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2000 Dodge Ram - II

gwmooregwmoore Posts: 230
edited March 2014 in Dodge
Be careful bumping up the HP and Torque on the Cummins. The diesels have been de-tuned to keep the transmition alive. The ETH is reportedly going to come out first only on the manual because the current Auto can't handle the additional power and torque. The rumors are that Dodge will get the new Allison automatic (sharing it with GM), which is an excellent automatic that will allow much more power/torque output from the Cummins. So if you change the computer chip to increase output, you might be jeopardizing your tranny.


  • Zach II Which trans did u get? (auto or man) and which rear end(3.54 or 4.10).
  • wineowineo Posts: 18
    The Uprate computer chip can be had at Cummins Dealers/i.e. Cal Cummins Pacific/ not Dodge dealers. The uprate will cost you anywhere from $795-$970 depending on the dealers markup. The dealer cost is $540. I read the actual Cummins Factory Bullitin at Cal Pacific 2 weeks ago and got to the last page which was the cost breakdown page...wasn't suppose to see that one. They will only sell it to Diesel owners with "MANUAL" Trans.....No Auto-Trans.
  • My third transmission is held up at New Venture Gear! Dodge has recalled all 6 speeds, and put a stop on new orders. After my 3 gearboxes in 3.5 weeks I say go with the 5 speed. My info comes from the service manager Roger Williams Dodge in Weatherford TX.
  • Its interesting to read of all the problems and solutions you folks have had. I am in the process of exploring the idea of a new Dodge pickup an I would appreciate any items to consider, even the Farm Bureau rebate an any other aftermarket comments that you have encountered.
    Thanks ..........
  • comptime: 5 Speed HD & 3:54's, breakin going well Man whata Rig!!
  • wineowineo Posts: 18
    If Dodge is recalling all 6-speeds what is the TSB # ???
    And there are no orders being taken because DC has exceeded their build capacity for model year 2000 due to CAFE regulations,which run from 1/1/99 to 12/31/2000, and not by the typical build of model years,Aug-July. DC will probably start allowing orders sometime around the 2nd-3rd week in December.At that time you will be ordering "Model year 2001 Trucks" this is the only way they can build trucks and not pay a stiff fine to "Uncle Sam".
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Tommorrow will be 9 weeks since I ordered my 2500. It still shows BX. In investigating the person at the 800 number says all 2500's are on hold. He checked with some folks but couldn't find out why. I asked if it might be because of the Goverment CAB or mileage requirement, that maybe 2500's won't be built until the first of the year he said "no". That 2500's are not included in that, only 1500's. Has anybody else heard that 2500's are on hold. He said it was no specific component. .... Rich
  • I have been driving my new 2500 4x4 Cummins since Thursday. Wow, is it fun to drive. I even had a neighborhood kid stop me just to say "You have a cool Dodge Mister".
    And the best part is the first tank got me 18 mpg's(my calculations), 17.2 by the computer.
    Keep on truckin!
  • wineowineo Posts: 18
    Sounds like it might be doomsday for your truck BX as you know, just means the truck has been accepted as an order. If you don't have a vin# and not in D1 status you might not be getting a Y2k truck. I went 10 weeks before they built my truck, and then 1 week for delivery to the dealer.(Y2k-2500/QC/Cummins/SLT+/6-spd/Sport/4X2)
    Your case seems to be the same as a few others, what did you order on your truck ?? Has the dealer stepped in to try and help ??
