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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • wakkowakko Posts: 2
    The other best offer i got was for a 2007 3 I-touring 5-spd with moonroof/6cd and abs package for 18.7 OTD.. this is in
  • After getting frustrated with the wait time for a fully loaded Nissan Versa, I decided to go back to a Mazda3.

    I got a metallic black '07 GT hatchback automatic from Norco Mazda (in Southern California) with the Bose/moonroof package and wheel locks for $21,150 (plus tax, registration & fees). I believe that's less than $40 above invoice and less than Edmunds TMV. I was given the price over the phone yesterday, and I picked up the car today. I was in & out of the dealership (including time at the financing department) in less than 2 hours.

    I highly recommend their internet sales department. They are a long away for some people. I myself live in Northridge in the San Fernando Valley, which is about 100 miles away. It just so happens that I was at Big Bear over the weekend, and they are sort of on the way home.

    There is another big Mazda dealership much closer to me, Galpin Mazda, but I got really turned off by their sales tactics.
  • mpc8240mpc8240 Posts: 19
    When checking out Mazda3 specs, under safety & security section, unlike Civic or Focus, no mentioning of ABS at all. Mazda3 don't have ABS or they use different terms? :confuse:
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,263
    ABS is standard on the S-models... I believe it is available as an option on the i-models.


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  • poe1poe1 Posts: 8
    i got my mazda3s a year and a half ago. I did a lot of research and test driving of similar vehicles (civic, corrolla, focus, etc). But the 3 stood out the most.

    Anyways, i got a 3s w/ auto tran. I also wanted the side and curtain airbags for additional safety so that was obvioulsy quite a bit extra. The sticker was something like 22,500 (in texas). Well I drove out off the lot at 19,500, t.t.l. The manager didnt want to sell it for that much but it was late, i was the only one still on the lot and i was paying cash. He probably didnt make what he wanted, but moving inventory is important to these guys too.

    One trick is to go the last weekend of the month. Dealerships want to move as much inventory as possible.
    Plus, you should be able to drive off the lot for well under the sticker price.
  • I also had a very bad experience at Ourisman Mazda in Laurel, MD. I got three difference stories from the sales person and two of the sales managers and in the end I'm not really sure any of the information was accurate. After trying to work out a deal for a week, I finally just walked out and will not be going back to that dealership. I had done quite a bit of research on the Mazda3 and it would have been my first Mazda.
  • Hi – Thanks for all of the great info on this forum.

    Just purchased a 07 Mazda3s 5/door GT with auto trans (galaxy grey) today from Tracy Mazda :shades: in Tracy, CA. They’re an exclusive dealer that gets a high allotment of cars. I highly recommend the internet sales process. Very friendly and a smooth transaction.

    Had to travel 50+ miles to get the one I wanted. Too many 3s in the Concord, CA area include the expensive navigation system. Was lucky enough to get one right off the truck (only had 1 mile on odometer before the test drive).

    I have to warn against purchasing from Senator Mazda :lemon: in Sacramento, CA. Terrible sales staff provide misleading info by confirming available stock and S-plan purchase OK, then denying it with the sales manager when I show up. Very lame waste of time.

    07 Mazda3s GT with auto trans, Bose/moonroof package & Sirius radio, purchased at invoice with S-Plan:
    $21,496 + TTL

    Also purchased paint, leather, vinyl treatment with 5/yr warranty (with Costco discount):

    Only additional dealer cost was small document fee (didn’t want to argue with them because they were cool):
  • Got it from a dealer in northern California over the weekend.

    Price was $18,350, that is $250 less than the invoice price for the model, and $450 less than the invoice they showed us (their invoice included the advertising fees).

    We also had a $250 auto-show coupon. With the coupon, total out the door price was around 19,850.

  • bartybarty Posts: 1
    Don't let a dealer fool you into thinking that a Doc fee is non-negotiable or that "everyone else does it". Its purely a marketing ploy. Sell someone a car right at or slightly below invoice and then stick them with $500-600 in fees, plus the 3% holdback they get from Mazda, and they've still cleared $700-1000.

    A $400 "documentation" fee is a farce. Either tell them to eliminate it entirely, or negotiate it down to no more than $100. Their costs to sell you the car, apart from commissions paid to salespeople, are usually less than $70, and that's if they give you a "free" tank of gas! If they still won't relent, then walk out the door. I'm under no obligation to buy anything from them if they won't come to agreeable terms. I can keep my older vehicle on the road for another 50,000 miles or more for $400.

