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2013 and Earlier - Mazda3 Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
edited January 2014 in Mazda
Share your Mazda 3 purchase experience here.


  • flatsoflatso Member Posts: 24
    Dealer in North Jersey is offering Mazda 3 for 100 over invoice. Is that a good deal?
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    What are they going to add on after they give you the great price?
  • flatsoflatso Member Posts: 24
    not sure what you mean by added on features but I want to get everything except the navigation system. 160hp engine and AT's. There is not a very high markup on these cars of course I know the dealers get money back from Mazda but I may wait because I think I can get under invoice just like I did on my RX-8.
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    What I meant was, some dealers like to offer a great price then add on extra fees to get the price back up. Get their "out the door" price.
  • combustible1combustible1 Member Posts: 264
    If you can get it for $100 over without them already including any graduate or other special discounts in that price, it would be an OUTSTANDING deal.

    Below invoice on an RX-8? Pray tell how did you ever manage that??!!
  • waygrabowwaygrabow Member Posts: 214
    I just bought a titanium gray Mazda3 S. I contacted the internet manager who said they would sell any Mazda3 for $500 over invoice. When I walked into the dealership, he handed me the keys to a new Mazda3 (without even checking any ID) with a full gas tank and told me to take it for the day, or overnight if I wished. He also located the exact car (color, options) I wanted (at a different dealership) and traded them to get it within two days. The final paperwork and price was just what he had said- $500 over invoice.

    For a new car design, only available for a few weeks with excellent initial reviews, I don't consider that an excessive price. Being treated professionally, without having to wade through all the BS, is worth something also.
  • nne3jxcnne3jxc Member Posts: 134
    I had a flawless experience at Talarico Mazda in Manchester, NH. I called them, drove it and asked about price. They said, "$500 over invoice." I said, "Ok, I'll think about it." Came back the next day, and tried to see if they'd move on price, but no. So on Dec 17, I signed the paperwork. It was $500 over invoice to the penny. All in all, it's a good price -- I've seen many new cars go for $1000 plus over invoice.
    I have a "Winning Blue" 3s Sedan with Automatic and the moonroof/6 cd changer option.
    I wouldn't have minded getting the ABS package, but they didn't have any sedans in stock with it. (Sorry kids, but the 5-door screams "station wagon" to me.)

  • dynagripdynagrip Member Posts: 9
    So, what do y'all think of service contracts (extended warranty)? Are they to be avoided at all costs? I kind of went along with it but I'm feeling a little bit leary. I believe I have 60 days from the time of the contract to cancel, maybe it's just thirty.
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    If it's not a Mazda extended warranty, cancel it and get the Mazda product. You have until the standard warranty expires to decide if you want to buy the Mazda extended warranty.
  • nne3jxcnne3jxc Member Posts: 134
    I agree with mazda6s. The Mazda warrantee is 5 years, 60000 miles. Why pay for more than that until you find out if the car is:
    A) reliability challenged
    B) hideously expensive to repair.

    The extended warrantee may not be a manufacturer plan, but run buy a 3rd party that will (probably) do everything they can to avoid paying for your repairs. They often don't cover some of the trickier systems, and have loop-holes to avoid others. For instance, on my Oldsmobile Aurora the extended warrantee didn't cover a traction control system failure because it shared some components with the ABS system. (The ABS system was specifically excluded.)

    So my opinion is don't worry about the extended plan. Inside of 60,000 miles, you'll know if the car is a problem or not.
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    Actually the standard Mazda warranty is 4 years or 50000 miles.
  • nne3jxcnne3jxc Member Posts: 134
    You're right. But still, an owner should/probably will know by then whether the car has maintenance issues or not.

  • margomapsmargomaps Member Posts: 4
    We paid $15,800 for a 3i with the power/16" alloy package as well as A/C. That's about $700 over invoice, and I was more than happy to pay that amount. That was the price before the $500 loyalty bonus.

    I could almost certainly have gone lower, but I saw Edmunds TMV and offered $100 less than that. I'm not really concerned that I could have gotten it for a few hundred less though...they gave me a pretty sweet 3.34% 60-month financing deal as well, and I'm optimistic that we'll enjoy the car tremendously (it's for my wife).

