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Nissan Frontier 2005+



  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    I am impressed. Appears as if Nissan is going to deliver a compact/midsize truck with the updated features and engineering that have been reserved for full size trucks for the last 10 years. If the quality is present then it will sell well.
  • rctennis3811rctennis3811 Posts: 1,031
    It even comes with the a class-leading V6 engine!! The crew cab will be revealed in February...New York, Chicago?? I don't know much. :)
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    they are using the same platform for the titan, armada, '05 pathie, and '05 frontier...impressive!

    i especially like the use of 250+ HP for the small truck. the fully boxed frame will be a 1st in the compact truck segment. also, if you look at the jump seats in the photos, they face forward with head rests. the only thing i couldnt tell is if they offer the rear doors.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    The 4.0L V6 is based on the VQ series. The VQ series V6 has been on the Wards 10 Best Engine list for the past 10 years. It is the only engine to make the list all 10 years.
  • very excited to pick my LE CC with sunroof package on friday! the engine marble sounds kinda freaks me out a little, is it a major problem? I was kinda upset that i did not get the RF package, because I really love my music, can anyone tell me hoe the factory stero sound? thanks--
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    I should be in the market for a mid sized truck in 05-06. This truck looks interesting. I am not much of a fan of the frontend though. I have the same reaction to the Titan also.

    I will be looking for a sport truck. Lets hope Nissan is smart enough to give buyers the option of getting a Limited Slip Diff in a 2wd. To hell with traction control. A handling package with tires/wheels + front and rear sway bars also.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    nissan is very good at pricing their vehicles to allow for a little extra money to upgrade. if they dont offer it, you may be able to get NISMO equipment.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    I would haven no problem going aftermarket for everything but the LSD. I want a factory warranty on that one With that much HP you gotta have a locker or LSD. I had a 2000 Tundra 2wd V8 and I will never buy another truck with an open diff again. I don't care if they include traction control with the LSD as long as there is an off button. I don't need a full time electronic nanney.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    When you look at the pictures you can zoom in. It appears the truck in the photos is a 4WD. Zooming in on one of the center console pictures you can see what appears to be a button to lock the rear diff next to the 4wd select knob.
  • brianbmbrianbm Posts: 55
    If the same frame is being used for the Frontier as for the much larger Titan, should we infer that the smaller vehicle will have shorter front and rear overhangs? Be nice for offroad use if that were so.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the frame is the same, but the sheet metal may be totally different specs.
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    I owned a T100 for a while and it was about the perfect size to suit my needs. I replaced it with Tundra which I found to be a little bigger than I really needed on a day-to-day basis. So I would assume the new Front would be on a shorter wheel base than the Titan?

    When is this thing supposed hit the market anyway?
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    this fall...september-ish.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    I've read that it's based (whatever that means?) on the Titan platform.

    I saw the new Frontier and Pathfinder at Detroit last week. Even though it looks a lot like the Titan and Armada, it is decidedly smaller than those two. It's bigger than the old Frontier, but not nearly as big as the Titan. It looks to be Dakota-sized, as best I can describe it.

  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    Dakota sized is about prefect for me. I think the new Tacoma and Dakota hit the streets in 05 also.
  • Check out this article from Nissan that gives a pretty good overview of what to expect. l
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    Pretty good spin on the new truck but to me there is far too much focus on "off road capabilities". On road capabilities are far more important in the real world since 99% of the accidents happen on pavement.