    Its time for dealers to understand that for 99% of the public, buying a new car is purely optional.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Legally, a DOC fee is non negotiable. If it is charged to one, and not someone else, and it is discovered that this occurred, the dealership can be audited, and may have to refund every customer the doc fee they paid. I do not know of any dealer that would be so stupid.

    If you are one who dickers with that, the dealer will take it off of the vehicle, but, on paper, you will still pay the doc fee. That is the legal way to do it.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Legally, a DOC fee is non negotiable ... the dealership can be audited

    Audited by who?

    I can understand that this business practice must appear to be fair but I question if a case can be made about this. Businesses are entitled to charge what they determine to be a reasonable price for a good/service; the problem for many consumers is accepting fees that are added after a negotiated transaction has been calculated. If dealers showed these fees as part of the negotiation then there may be less friction at the end. Life would so simple if a cost breakdown could be shown upfront: (MSRP + Options) - Discount + (Freight + Handling + Doc + License + Taxes) = Out the Door Price.
  • Their sale started yesterday . They're selling all in stock 3's at invoice + 4.25% taxes + $17 t&t + $289 Adm fee = OTD. I test drove a Silver 3i Touring Sedan with no options yesterday, absolutely loved it and will be bringing him/her home on Monday. I forget the exact price, but it was like $16873.05 OTD. I told the Salesman I wouldn't deal unless they knocked off the nickle. He gave me a nickle out of his pocket and made the sale.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    I believe the better business bureau, I think. It has never happened to me, so, I really do not know.

    All dealer fees are supposed to be on display in the dealership, and that is supposed to be charges to everyone, no exceptions.

    The only instances where this can be excluded is if you are purchasing a wholesale piece, with a wholesaler license.

    In a perfect world, all of this would be disclosed by salesmen once numbers start to fly, however, we do not live in a prefect world. There are still to many idiotic salesmen out there.
  • Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for a bit of help here. I'm a first time buyer with a fixed budget and would like to know what kind M3i sedan I can get in the sub $12,000 range. I don't need anything extravagant and am willing to sacrifice certain features to stay within my budget. The only feature I require is air conditioning, which from what I've gathered costs about $880.00.

    Initially I had planned on buying a new 07 Mazda 3i but my financial circumstances have changed slightly and so I have to compromise. Surely, a 2004 or possibly even 2005 model can be had for 12k OTD or less, right? Ideally the car would come under full warrantee and in new or like-new condition.

    I'm looking namely for a Mazda 3i 4-door sedan in Titanium Gray, preferably a 2004 model or newer.

    I'd appreciate any help. So far, it seems as though even some of the used cars are only 2 or 3k less expensive than a brand new 07 from the dealer (which is confusing to me.) Where is a good place to look for used cars? I plan on putting about 5k down and financing the residual amount. I'd like to keep the monthly payments at $200.00 or less.

  • were are you from stoavio ..and yes you can get i Touring Styles for 12,13
  • I'm from Muskegon, Michigan.
  • Do not waste your time on Grecco Mazda... unless you like being treated as an idiot!
  • Hi, Please help! I'm a 1st time buyer!!

    I'm moving to L.A. for a job and either will buy here in Ohio or LA.

    Quoted in Ohio $17,318, out-of-door estimate =$18,926.61.

    IS out-of-door quote correct? Find any offers in LA similiar? Need to justify driving this to CALI!!!

    2007 Mazda3 itouring (autom) w/ ABS and moonroof pkgs, Silvr
  • If you are moving to LA, you may need to have a CA spec car and therefore need to purchase it in CA (or the New England States that use CA standards).

    Check out the CARB site to verify
  • hey thanks. i talked to the service dept at a mazda dealership in ohio, and they said the 2007's are all 50-state emissions certified so nothing would need to be changed bringing it into cali.
  • Looking at possibly getting a mazda3 and don't know the difference between the models yet. I would like a sunroof and a good stero and power windows/locks, etc. I also want black exterior and a spoiler.

    What model should I be looking for and approximately how much $? Paying cash if that matters.

    Live in the tampa bay area.

  • I am purchasing a Galaxy Grey hatch from Fitzgerald Auto Mall in Frederick MD.

    The model I am getting is the Touring with 5AT and 6 CD / moonroof package. I was quoted an out the door price of $20,928.

    The dealer is finding the car I want and I should be purchasing next week. So far the process has been very easy with no pressure and quick replies to all questions.
  • There are 2 types of Mazda 3, the i and the s.

