after about 6-7 try's it started, it would also not start in park but would start in Neutral, someone told me it's the transmission neutral switch,,,,
    my Question is this , how hard is it to replace and roughly how much should it cost.....?
  • hadahsahhadahsah Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Navi and the steering wheel recently started to shake alot. It only does it when I'm driving over 50 mph, mostly when I'm on the highway. I don't know what's causing it. I think I'm going to start with getting new tires?? Good Luck!
  • All Navigators should have the fuel filter (small cylindrical style) on the left inside fram rail between the tank and the firewall just like any other vehicle should be EXCEPT the 04's. There is a snap off rock guard at the front of the fuel tank that actually looks like part of the tank. BEHIND that is the filter. FYI
  • Tires could be the problem but if they are shaking the wheel you should be able to see the problem by looking at the tires. Get someone else in the vehicle with it running and get them to slowly turn the steering wheel while you are laying in front of the vehicle looking at all of the steering linkage components and the a arms/ball joints. See if anything is moving slightly before what it attaches to. These things can wear over time and cause what is commonly called in the 4x4 world as the "death wobble". Sometimes when one of these components are bad the shake won't start until elevated speeds or cornering. My 2 cents.
  • The switch will be relatively inexpensive, I would guess less than $20 from an auto parts store. Getting to it is a different story, it should be hooked to the shifter handle somewhere. It does not matter if you have a column shift (in which case you would have to pull the steering wheel to get to it) or a console shift (in which case you will have to open or remove the console) it will be a bear to get to it. I suggest you price the switch, then buy a Chilton Manual for the vehicle. These repair manuals are worth their weight in gold if you are a DYI type person. If the Manual shows step by step how to change it you have it made. If not buy the switch and tear into your vehicle until you find another one just like it and change them out, then of course put everything back like you found it. :)
  • belfastbelfast Posts: 18
    sometimes it is boldly printed inside the passenger compartment fuse cover
    Belfast :)
  • belfastbelfast Posts: 18
    Need the part to allow me to connect to the SAT The control is on the face of the radio but apparntaly a module is also required. ANY info will be a help.
    thanks, Belfast
  • did you find out where the code is? please let me know. I have the same problem.
  • if you found an answer to the problem, please let me know. My air conditioner did not blow cool in front but does in the rear.
    Any suggestions?
  • hello,

    I went to a shop today to get an amplifier set up on my 2003 lincoln navigator. I had about 125 miles in my fuel tank untill it was empty. While installing the ampifier the guy wanted to test the radio and the car wouldn't start for him twice and the car had to be boosted back up. After my amplifier was installed and when I was about to leave the shop it said that I had 345 miles in my fuel tank when I only had 125 before I entered the shop. What could be the problem? Why is the computer incorrectly reading the amount of gas left in my fuel tank? Will this problem fix itself? Is there a way that I can reset the fuel indicator(Miles to Empty)?

    Thanks in advance and any help with this will be greatly appreciated
  • 98nav98nav Posts: 1
    I got a problem with my wife's Navigator tonight. it was accidentally put in A4WD today sometime. it's usually in 2H for normal driving. well she turned the switch from A4WD to 2H, and shortly after, we started hearing a sound from the rear axle. we pulled into a parking lot, and the tires screeched during the turn. i got out and told her to drive in a circle, and when she did immediately the tires screeched, and it feels similar to when the E-brakes are on, but they aren't. the wheels kind of half lock-up and skid. they aren't completely seized. the best thing i can think of is that when she turned the switch, it didn't properly disengage the rear differential? if someone can volunteer some time and help me figure this out, i'd be very grateful. we can't afford to take it to the dealership or another mechanic, and being a mechanic myself i'd prefer doing the work myself if possible. thanks in advance.
  • bcn08bcn08 Posts: 8
    any known issues or problems?
    Any ideas when i buy?
    Any extras that i should ask for?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001

    If you can wait until the 08s come out and you're not picky on colors or options you can probably save another $2K or so in additional rebates to clear out the 07s. But your choices will be limited.

    Check the option packages. Personal preference.
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    My '04 has been close to perfect. 40,000 miles.