    Nissan should focus more on building the best handling, stopping, and riding midsize truck on pavement that you can get. Throw in a 4wd version for those who think they really need it. Lift kits, big tires, and offroad shocks/springs that will screw up the ride and handling are available in the aftermarket.
  • I agree w/ "nissanman2". The look of the '02-'04 is very distinctive. At first, I hated the look of the Frontiers. Then, it kinda grew on me. It's BIG & BOLD for a small truck.
    The new 250+ h.p will be a big boost for this truck. It definitely needs it.
    I can hardly wait until the Chicago Auto Show in a few weeks. Most likely, they probably won't let anyone get near it; like they did when they introduced the Titan.
  • I agree with the last 2 posters. I'd love to have a more powerful engine in my 01' Frontier, but I wouldn't trade it looks for anything. The current model looks tough, especially the roof rack/bar treatment. The new pics look like a Titan Jr. I understand the philosophy to create the look and feel of vehicles being part of the same family, ala' Ford's Explorer/Expedition But you still need to maintain the right balance of distinctiveness across the product line. For instance I really have a hard time telling the difference between an Altima and the New Maxima.
  • the new frontier is not as sporty-looking as the current version. it appears more work-like in an industrial way, but it's not very nimble-looking. more clunky and fat. i prefer the outgoing style myself. too bad nissan didn't just give it more power, wider rear doors, more interior space, and a general freshening up. double bummer.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    as a nissan salesman, i can say with full confidence that we lose more deals over the looks of the frontier than we gain. i like it too, but if i sell more with a generic look, then im happy. ;-)
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    Either you really like it or not. I like the styling on the 05 and hated the current Frontier's styling. Too much darn plastic on the front end of the current Frontier and the front end did not even look truck-like to me.
    Previously I owned a 98 Frontier and the 05 seems like an evoulution of the earlier Frotier and hardbody truck styling.
    What I really would like to see is real bumpers on trucks, not these plastic/metal ones.
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    toyota tried the "nice ride" approach and no serious truck buyer even thinks of a tacoma or tundra. off-road capabilities usually go hand-in-hand with hauling and towing capabilities. they build a truck to be a truck. if you want a soft ride and good handling, wait for the honda SUT to come out...its got a massive V6 and independent (sic) suspension. (NOT a truck)
  • jmessjmess Posts: 677
    I was serious and I bought a 2wd Tundra and the Tundra is still selling pretty well. I only sold mine because I got out of the racing game and didn't need it anymore. You don't need 4wd to tow, you are just dragging around a lot extra of dead weight and getting worse gas mileage. A 2wd with and LSD or locker will get you everywhere 90% of the people go who have 4x4 trucks or suvs IMHO.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870

    Seriously, the Tacoma is one of if not the most off road cabable truck being sold.
    Nice to see that the next gen. Frontier is adding more off road capability similar to the Toyota TRD equipment.

    You are deluding yourself if you hauling and towing capability equal off road capability. A Jeep has minimal hauling and towing capability and excels off road. An F350 has impressive towing and hauling capability and is terrible off road.
  • got1bgot1b Posts: 48
    Bowke, or anyone else who may know,
    When will the new Frontier go on sale? The pictures of the doudle cab are real nice, IMO better then any of the previous models. The Nissan news site says for sale winter 2004, which I believe has just passed. I called one of the local dealerships, they hadn't a clue. Also, any details on its off road capability? They mentioned it would have packaging for that. Do you know if it will be comparable to the Tacoma's TRD packaging with the rear locker? I'd think with its engine, usable cargo box system, and off road capabilities to the Tacoma, Nissan would have one fine, well selling vehicle. Head over heals above the GM twin trucks.
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    It is going to be a late introduction. September to December 04. Winter 2004 is the one that STARTS in 2004, so it is not over;)
    If the Frontier is not selling well, and it is not, then perhaps Nissan may stop the line to retool early, although I doubt it.
  • fajing6fajing6 Posts: 7
    On the Future Vehicles section you can now build and price the Frontier King and Crew Cabs.

    Seems a bit pricy. What happened to affordable compact pickups?
  • bowke28bowke28 Posts: 2,185
    the prices are not only right in line, but even better than most competitors. the ford ranger is the #1 small pickup. it only offers a supercab, and no crew cab. even the supercab with only 215 HP and less interior space gets up in the $28k range. an LE 4x4 with the same equipment as a ranger fx4 goes for about $25.9k

    as far as a crew cab, you are competing with the sport trak, dakota, and tacoma. the frontier crew LE with the same equipment as a loaded sport trak tops out around $30500. the sport trak gets above $33k. the dakota goes up to around $33k, and the tacoma doesnt offer nearly as much equipment, and still gets close to $30k.

    i think nissan hit the nail right on the head with pricing.
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