    The i models come with a 150 hp, 135 lb-ft 2.0 liter I4 with either a 5 speed manual or 4 speed automatic, and is only available in the sedan configuration.

    The s models come with a 156 hp, 150 lb-ft 2.3 liter I4 with either a 5 speed manual or 5 speed automatic, and is available in both sedan and 5 door hatchback configurations.

    There are then 3 'grades' of the Mazda 3. Sport, Touring, and Grand Touring. The 3i comes in Sport or Touring. The 3s comes in Sport, Touring and Grand Touring.

    If you want the i model, you would have to get the Touring to get the power windows/locks, keyless entry, etc. You would also have to add the 6 CD / moonroof package and the rear wing spoiler. Edmunds' TMV is around $18,700

    You could also get an s model, with a Sport model, and also add the 6 CD / moonroof and rear wing spoiler. Edmunds' TMV is around $19,700.

    Both prices assume 4 door model with the automatic transmission.

    Basically, for around $1,000 you get the more powerful engines plus maybe a few other differences.
  • jc22jc22 Posts: 17
    Got an online quote from Maxon Mazda in Union, New Jersey for a S-Touring Galaxy Grey Mica with grey interior and no options. Went down and spent two hours with B.D. and left with the car for $19,723 (New Jersey residents must pay for a 4-year car registration fee). Wanted to pay $200 less, but could not find a grey interior any where else. Experience was quick and some-what painless. Just stand firm on paying for the VIN etching.

    Hope this helps.

  • Got a price of $15k for an '05 hatch, standard equipment but optional airbags added and 19k miles. When I went to test drive, it wouldn't start - battery needed a jump. Salesman says this just happens sometimes when they sit - I have never had it happen. It had only been at the dealer since 12/12. Had a terrible grinding in the back when I drove off and I am aware of the problem with the rear brakes so I assume that can be fixed. Carfax says it was a commercial lease, that was sold at auction and it sat at another dealer from Aug to Dec and then came to this dealer. Car is priced below a similar model with no extra airbags and more miles - I see issues but is there any reason to think I can't get these problems solved since I am aware of the TSBs and won't buy it until it checks out? It is certified so I get the rest of the 50k bumper to bumper warranty, dealer adds another 12k and then I get the remainder of a 100K limited warranty.
  • I've just bought my 3-i touring MT today (with no extra options).
    I got about $400 below the invoice and the OTD was about $168XX. The APR was 1.9%.
    The whole buying process was painless and smooth.
    I just wonder if it's a good deal.
    Any comments???
  • Hi everyone I'm new:)

    I have been looking at the 2007 Mazda3 I sport automatic
    The options I have selected are solely air, and abs brakes. I really only want the car in black or phantom purple.

    I have been quoted an out the door price of 16,100$ for the 2007 mazda3 I, automatic with ac and abs with tossed in features of tinted windows and vin etching. I was quoted this price after going back and forth between 4 dealers and this is the best price I have gotten so far. This dealership has the car in stock but only in grey and they have 6 in stock. The best quote I recieved from the only other dealership that has the car in stock was 16,400 but the car only has ac and would not come with abs, tinted or vin etching.But its purple.

    I was also quoted 16278 "out the door" from a different dealership for the same package however this car has a spolier.But this dealer wants a deposit "today" because they don't have the car in stock nor do they have the car at all in any color so no matter what I would have to wait. and I'm not willing to put down a deposit hearing all your horror stories and because I don't want to purchase the car for another week to two weeks.But this dealership seems to be the one willing to try and get me the best price?

    What do you guys think?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    The APR was 1.9%.

    I take it you took the 36 mo term.

    The special financing on the Mazda3 now is incredable. I am rather surprised they did it. All should take advantage.
  • natharnathar Posts: 10
    Any factory to dealer incentives out there on the Mazda 3's? I was hoping for something considerably less than invoice, but I don't want to waste time getting blood from a stone.

    Any rumors of better deals next month? President's Day always seems to be such a push for car sales.
  • Hi,

    I'm a first time car buyer. I just bought a 2007 Mazda 3 Sport (hatchback) GT model with no other options for $27,412.13 CDN. Did I get ripped off? :cry: I'm in British Columbia, Canada, so our tax is 13%!

    27.90 BC battery fee
    3,211.13 GST & PST (tax)
    (500) grad rebate
    27,412.13 TOTAL
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