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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair

Thought we should get this started to get some communication going about any issues us owners may be having with the new Titan (which we thoroughly enjoy by the way). I have a couple of small issues and wanted to see if anyone else may be experiencing the same problem (we have 1,500 miles on it and counting):

1. Radio seems to fade in and out of stereo in FM mode (this is even with the SSV setting off which controls the volume depending on the level of road noise detected). It almost seems like the reception is directional.

2. I have a slight valve/lifter noise at around 2,500 RPM during acceleration from a stop.

Again, we are very pleased with our new truck but just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced these or any other issues. This is not meant to provide a "I told you so" from other truck owners as every mfr has issues with every model year.


  • kentdkentd Posts: 4
    1. Saturday night, I was parking my 4x4 SE CC w/offroad,
    and suddenly the brake pedal went nearly all of the way to the floor.
    The brake, NO VDC, and SLIP dash lights all came on, and I nearly crashed into the concrete barrier that I was parking in front of.
    It's ok after cycling the ignition key, but it reoccured twice Sunday,
    and again this morning while dropping the truck off at the dealership.
    (all faliures occured while moving slowly or already stopped)
    The dealer hasn't called be back yet with their diagnosis.

    2. The second issue with the truck, is that it rolled off of the delivery truck, it was missing the drivers rear splash guard. It was never installed. The dealership ordered it. Three times. And Nissan cancelles the order, saying that "the part isn't available yet"!
    The truck was delivered without the part, and the manufacturer says that I can't get the part that I should have had in the first place?

    Well, I'm just hoping that the brake problem doesn't need a part,
    as Nissan may/may-not offer that part! I've had the truck for a week, and I'm not impressed with the situation so far.
  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    Sorry to here you have had a couple of initial problems. I am expecting that there will be a couple of issues when my truck rolls in next month. If it makes you feel any better, there was a poster on the F-150 2004 board that had his new truck less than a month (or so) and had 1000-2000 miles on the odometer and the brakes failed completely at speed! It was lucky for him he was obviously an experienced driver as he used the emergency brake to stop after the regular brake peddle went to the floor. It didn't come back and he had to use the emergency brake to drive the new truck to the dealer.

    Point is, it can happen to any vehicle/make. Since the Titan is brand new, there will be issues but I would expect that Nissan will solve them all.
  • I ordered a full set of mud guards and 3 days later the Parts Manager called to say that they are not yet available via the parts department. I suppose that they are a low inventory item that is being saved for the assembly line. I hope they get them soon because the front tires throw tons of dirt up on to the running boards.

    Brakes - I was going about 50 yesterday when granny pulled right in front of me going 10. My wife screamed and I hit the brakes hard. The truck stopped so fast that I looked stupid. I stopped way short of granny.. I was impressed.
  • kentdkentd Posts: 4
    I understand that they can't get the mud guards as an accessory, but these guards were to be factory installed, and they somehow missed one in QA.
    They should want to fix their mistake. And more importantly, they should have the methods and procedures to fix those mistakes. The dealer doen't seem to have these methods/procedures, as they seem to be getting the run-around. (me too!)

    I agree, the brakes (when they work) are great!
    Generally, I'm very happy with the truck. I'm just not too impressed with Nissan's early support for the truck.
    My only small criticisms of the truck:
    Wind buffetting in all windows. You can't just open one window on this truck, as you'll get the annoying pressure/buffeting in the cab. I always have to open two windows, front or rear to avoid the problem.

    I've also noticed that my stereo (6 disk unit) changes volume at odd times. I've tried messing with the VSS setting, but it doen't seem to have changed it much.
  • I had the same issue when the VSS or SSV (whatever it is) was set on. I turned it off and don't have the volume going up and down any more. What a strange feature. Also I posted this on the parts and accessories page - any clues on the bed cover (is there a retractable one?). I asked the dealer and they did not seem to know.
  • Just drove a Titan (again!). While waiting for the salesman to pull the truck I'd be driving to the door, I was checking out a Titan on the sales floor. I was playing with the power door lock switch on the drivers door and noticed that it got stuck in the unlock position when I pushed on it. I had to manually re-position it into the middle "neutral" position to get it to where it should be once you take your finger off it. It did this everty time I unlocked the door. When I tried the switch on the truck I test worked fine.
  • triattriat Posts: 121
    I would think the bed cover would be simple using rollers on the bed rail channels on Util Bed pkg eh?
  • kentdkentd Posts: 4
    Well, unfortunately the dealer service reports that my 1 week old Titan needs a "brake pressure sensor".
    (a sensor related to master cylinder brake pressure)
    And REALLY unfortunately, the part is currently on "national backorder" from Nissan.
    (shared part from the Armada)
    No eta.
  • I bought my Titian about a week after it was introduced. For the first 2 weeks the volumn control did seem to adjust more than what was necessary but since then I have not noticed it changing by as much - kinda strange but it seems to work perfectly now.

