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I just got my Montana back from the shop after having the intake gasket was replaced. It had to be jumped before I could drive it home The next day when I tried to start it, nothing. The mechanic, a friend of mine said that every time he had to move it, it had to be jumped and he suspected the battery was bad. I purchased a new battery but the problem persists. When I get into the van and turn the key to accessory, everything works. I mean all the electrical components. However when I turn the key to start, I get no sound from the starter and everything else goes dead. I pulled a couple fuses to check them and when they were reinstalled the power to the lights, radio, etc was back. But once again though when turning the key to start all power was lost. Any ideas? I'd really appreciate the help.


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    Guess I'd ask the mechanic to recheck everything even though it may not be related to the gasket repair. The cables at the battery have been recently done, but check the "back end" of the cables to see if they are tight, no corrosion, etc.
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    Do the headlights work?
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