    The sales experience was great at Russel Mazda near Baltimore. Nearly pressure-free all around, and the whole purchase took about an hour. We test drove the car, went home to think about it, and phoned in the offer a while later. They called back and accepted the offer shortly, and now my Miata has a nice sibling to share the garage with. :)
  • amherstshoreamherstshore Member Posts: 6
    I am looking a buying the Mazda3 Sport GT and I am wondering what Canadians have paid
  • mazda3indymazda3indy Member Posts: 13
    I paid $200 over invoice for my Titanium Mazda3 S sedan with ABS, Automatic, and Sport package.

    Internet buying is a great convenience, but it pays to go in and negotiate face-to-face!

    It might also be beneficial to buy now, before non-enthusiasts realize the value of the 3 and start flooding the lots. Dealerships are evidently selling this close to invoice now because it is too early to tell what the market will bear. Perhaps it will end up selling at MSRP soon, like the New Beetle and did during its launch.
  • ohsoribbyohsoribby Member Posts: 13
    I have pretty much decided to get the 3, but I'm just curious as to whether I should wait for president's day weekend and hope for a big sale or should I just buy sooner? Any suggestions?
  • combustible1combustible1 Member Posts: 264
    or maybe not.

    USA demand may go up or it may not by then. Why not try to make a deal now, and if it's not (in your opinion) good enough, you then have the luxury of waiting to try again later?

    Deals in this country seem very reasonable, i.e., within $700 of invoice.

    of course, if you're waiting for rebates or something, that's a variable that's difficult to predict. I woudn't expect any, if ever, until fall.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Member Posts: 393
    There is a $500 rebate available until I think the end of March. But not 3.9% financing( at least in my area - PA)
  • kentalotkentalot Member Posts: 3
    where are you buying from for your mazda 3? I want to get one at or near invoice, but so far i haven't gotten such good deals, I'm from central NJ too, you mentioned it was a dealer in Northern NJ, could you tell me the name of the dealership? (email is [email protected]) thanks
  • nyquist688nyquist688 Member Posts: 15
    Hi ya,

        I was wondering if anyony was lucky enough to get a Mazda 3 hatchback somewhere below invoice price in the Philadelphia area. If you did, can you please tell me where in the philadelphia area. thank you.
  • nyquist688nyquist688 Member Posts: 15
    the dealer that I visited, told me that the car that I wanted will cost me $19,867. It was a Titanium Gray Mazda3 with the option of a navigtation with the require package of ABS and Xenon light. Also with a auto tranny. The price also included doc fee, etch fee, government fee, license and registration fee and federal and state tax. And I live in Philadelphia, PA.
  • steveflstevefl Member Posts: 62
    Etch fee?! Tell him to go stuff it!

    Now ask him what the heck is a government fee. You are already paying taxes. Maybe the government fee is something required in PA, but insist on finding out.
  • mbennett674mbennett674 Member Posts: 66
    Titanium Sedan S, Manual, Sport Pkg, Xenon, ABS, Cloth seats, Moonroof/6CD: $19,816 + Tax and state fees. Total: $21,800.

    The extra state fees were all on the up and up: tax, registration, tire disposal (NYS rules).