    The only 2 known issues are that the power running boards have been problematic. (That's why I didnt get em.) And of course, the gas mileage sucks.
  • navigrl81navigrl81 Posts: 1
    :confuse: Hi everyone, I have a 2000 Navigator and for some reason, after it rains or when my keys get wet, I have trouble starting it. I know it sounds pretty strange about the keys getting wet but this has happened a couple of times before and all I had to do was hit the unlock button on the remote a few times and it would start right up. So the other day we had a bad rain and I was getting in the car and my keys fell on the ground and had gotten wet so it started fine right then, but when I had got up the next morning, went to get in and it did not start. Finally I got it to start but it would just cut back off. Has anyone ever had any problems like this before? I'm only worried this time because every other time the problem had corrected itself and I'm afraid it could be something serious this time. Please help!
  • nash6768nash6768 Posts: 2
    okay so i have a 2004 navigator i lifted the shift knob (it was kind of loose)and i pushed it back down and the chrome clip is stuck and the gear is locked in drive and will not move at all can anybody tell me what i should do
  • noleman86noleman86 Posts: 2
    I have 2 Navigators one a 2005 and one a 2006. They both are having the same issue on random occasions. During normal driving conditions, the brakes will begin to vibrate and make a strange noise. When this occurs, it is very difficult to stop the vehicle. Repeated attempts to turn of the advance trac will eventually succeed and then the issue and vibration disappears. The service tech has been unable to duplicate the issue and thinks I am insane. Given that I have two and they both have had the same issue with different drivers, I assume someone else out there has had the same issue. Help! I don't want a collision to be the only proof that this actually happens.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    Sounds like the ABS is activating. Strange that it's happening on 2 different vehicles. Have you had a lot of wet weather lately? Might have bad ABS sensors.
  • noleman86noleman86 Posts: 2
    It has happened in both wet and dry conditions. I told the tech that I was sure it had something to do with the ABS/advance trac. Unfortunately, I guess they don't have the ability to tell what is wrong if they can't create the condition directly.
  • tonynbarbtonynbarb Posts: 25
    I have a 04 and I was driving fast going down a long and steep mountain road. As I got close to the bottom the brakes started to vibrate. Only happened the once since I have had the car new. I use the OD and go down slow from then on.
  • It sounds like your shift knob came loose. The spring that works with the big chrome button on the knob has probably come out. You are going to have to dismantle part of your console to put it back together. You start by pulling the one plug on the backside of the window switch housing inside the storage bin and just under the console storage bin lid. After pulling that single plastic plug the switch housing pops off. Just grab it and pull up. Now you will see two screws that hold on the cup holder housing. Remove those and pull out the cup holder housing. Now you should be able to see the shifter mount. Pull the leather down away from the chrome ring below the shift knob. Pull the chrome ring down and you will see a screw or where the screw is supposed to be. It is probably gone but needs to be found or replaced. There is a small wire attached to knob and under knob is a spring that sits in the middle of the shifter shaft. There is a white plasit clip stuck up on the underside of the knob that needs to be pulled out with a little screw driver of something to get the silver plastic cap of the knob. Put the spring back in place so button works and reassemble. Make sure little wire is still plugged before you close it all back up.
  • I have the same problem with the advance trac. The dealer thinks I am crazy, but I have had nothing but problems since I bout my 04 in June. the headlights sometimes do not work. The air conditioning blows hot air to the back, Sometimes it won't even start. It will make a loud noise. I was told that I must be holding the key to long and not releasing it when I start it. I don't know what to do. It has been in the shop more than half of the time since I bought it. they have replaced the entire air conditioning system and it still does not work properly.
  • bluesrx9bluesrx9 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 navi that has not been started in almost two years. I put a new battery in but am afraid to start it because of bad gas. Should I syphon the gas out first. O can I ride it to the gas station and fill it up with good gas. any suggestions? Can I start this thing up with no issues?
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 8,001
    The fuel needs to be totally drained and replaced - no doubt about that. Change the oil and oil filter and flush and replace the coolant. Check the tranny fluid - it's probably ok. The brake fluid may need replacing, too. It absorbs water over time. Probably wouldn't hurt to remove the spark plugs and spray a little bit of oil in each cylinder. I'd remove the fuel pump fuse and turn the engine over slowly a few times before actually cranking it. 2 years is a long time, especially if it's been outside. If it's been in a garage then it might not be that bad but you must change the oil, fuel and associated filters.
  • c3charc3char Posts: 1
    my 03 navigator,(53,000 miles) starts up, drives good but sometimes when I stop at a stop light while in drive
    car shuts off, put in in park and turn key and it
    starts right away, and no more problems that day, maybe a week later it happens again. Had car checked,first changed cam sensor, then tune up engine, then changed fuel pump, and
    last changed oxygen sensors, but still problems.
    anyone know what could be wrong.
  • my 03 navigator wont start. i have about 50k miles on it. It started two days ago when i would turn it over once nothing happened, then the second time it would just start up right away. Then, yesterday while my fiance and i were out looking for wedding reception sites, when we were leaving on of the places, when i turned the key over it would just make and annoying buzzing sound. The sound seems to be coming from the fuse box on the passenger side. I was looking in there and pushed on the relays. on seemed to be loose and it started right up. Later that night same thing, but it has still yet to start. I pulled all the relays and stuck them back in....still doing it. warranty just expired and i dont want to pay my stealer to fix it. It seems to be something simple? maybe not.....any help?
  • tyler10tyler10 Posts: 4
    i had the same problem you just have to look under the steering wheel on the floor its on the panel if your laying on your back looking up
  • dondazdondaz Posts: 1
    I just recently purchased a 2006 Lincoln Navigator. After a couple of days I started to notice that every time I went to start up the ignition, it would make a weird grinding noise. It sounded as though it was having trouble starting. This noise can only be heard when the suv is started first thing in the morning. After that, the noise will not be heard again until the next morning when I go to start it up. I took it to the dealership and they could not find anything wrong with it. Can someone please help me?
  • jeyhoejeyhoe Posts: 490
    Let me try to describe what I think you're hearing - In the morning when you first start the vehicle you hear a fairly loud grrrrpppp kinda sound? The car starts and the sound just as quick goes away? It's not a problem to start the car, it's just you hear this 'extra' noise. And it happens only the first time you start it that day? If this sounds right, then I'll ask - do you run the A/C regularly? I'll bet the answer is yes, after all it is summer. If all this is true then what you're hearing is A/C fluid being forced out of the compressor. I know you think this sounds implausible, but its probably the correct diagnosis. You could verify this by turning the A/C off for a couple days and see if you still get the noise.
    If this is the situation, Ford says it's not a problem and there's no fix. My '04 Nav does it, as does my service advisors '03, as does my '95 ford van. Apparently it's a Ford A/C V8 thing.
    Good luck and enjoy the Nav. There isnt anything much better out there, long as u can afford the gas.
  • 04 every once in awhile will get a thumping noise at start up. Ford said it was a new ac air compressor design that was causing it.
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