    has anyone had issues with the backup sensor? mine doesn't seem to work at all - i'm bring it in to be checked.

    couple other questions. I have the King Cab LE - if anyone esle out there has this model - does your center consol have air vents for the rear passengers? mine doesn't.

    Second question - it doesn't have an ash tray - where are you susposed to keep your change?
  • I asked my dealer to order mud guards and the bed divider - the divider is in but he said the mud guards are on back order. Seems to be the case all around.
  • did you take your truck in to see what was up with the radio? mine does the same thing and was wondering if you had the problem fixed. it seems to do it when i let off the gas. but only in fm radio if i have a dvd or cd it doesn't do it.
  • kentdkentd Posts: 4
    Well, on Thursday, the GM of the dealership decided that they had my truck for long enough, and they decided to rob parts off of another Titan.
    After swapping the suspect sensor, the problem wasn't fixed.
    Finally, they swapped out the master cylinder/booster assembly.
    Problem fixed. (they eventually suspected a pressure switch that's inside the master cylinder)
    I got the truck back on Friday evening.

    I wonder how long that it will take for them to get the parts to repair their truck?

    I'm back on the road again!
    Still no eta on the splashguard though.
  • I have not taken it in...I'm just not ready to hand over my truck to a dealership yet. My feeling is the less someone touches my truck the better, so until I know the exact problem I'll probably wait. If you find anything out please let us know.

  • Just picked up my Titan last Thursday (1/15) and I already have 750mi on it. The truck kicks a$$. I too noticed the stereo fading in and out with FM (regardless of the SSV setting) but have not heard the problem with CDs. Also, my driver-side window failed to work once.. third time was the charm and it hasn't happened again.

       - Adam
  • Yep, AM and CD's work fine...even my iPod through the aux port works/sounds fine. I think Piopremier really narrowed it down when he said it seems to happen when you step on the accelerator. I think I'll at least call Nissan's 1-800 # to file the problem. The more people that report it the better.
  • Whats the deal with the Sunroof on a Titan. Do I really have to get the DVD package and the side air bags if I want a sunroof? Is that a money making scheme or what? Is there a way around that besides an aftermarket sunroof?

  • Whats the deal with the Sunroof on a Titan. Do I really have to get the DVD package and the side air bags if I want a sunroof? Is that a money making scheme or what? Is there a way around that besides an aftermarket sunroof?

  • and on top of that I think you can only get the soonroof with an LE.
  • triattriat Posts: 121
    Picked up the LE last night(see buying experience). This afternoon ran errands to 3 places. I was stopped in the parking lot 4 times. The last place no sooner finished talking to one fellow, then another fellow walks up!

    The nice thing is it's nice to share info & meet more people. One guy turned out to be a teacher at local community college, his name is Michael also, and he rides mountain bikes & has an Xterra. Saw my utility bed pkg & really liked that for his bikes too!
  • triattriat Posts: 121
    Yep, I have the radio fade too! It's noticeable but not bothersome. Seems only lower speeds and accelerating sometimes. I'm not sure if it's the SSV or not. I'm going to experiment with the 3 settings.