    Tax alone was $1,734 and the rest looked legit to me.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Member Posts: 393
    Was your dealer in Philly, Faulkner Mazda? I looked around their lot and all cars had window etch, and a sign saying "Ask about window etch". Your price is great especially if it INCLUDES tax. I think the MSRP of a fully loaded/all options MZ3 is around 23K. What was the MSRP on the particular car you are looking at?
  • mbennett674mbennett674 Member Posts: 66
    Did that have the sport Pkg too? if it did, then you got it way under invoice - cause fully loaded without leather invoice is $19,8XX. What's Tax where you are?
  • jt30605jt30605 Member Posts: 2
    I was just quoted $15,999 for the Mazda 3i with automatic, air, and the power/16" alloy options. Sounds good to me! Oh yeah, I'm in Atlanta.
  • lmp180psulmp180psu Member Posts: 393
    In Philly the tax rate is 7%, the rest of PA is 6%.
  • gazelle2gazelle2 Member Posts: 38
    Last Saturday I signed papers at Wayne Mazda in NJ for a Titanium hatch, manual, leather, abs package, moonroof package, no nav. They agreed to $19,000 and gave me more for my trade-in than three other dealers had offered. Now they have to locate the car, but I figure time is on my side, should better incentives come along in the meantime.
  • nyquist688nyquist688 Member Posts: 15
    The dealership I went was Pacifico Mazda. I think the place was on Essington Ave. I spoke to the fleet manager over the phone. She was very polite ans nice. Do I really have to pay for license and registration fee? Couldn't I just go to the DMV and handle the license and registration myself instead of having the dealership doing it for me and costing me a arm and a leg? BTW, the only thing that I am suppose to pay along with the price of the car is the tax, destination charge, registration, and license fees, right?
  • nyquist688nyquist688 Member Posts: 15
    the MSRP for the car I wanted is $17,101. And the stipud part is that if I wanted the nav. system, I have to purchase the ABS and xenon package with both combine to $1469, just to get a nav. system. In regard to the rebate, what I heard from my fleet manager is that right my area rebate is at $500, and if I wanted a larger rebate, I have to wait until next model year, around the fall season. By then the rebate should be around $2500.
  • kentalotkentalot Member Posts: 3
    flatso could you get back to me on which dealership you got? so far the best price i got is 700 over invoice out the door including loyalty and graduate rebate. i would like to get the 100 over invoice, that'd be great. thanks
  • ish2lish2l Member Posts: 19
    when you guys say out-the-door are you including taxes and fees? it would seem to me that 700 over invoice including everything would be a pretty good deal.
  • kentalotkentalot Member Posts: 3
    yeah out the door means final price including all tax and fees. I think that's a good deal, but I would like to know where flatso got his 100 over invoice deal cause I live in central NJ too so i think i can buy from the same dealer. $600 is a lot of money ;).
  • steveflstevefl Member Posts: 62
    The fees you pay for title and license are fixed by the state, so you don't save a nickel by doing the legwork yourself. It's the documentation fee that's controversial. Edmunds has an entire thread on this doc fee and you ought to at least skim it to see what other folks are saying.

    Turn down the etch fee; it's not required and you don't want it. All the other fees are legit.

    Don't believe anyone's tales about a rebate next fall. Even the Mazda executives don't plan rebates that far ahead. If 2004 sales are brisk, expect no rebates at all next year. In general, it appears you're getting an honest deal.
  • amherstshoreamherstshore Member Posts: 6
    I bought my Mazda3sport today a silver 5 speed GT with sunroof and air. Probart Mazda in London ontario treated me very well Sasa the salesman was very good. I paid 21950 after a deal and a grad rebate. I pick it up on Friday and hope that the snow has stopped by then.
  • waiting4thebuswaiting4thebus Member Posts: 14
    Congrats on your purchase! Not a bad Canadian deal at all. Pretty much got something similar in Toronto. Plus that grad rebate really helps bring down the price (didn't mention it during the negotiation at all)

    Did you get any extra's thrown into the price? As for me got the Rust/Undercoat/Fabric protection, car mats and a couple other small accessories.

    I tried to get them to wave the Admin fee, but they wouldn't move on that. Still got the Xbox even thou I didn't go with their financing!

    Congrats again, you'll love the car!

    P.S The Goodyear tires are terrible on fresh snow drive carefully!
  • oldmonkoldmonk Member Posts: 38
    is anyone aware of the ford s plan? if you qualify for that plan, the price comes to invoice price (+/- a few dollars). does anyone know how
    and how much the dealers profit if they sell it at s-plan? this would be of help to further negotiate the price.

  • mazdaman6mazdaman6 Member Posts: 16
    The S plan price is printed on the dealer's vehicle invoice and the dealer shows this to you. You must have a PIN from Ford or another S Plan company to qualify. S plan pricing is non-negotiable; your trade and financing (if applicable) are your avenues for negotiation.
  • tiredofmanualtiredofmanual Member Posts: 338
    The dealer makes very little on S-Plan deals, but does them anyway because of the goodwill involved. They get a small kickback from Ford/Mazda because of how unprofitable the whole transaction is.

    Bringing up the S-Plan will get you nowhere if you don't qualify for it and are trying to negotiate a lower price.
  • stebsteb Member Posts: 22
    $600 discount on Mazda3 Sport GT (with A/C and moon - 5 spd). One month ago in Ottawa.