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    The dealer has not been too helpful although he claims to have made some calls. It is a 2500 4x4 swb camper and trailer package, slt+ 4.10 rear end , v10 , auto lt265 tires, sliding window and a few more things. I told him I needed it by 12/15 for a trip the first of the year (it was ordered 9/14) and asked if he could do a locate around the area. He said there was nothing and doesn't want to check. I called another dodge dealer and about and hour later they called me with a slt+ they found. But its a 3.55 rearend. He also found 4 slt's with leather seats. The difference is no heated seat. One has sport package I didn't want but the color is acceptable and it has large tires and 4.10 and most everything else we want. I guess we will visit with him tomorrow. At least he did a search. But I doubt I'll get as good a deal as I had on the one ordered. The other option is to delay our trip to the southwest pulling our fifth wheel until february. But if there is a price increase the first of the year I am concerned my current dealer will pass on the cost. And I'm not convinced my order will be in by February. But I was given a good price for my current truck. that is now a couple of months and 4000 miles more. Guess I'll just have to see what is offered and make a decission. Rich
  • wineo: My truck just received its third 6 speed gearbox today. Another gearbox was sent last week but it was not tested on the "test truck" as specified by the Dodge Drivetrain/Gearbox manager in Auburn Hills MI. Dodge specifically told New Venture in Muncie to have my gearbox taken from the line to the test rig, to a crate and delivered to Texas. What we accidently got was a cherry gearbox with no testing. It was during this wait that we (myself, the service manager and the dealership owner) were advised that Dodge put a production stop on 6-speeds with 2500 application. And procedures were in place to inspect all current 6-speeds already sold. There is another 2500 4x4 Quad, on the rack with the same problem as mine at the same dealer. I am happy to have 6 forward gears and the associated 400-600 rpm drop you get from going 5th to 6th ($), however right now having a 5 speed is the "choice" set-up. The 6 speed has very poor gates, vague center position on the "H" pattern, and as New Venture claims it could possibly be a problem with the 2500 chassis. So out of one side of their (Dodge) mouths they say the only gearbox available in 2001 is the 6-speed, they are now caught with their pants down as dealers are kept in a perpetual fog as to the current problem. If you in some sort of wait on a 6 speed 2500 4x4 Cummins, what I have just briefed is the reason. I am getting a tranny now due to my endless de-briefings on the phone with New Venture engineers, aside from the fact that I have had multiple failures within 4 weeks.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    My order was placed 9/14 and still BX. I see another 2500 like mine except diesel was ordered 9/30 and has delivered. Another 2500 like mine except SLT instead of SLT+ is in shipment after being ordered in October. Humm. What did I do wrong? Anyhow the dealer has conceded it will not be here in a reasonable time and I can have my deposite back. I am going to leave the order stand and go to another dealer who has found something I might like on the locator. Not going to cancel my current order until I have my hands on the steering wheel. I don't want to start all over, besides my truck will be appraised as less. Can dealers control the order? Say they have someone else at the dealership who wants one urgently or will pay more bucks, will they give them a higher priority than me? I might have made the mistake of saying I was in no hurry because 16 weeks would have been fine. Problem now is it won't be here in 20. The order did get placed with the factory the same day I ordered it, I just wonder about priorities etc. .... Rich
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    Went to another dealer today and did a locator search. Found one but when the dealer was called found it sold yesterday. Any news on the 3/4 ton hold? The dealer I visited today said orders aren't being taken on 3/4 ton 4x4's. But he expected that to end in a week or two. I don't know how he would know how long since he doesn't know why the hold. I don't see anyone else on this list having trouble getting their truck or am I the only one talking about it? ..... Rich
  • wineowineo Posts: 18
    The gates in my 6-Spd are just fine and spaced correct for a 6-spd. The center position is "HUGE" and you would have to be blind to miss it. Your dealer is nuts, DC could not,nor could the plant in Fenton confirm any holds on 6-spd/2500(their still rolling off the line) just that the plant would be going idle in a few weeks.

