Transmission slips and slams into gear

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I have a Ford Ranger 2004 XL 2.3L 2WD Vin# 1FTYR10DX4PA98081. My Trans slips and slams into gear, have had it rebuild 3 times in the last 6 months.
I noted down one error code… P0715 and was told it means “Transmission Speed Sensor Circuit”
Sometimes after a rebuild it runs ok for a time, but within a week or two the problems start again. OD light will start flashing, then when I turn the eng off and back on it stops flashing till the next time.
The trans guy says he can’t figure out why it keeps happening.


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    Sounds like somebody will have to dig into the transmission control module and its wiring harness. Didn't anyone investigate the 715 code and drill down into it?
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