    That seems to be about average from what I hear. I have a strong feeling the price of these cars will rise in the near future. Maybe $1,000. Just a hunch.
  • guskimguskim Member Posts: 112
    No doubt prices will rise significantly next year... at least in Canada, where demand is quite strong.
    This is one reason why I got the car in its 1st year...figuring any deal I could broker on a 2005 Mazda3 would be offset by the increase in price.
    And Mazda can afford to increase prices here because they have no major Japanese competitors coming out with new models next year. Honda Civic won't change until model year 2006 (so late fall 2005), and Toyota Corolla not until mid 2007.
  • scottdudescottdude Member Posts: 177
    For those of you in the Central Florida area you may have seen a certain Mazda dealer that regulary offers "$7,000 for any trade!" in their print ads with the small print saying "Vaild on any Mazda on the showroom floor."

    It just so happens that my current car has a Blue Book "fair" value of $3,500, so if this dealers offer is legit, they would in fact be discounting $3,500 off the MSRP of my chosen car, an M3 (assuming the exact color, style I want is on their showroom floor... HA!). Unless Mazda is offering some kind of hidden dealer incentives, $3,500 off MSRP seems like the dealer might loose money on this deal.

    I have not visited the dealer yet, but I assume that the "catch" is in the phrase "showroom floor". They probably have some heavily customized Mazda's in the showroom with dealer add-ons that more than make up for the trade in difference.

    I was wondering if anyone here has ever encountered a situation like this with a dealer, and if so, how you handled it.
  • carguy58carguy58 Member Posts: 2,303
    A new Corolla just came out a couple years ago as an 03 model in 02 so I don't think its fair to compare it to the 3 in terms of raising prices. The Civic I can understand.
  • steveflstevefl Member Posts: 62
    Scottdude: I'm sure the dealer knows he will attract folks will bring (or push) in cars that have virtually $0 in trade-in value, but the dealer still expects to make a profit somehow. Drive up in a friend's borrowed clunker just to talk to someone and find out the catch. We'd all like to know.
  • mazda6smazda6s Member Posts: 1,901
    Any buyer who believes that kind of crap probably deserves to get ripped off. You can be sure that they have it worked out so they're not giving anything away.

    For some reason this reminds me of a pigeon drop. I guess it's because the dealer is going to use the buyer's own desire to get something for nothing to take advantage of them.
  • ohsoribbyohsoribby Member Posts: 13
    I decided to get the black hatch, fully loaded and it seems no dealership in my area (boston) has one .. does it really take 3 months for a dealership to order one for me from mazda?
  • harrymccrackenharrymccracken Member Posts: 4
    ...in the Bay Area--a Strato Blue one with automatic, ABS, xenon, moonroof and CD changer, leather, and navigation system. The price: $21,340, which seems to be exactly at invoice. I avoided a $219 "vehicle theft recovery" fee (read: etching a number), so the only thing I'm paying other than various fees to California is a $45 license fee.

    They weren't interested in offering me anything reasonable for my current car (a 1996 Saturn which seems to wholesale for something over $2000, but which they wouldn't give me more than $1000 for) so I'll be selling that separately. But all in all, I think I got a good deal...

    -- Harry
  • mbennett674mbennett674 Member Posts: 66
    Was my number....just ordered last weekend - so got a while to go. I got the works less the leather and it was 19.9 + tax which was at invoice assuming the dealer showed me a real invoice
  • nne3jxcnne3jxc Member Posts: 134
    Have your dealer search Mazda inventory around the Northeast. Before I bought mine, I had my dealer (Talarico Mazda in Manchester, NH) do an inventory search for a black one also. They searched as far south as NJ.
    I ended up with a Winning Blue S instead because the closest black one was in western NY and I didn't want a "new" car with several hundred miles on it. BTW, 3 months doesn't sound outrageous -- I was told at least 8 weeks if I had ordered.


    PS: I don't know where "near Boston" you are, but if you aren't too far from NH, you might want to drive up to (or at least call) Talarico -- they just got in a whole bunch of 3 sedans and hatchbacks on Wednesday.
  • mbennett674mbennett674 Member Posts: 66
    You can search inventory yourself through the Mazdausa.com site. They list MSRP, but the dealer will be able to show you the Invoice price.

    Unless they are going to flatbed the car for you, you're better off waiting - besides - who wants a car that has been test driven - I want mine right off the boat - not beaten up by test drivers.
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