    Rich: Good luck in finding a replacement, wish I could help out.
  • What was your 6 speed failure mode? Are you saying you had multiple transmission failures or that after a failure the dealer was unable to get a satisfactory transmission? If a dealer inspects for problems, what will he be looking for?
  • Did your truck come with the "HO" engine your were anticipating from your post on 10/5/99?

    How do you like the transmission?
  • wineowineo Posts: 18
    Another get dealer "FO-PAW" (dealers don't know ^&^* about this truck) I got sucked into the print.Both printouts of the invoice I got showed 5.9 H.O. diesel, I would call it false advertising they just said "sorry".If you've seen the 2000 brochure it says late availability for the H.O, well now it looks like no H.O for any 2000 model yr. trucks, maybe a lawyer could help me on this one,if no y2k trucks get built with the H.O.
    Wait til Jan.-Feb.-Mar so-on-so-on... (ETH)will be out then. (245hp/505tq) Sorry couldn't wait ...

    The 6-spd is awesome tighter than I expected for this beast.It shifts positive,no poping out of gear,no blow-ups(teamviper). My first tank 29.1 gal got me 490 mi. a 16.88 MPG avg. the fuel gauge warning light/ chimes go off at 1/4 tank, I drove it another 70+ miles down to just below 1/8 and filled up.
    Great build quality (Fenton Plant) No squeaks or rattles and the paint is just about flawless, exception is last 1" of the lower bedside panels, paint's a little thin there next to the down bend.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I called the 800 number again today as we have to make some decissions shortly about our upcoming January trip. Previously I have been told (a month ago ) that there was an allocation problem. Talking to the salesman I was told "no, its a factory problem". Then last Monday I was told that all 2500's were on hold. Today I was informed that it was an allocation problem. Pressing for more information I find the dealer has exceeded his allocations. I was advised to talk with the salemanager about a resolution. He is out to lunch. I suspect the dealer has know for quite some time about the allocation problem but has chose not to imform me. I suspect they also know when they will receive more allocation and could give me an estimated (earliest possible) build date. The Salesmanager is out to lunch so I will call him back in 1/2 hour. To cancel the order and replace with another dealer doesn't sound like a good idea at this time. I am probably better off to hang in there with this dealer. Also I would probably get a lower tradein allowance as my tradin is now a couple of months older.
  • gwmooregwmoore Posts: 230
    GM and Dodge, when are they going to get on the ball and start supplying the consumer (especially the 3/4-tons. GM, can't get one until May or June (considering wait for them to start giving allocations, getting an allocation, and waiting for build). Dodge, sounds like allocations are not available (not taking orders yet). Our local Ford dealer (city population = <50,000, one ford dealer) just advertised on the radio that they are receiving allocations for 150+ 3/4-tons and 1-tons. If Dodge or Chevy could actually supply the customer, maybe they wouldn't be smaller in the pickup world than Ford.
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I finally talked with the Sales Manager after 4 calls over 3 hours. He was unaware there was an allocation problem on the one hand, but on the other he had called the district sales manager acouple of days ago and she said it would be taken care of for my truck and 2 others. Eventually he agreed to call again. But still after the allocation the hold on 2500 4x4's is still facing me. and then the rail car shortage. My dealer had several trucks built 3 weeks ago and they are still sitting at the factory because there are no rail cars. But I told him lets take them one at a time and get the allocation problem fixed. He does not know when they will get more allocations. Some how I wonder. .... Rich
  • heidi8heidi8 Posts: 12
    i received my 2k 4x2 qc 3500 ctd yesterday and i ordered it on 8/23/99. dc told me it was being built in dodgeville,detroit. the window sticker said it was built in fenton. dc said it was in the paint shop monday and would be kz wednesday. well wednesday it was setting at the dealers ready for me to pick up. i'm amazed they can even build a truck!!
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I called the 800 number again today. They say it shows the district office approved an allocation last Friday. The day after I talked to the sales manager. But still no build date. But they tell me it is positioned now to move ahead. Hopfully. 10 weeks tomorrow. ...... Rich
  • h7dq1h7dq1 Posts: 1
    Should have gone Chevy--the only way to go!
    I'd hook up and tug any dodge on down the road!
  • RichinKsRichinKs Posts: 416
    I did consider Chevy, but deivery would be middle of next year. Also Chevy is not rated to tow heavy 5th wheels. I think a little over 11000 pounds is the limit. This Dodge will handle 13000+. The Dodge being heavier, with more horse power and torque you'd have your work cut out(g).
  • jcmdiejcmdie Posts: 595
    Chevy is faster and better fuel economy. Towing and hauling both ford and dodge has you beat.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    Congrats, heidi!

    Not real sure why DC told you your ram would be made at Dodge City (Warren, Michigan), since that plant makes regular cab Rams only. Quads come from Fenton or one of the 2 Mexico plants.

    Community Leader/Smart Shopper Conference
  • heidi8heidi8 Posts: 12
    i'm very happy with my new dodge. it sounds like a rattle can standing outside but it sounds like sweet music setting inside.
  • Mike,
    I currently have (2) Chevy 3500 4x4 4 door SRW,
    LWB, 6.5 Diesels Turbos at work, I have had them for about 1.5 years now. They both have been in the shop countless times, one is on its third tranny (automatic) and the other ones lastest is the A/C compressor went out. we use both of them daily and pull a trailer approx. 6000 lbs. and haul minimal loads. after dealing with these (2)
    Chevys and and mutiple Navistar Diesels, my choice was to buy the Dodge Cummins Turbo and I have been pleased ever since, you cannot go wrong when you look at the track of the over the road rigs, and the % of trucks that have them. So hook a chevy to my bumper and I will pull it to a reputable mechanic. Happy Thanksgiving!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    If you're like me, you will find yourself passing on the air conditioning just to have the windows open so you can hear the engine :)

    Community Leader/Smart Shopper Conference
  • KCRAM,

    I have come to the understanding that there is a delay in shipment of trucks from the railyard to railcars. Is this true? I ordered my truck October 1, when do think it will arrive at Riegler Dodge in Summit?

    Thanks, Bob
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