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So I had just changed the wheel hub, new rotors and pads on 2006 Town and Country. When I turn even just sitting still turning steering wheel, it has this feeling of rough and shaking. Tire pressure is fine, everything torqued correct, and everything done right. The gas pedal feels a little more still now thinking thats because of the new bearing hub. The rough turning has happened before but I greased everything and was fine. I greased again and it went away. But drove it around for a bit and the problem is back. Runs great just when I turn the steering wheel. Moving or sitting still. Its not like a insane amount but enough to make me wonder what is going on. All seals and boots are sealed and closed so no greases is leaking out. Last year already changed the struts and also the sway bar. It just dont make sense. Unless I was supposed to lube the inside of the CV Shaft before installing the spindle nut but nowhere did it say I has to do that. I am wondering if maybe I should take off the spindle but and grease the CV shaft? The bearing is pre greased but would that make sense?


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    Are you describing a power steering issue? It sure seems like you might be. Is there any noise associated to this feeling?

    The above information would be sufficient for a technician to drive the car and experience the symptom, it is not enough to tell you what is wrong without directly investigating it. Potential power steering issues include the drive belt condition/tension, clogged reservoir filter, and even cavitation problems in the system that is addressed by revising the return hose on some cars.

    It is not an issue where you need to put grease on the CV shaft, at least that much is for certain.
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    I have an issue with going into complete details :) Pretty much after I installed the new hub (easy just 4 bolts and torque the spindle nut, when I drive it around, after warming up the brakes, the steering vibrates. The car runs great. Doesnt pull to either side even when braking. I mostly feel it while just sitting in park and turning the steering wheel. It does not do it after it cools down for some reason. I got grease into the ball joint and thats working, greased all the fittings. Replaced the caliper pins today. Got all new brakes. I ruled out about everything and even thought the tires. I rotated the tires and still same things. I have done hubs so many times but this has me stumped. Its when turning at very low speeds or at a complete stop. When driving no vibrations and no shaking, stops straight and doesnt pull at all. I am completely confused.
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    The power steering works much harder to turn the wheels when you are stopped as compared to when you are moving.
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    I was having cavitation in the pump... caused by the screen filter in the reservoir. I'd already cleaned it twice about 20000 miles apart and it was still noisy. I took it off, punched/pulled out the screen. Problem solved. The pump life is shortened when it is starved for fluid.
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    By the sounds of it the swivel bearings at the top of the strut tower need to be replaced. My struts are now ready to replace and I'll be buying a complete strut assembly... it comes with the bearing set on top of the springs. Everything should be good for another 200k.
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