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2004 Frontier brakes

mgtd1952mgtd1952 Member Posts: 2
edited December 2015 in Nissan
I bought this truck 2 years ago. It had a problem with the front brakes & I replaced both calipers & rotors. Flushed the lines, bled all wheels. Now the same problem is back!
Right fnt. drags until it overheats, when brake is applied it pulls left with the cooler brake. I've gone through the system & flushed it Again. The Only problem I found was the caliper didn't want to retract easily on the first try on Both calipers. These are New Raybestos units (less than 2 yr.s old). After release they work well for a day or 2 before I start smelling the rht. frnt. & feeling it pull rht. & dive left on braking again.
A friend suggested the proporitoning valve might be a cause but there's no mention of it in my manual (ABS component?)
Has anyone else been through this? Any advise or suggestions appriceated.

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  • mgtd1952mgtd1952 Member Posts: 2
    Tanks, Mr S. R.
    Frnt. hoses Are old & soft but their doesn't seem to be trapped pressure in the line. Looks like jambed pist.pot to me. All else (slides, rotors, pads, fluid flow thru, alignment) looks good. Just didn't want to believe new calipers are F'ed after 2 yr.s I guess.
    Diagnostic Chart is good thing to keep around for old guys like me who can't remember S--t unless we do it twice a day.
    Mahalo again
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Sometimes new parts are bad right out of the box...you can't dismiss any possibility when you are trying to find an answer!
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