2016 Ford Edge Sport Towing Package

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I read on Edmunds that the Edge Sport model does not have the trailer towing option while the other models do. I called my local Ford dealer and was told that the Sport model does have the trailer towing package. Does anyone know the correct answer? Both Edmunds and the Ford dealer can't both be correct.


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    A visit to a Ford site might be telling.
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    The Ford.com site doesn't show a towing option for me when I build a Sport model.

    I suppose the dealer could be referring to an aftermarket hitch.
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    No towing package on the Edge Sport, as per the Ford website, regarding the Edge equipped with the 2.7/V-6 engine:

    "(2) Edge does not offer factory or dealer installed towing equipment for this application."
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    I was in another town this week with some time to kill so I stopped by a Ford Dealer to ask some questions about the lack of a trailer package for the Ford Edge Sport. The sales person, after checking with the shop, said the reason the Sport model doesn't have a trailer package was because it comes standard with a hands free liftgate and that the sensor placement prohibited the trailer package. He said they have a way to rewire the sensor so it can be moved to a different location and then they can install the trailer package. They had an Edge Titanium with the trailer package on the show room floor so I looked under the vehicle to see how it was installed. I was a bit amazed at how neatly the system looked. You can't see the actual installation and it looks like it is just part of the vehicle. Very neat but it seemed like it would be almost impossible to install something like that as an aftermarket item. Today, I am back to my hometown and I stopped by the Ford dealer to see if they could perform that kind of installation. The service manager said he had not heard of such a thing and told me to check with the parts department to see if there was actually the trailer package parts that could be installed aftermarket. The parts people said there were no parts listed for an aftermarket installation of the trailer package, just some balls and such. Now I don't know what to believe. Really a strange situation. Any input from someone who works for Ford?
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    Well, thanks for solving that mystery. Makes sense that they could move the sensor and wiring unless the out of town dealer was just trying to sell a car. If moving the sensor isn't that difficult, then it seems like Ford could have relocated it in the first place.
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    Stever, my present position is that the out of town dealer was just trying to sell me a car. I didn't realize it when I was there but the Titanium comes standard with the hands free liftgate. The salesman told me the sensor for the liftgate and the trailer package were in conflict so I assumed that particular Titanium did not have the hands free liftgate. In other words, from what the salesman said, you could have one or the other but not both. I now understand from the Ford website, you can buy a factory built Titanium with both the liftgate and the trailer package. So why not the Sport? Since my local dealer said there is no after market trailer package available, for any model, I am further convinced I was sold a bill of goods by the out of town dealer. I don't know where they expected to get their hands on something Ford doesn't build. If you look under an Edge with a trailer package, is seems like that the package is such an integral part of the car body that there would be no way for some after market source to have such trailer package. It is very well designed and unobtrusive. So, I have concluded that 1) if you buy an Edge without a trailer package, you can't install one later because Ford doesn't provide such a the, and 2) Ford built the wonderful Sport model with a truck engine built for towing but won't put a trailer package on it. Go figure.
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    I can't answer why Ford doesn't offer the tow package on the sport. But I can confirm that you can add an aftermarket tow hitch. Because I did. Also ford does state that they rate the towing capability of the sport at 2,000 lbs. I think they lowered this from the 3500 in the 2.0 and 3.5 because they haven't fully tested it yet with the new 2.7. At any rate go to etrailer.com and they will present you 3 different hitches that will work with the Edge Sport 2016. They also have pictures of the hitch installed on the sport along with video on how to do the installation. Most of these are pretty easy and take about an hour. I had no problem installing the hidden hitch model. It took me a little over an hour. There is one stud that you have to cut for the hitch to sit flush. But this can be done with a hack saw or grinding tool. I used the grinding tool and it took all of 2 minutes to remove. The hitch itself is a Class III rated for up to 4500 lbs. Visit the site at: https://www.etrailer.com/hitch-2016_Ford_Edge.htm?style=Sport+models
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    @rbullers....Thanks for the link. The aftermarket hitch is certainly an option I will consider. My two biggest issues with it are that it is probably a bit lower than I would like and I have been told than when Ford builds a vehicle with the trailer package they increase the cooling capacity. I assume that would be for the motor. I don't know about the transmission. With an aftermarket hitch and the lower cooling capacity, the towing capability would be somewhat reduced. Another thing I am looking at is the possibility of stepping up to the Lincoln MKX. It is basically a fancy Edge that costs a little more but you can get the 2.7 and trailer package on all three of the MKX models. If a person is careful in picking his options, the price isn't that much more than the Edge and I think the MKX is a little quieter and more comfortable than the Edge. I understand the internet price on the MKX is usually about $3,000 below MSRP. I don't know about the Edge. What was your experience with pricing on the Edge?
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    @evergreen , thanks for this thread a year ago. What did you end up buying? I like your Lincoln MKX idea, I hadn't thought of that.
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    Ok, Ive wanted to know why the Edge sport is limited to only 2000lbs towing. Here' what I've discovered after alot of work. Its not the tires; they are fine for towing more weight. Its not the radiator as thats the same model number as the MKX, which CAN tow 3500lbs. Its not the ecu tune as the MKX makes more power and is safe for towing. The only difference I have discovered is that the sport is not offered with trailer sway control software, whereas every other edge or MKX that can tow more than 2000lbs has to have.
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    Hope this link is still open, and perhaps someone has an update. My wife has a 2017 Edge Sport. It did not come with a tow package. It does have the remote foot activated tailgate. We took it to U-haul and they installed a hitch and electrical connection at reasonable cost. However, first time we tried it, we found that the taillights, and turn signals worked fine, but no brake lights. I know the lights on this trailer are OK, as it is fairly new and they all work on my f150 pickup and they worked with her previous Murano. We have had her Edge back three times to U-Haul to correct this with no luck. They finally gave up and said it must be something with the vehicle. Does anyone have an explanation for this or a suggestion on how to fix it.?
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