I want a car like my 1998 Honda CR-V

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Cosmetic - I want something smaller, boxy, jeep-y, that I can step-up into (I'm 5'2"). Newer CRV are lower to the ground like Foresters and that 'roomy' feel is way more than I need.

Performance - AWD, 25+mpg, reliable for long distance highway driving (I'm in Western Colorado)

The new HRV feels like a weird a little bubble. I'm in a 2008 Forester. It's a good car, but I'm physically uncomfortable in it and it barely gets 21mpg.

Haven't tested but thinking about Mazda CX5, Jeep Renegade (or Liberty), a smaller GMC, Chevy Trax, Toyota Matrix

Suggestions? Recommendations?


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    Buick Encore, Nissan Rogue, Subaru Crosstrek, Ford Edge, Jeep Renegade. Try some of those. The Rogue is the most like your old CRV I think. All of them have AWD versions.
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  • francie15francie15 Member Posts: 2
    cool thanks! I forget about Nissan.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 216,020
    francie15 said:

    cool thanks! I forget about Nissan.

    One thing that will be different. Almost anything you buy is going to be a lot faster!

    I'm a former '98 CR-V owner. I loved it, but I'm glad I had a stick-shift!

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