    On the flip side, I drove out in the hill country this weekend & got better reception further than I have with any other vehicle!
  • I was wondering if any of you guys or gals have this problem with the titan. My titan seems to very stiff on the ride when it reaches around 60-75 mph. It starts bouncing very badly, sort of like there is no suspension at all. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
  • I'm starting to pick up on a slight ticking coming from the engine compartment when the engine is cold and I accelerate from a stop. It seems to appear a minute or two after the truck has been running, and go away as the truck reaches operating temperature. Anyone else noticed this?
  • I have read in various places on the internet that the RF radio that is available with the Titan picks up very few FM stations while the truck is in motion. I have also heard that Nissan is aware of this problem and is unable to fix this problem. This sounds like a design problem. Does anyone have any more information on this problem?
  • I read over on the TitanTalk board that many Titans are coming in with 10-15 extra pounds of pressure in the tires. That can make a real bouncy ride.
  • joehoejoehoe Posts: 37
    A couple different new owners mentioned the antenna jack not fully seated in its plug.
  • I have noticed the same issues. The ticking/knocking noise appears above 2,200 RPM and goes away after the engine warms up...while I don't have the Fosgate system I have the same problem with the radio in FM mode (sounds fantastic otherwise).

  • I thought I would put out my general impression on the truck and see what others think. I'll make it simple and stick with poor, good and excellent.

    Truck - Titan SE KC

    Ride - excellent - once the pressure on tires is spec.

    Utilitrack - good - not excellent b/c one of the bed tracks seems a little out of line and it is difficult to slide the accessories back and forth.

    Stereo - excellent - just shut off the SSV

    Snow Handling - excellent

    Gas Mileage - poor - I have checked mileage each fill up and have gotten between 11.2 and 15.4, on pure HWY driving I seem to avg. around 14.5 no where near advertised - this bugs me.

    Interior noise - poor - my dash squeeks like crazy and the front seat belt shoulder adjuster rattles endlessly. For $32+ thousand Nissan should do a better job. The toyota was nice and quiet.

    Acceleration - excellent - when you need it. Refer to gas mileage, I'm am very easy on the gas pedal so not reason for crummy mileage.

    Overall I judge the truck - good - and cross my fingers and knock on wood, that it is nice and reliable. I am still debating on getting the extended warranty. I am not sure I trust the electronics I also had my drivers side window get stuck once.
  • I've got a LE KC with the navigator option and have noticed a squeeking coming from the Dash every so often at around 30 mph on slightly bumpy streets. Another squeek comes from my driver door - If I push on it slightly with my elbow it stops. I probably just need to bring it in and have it adjusted.

    On the gas milage - your right - pretty poor but it is a 5.6 L engin - should we expect more? On the freeway I average about 15 and city driving around 12 to 13.

    1. Has anyone taken their trucks in to have small things adjusted and fixed? If so have the dealers been cooperative?

    2. I've noticed that the auto on head lights are extreemly sensitive - when I go under an under pass they come on and i've got it set the the most unsensitive setting.

    3. The fan is loud when at setting 3 and higher with AC or Heating.


  • p100p100 Posts: 1,116
    I test drove a new Titan SE king cab 4X4 with the off road package, utility bed package, and big tow package, and Fosgate stereo. The ride was smooth and not nearly as bouncy as I would have expected from big tires. When I tried the stereo, only one speaker (out of four) came on. This was very embarrassing to the car salesman who knew that he lost the sale at that moment. This is also discouraging to me as it indicates American workmanship quality. And what happened to new car pre-delivery inspection? They were selling these trucks at 2% over invoice, which is a good deal. One thing that I was not impressed with on the truck is the seat cloth quality (or lack of).
  • we took delivery just before christmas and now have over 7000 miles on it. im a 5 foot 3 inch woman and i find it a little bit of a stretch to reach the pedals. it has plenty of power but the gas mileage is real bad. our best tank was 13.6 and it is normally running around 10-11 mpg. the first time we towed our 4-horse trailer we overheated the transmission. we now have what the dealer says is clutch chatter. it doesnt happen when the truck is cold, but once heated up it can be felt. the power steering growls when its real, real cold. the interior lites flicker quite a bit, the dealer cant seem to find the problem. the plastic pieces around the window switches were loose when we picked it up. there are a number of buzzes and plastic sounds. we have a lot of wind noise coming low in the back. my husband doesnt like the high lift over on the box, he and my sons have a harder time throwing hay bales over the sides. there are a many things we like about the titan, but others we dont. weve had it back to the shop 5 times, so far, and theres still a few things that need to be fixed.
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