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Nissan Titan Maintenance and Repair



  • pbosepbose Posts: 3
    After driving 3000 miles, we are quite satisfied with the Titan LE Crew Cab except for the following issues:

    Vibration During Braking: We do NOT believe this is the kind of vibration that is related to when the Anti-Lock Brakes kicks in. What we are experiencing is a wobbly steering wheel during braking. The steering wheel vibrates quite a bit during braking and it also feels somewhat "looser"

    Heavy Brake Dust on the front two wheels: This problem was quite noticeable in the beginning but now has begun to get better.

    Appreciate any suggestions on the Braking problem.


    Portland, Oregon.
  • gch2gch2 Posts: 7
    Have the front rotors checked out I have heard a lot of them need to be replaced.
  • sixgill73sixgill73 Posts: 3
    First of all I've got to say this truck is awesome. I've got the red brawn crew 4x4 offroad with towing package and popular captain.

    A few issues I've had so far, just for everyone's info. Nothing major, but disappointing all the same:

    1. Radio reception: not great at all, but with the aux jack I use my iPod all the time, so I'm not that bothered. The radio stations around here are all commercials anyway
    2. Brake dust: I've got about 3200 miles on the truck over the past six months (not a lot), and I'm still getting a lot of dust build up after only a few days. No performance issues as far as I can tell though
    3. Squeaks: two main squeaks I've found that drive me crazy. The first one was easy to find - right in the passenger map light. All it takes is a quick on/off and it's gone though. The second one drives me up the wall - it's right in the ignition, right around the key lock. The dealer has "fixed" it twice now without success using cloth tape. Still squeaks like mad on a rough road, although a lot less than at first
    4. Rear window seals: I just had the rubber seals "fall down" in the back window. Haven't taken it in yet, but that's a big irritation
    5. Rear bumper: the black plastic cap to the rear bumper kept popping off when I first got the truck, but after the dealer replace a clip or two, it's been fine
    6. Plastic covers: the covers over both of the joints on the passenger side seat were all badly molded. It took 90 days for the dealer to get replacements in, and it wasn't a big deal

    That's it! Other than these issues it's been a fantastic truck so far and I'm still getting looks wherever I go. Not many around here that I've seen yet.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I've had my Sedona Titan SE CC 4x4, big tow, popular captain, utility pkg, and offroad pkg for 12 days, have just over 2000 miles on it (bought new with 313 on it). The radio reception is weak, but doesn't bother me that much since I listen to CD's mostly anyway.

    Haven't had the brake dust issue thankfully. My truck was supposed to have the 17" wheels that came with the offroad pkg, but somebody swipped them, so it has 18's instead. The dealer offered to replace the 17's, but we opted to keep the 18's.

    I do have the 4LO/ATP lights problem, waiting on parts.

    The driver's side window can't be put down all the way or it won't come back up. Dealer says its probably just misaligned, will fix it next week.

    The overhead console is cracked and broken in places, dealer will replace. The utility door is broken off. Both those things were that way when I got the truck, dealer will fix no biggie.

    There is a very annoying squeak going over bumpy roads, I hear it when we get get out of the truck, also when standing in the bed moving around. Need to have the dealer figure that one out cause its driving me nuts.

    Last thing I've noticed with it is the tire pressure light comes on after 25 miles of driving, can shut the truck off, start it back up and its good for another 25 miles. Dealer will look at it next week.

    I love my truck, gets lots of looks, its a great truck and perfect for my family. We will be towing a camping trailer with it on Tuesday, will report back after our trip.

    My husband loves the Titan too, he drives a Ram 3500 V10, but says the Titan is a very nice truck.
  • sixgill73sixgill73 Posts: 3
    The only other issue I forgot to mention that I've seen posted is the A/C hissing noise. That does get extremely annoying. It sounds like a vacuum hiss both when the A/C kicks in and out, and when I accelerate at certain points. The dealer said this is "normal" and that there was nothing to be done about it.

    I moved into the Titan from a 2001 Avalanche and I'm not regretting that one bit. Even with a few niggling issues, the Nissan is a far better deal with much higher quality. I'll never go to Chevy again. I have owned a Dodge RAM quad cab too, and that's the only thing I've seen that I think comes close to the Titan.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I've heard that A/C hiss too, I have just learned to tune it out. Startled me the first time I heard it, but now its just part of the truck.

    I traded in a 2004 Ford Explorer on my Titan. The Explorer had a few issues, but was a fairly good truck. Thing I hated about it was the 14 mpg hwy and the truck was a V6. Very disappointing considering the 97 V8 Explorer I traded in on the 04 Explorer easily got 22/23 mpg hwy.

    I doubt I'll ever go back to Ford and I KNOW I will never go back to Chevy. We also traded in a 94 K3500 6.5L TD on the Titan, anything to get rid of that Chevy......err, money pit.

    My husband adores his Ram, but he says if Nissan comes out with a one ton Titan he's there. Kinda surprised me, he's pretty stuck on Ford and Dodge (hates Chevy more than I do), but he is very impressed with the Titan.
  • clunkerclunker Posts: 1
    I have a clunk in the front end of my Titan that developed around 2100 miles. The clunk only happens when the vehicle is moved from park to drive, and only at shift from 1st to 2nd. The dealership is unable to find it and insist that I continue driving it and assure me that it is not a safety issue. If they can not find it who is to say that it is not a safety issue. If anyone else is having this problem, or has had this problem please let me know.
  • kjpaynekjpayne Posts: 5
    This might be a user problem <g> rather than a truck problem: I just purchased my CC with Big Tow and Off Road. The harness was supplied but for the life of me I cannot figure out where it plugs in. The dealer hasn't been very helpful and they are 1.5 hours away.

    Any help? I know the RV Center would be able to figure it out but that too is inconvenient.

  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    If you look up about 2 posts ago I told you where it was.
  • accumacaccumac Posts: 16
    I picked up my Titan, King cab,LE in mid December and I have not been surprised by the problems that I have experienced. My mileage, highway and city has improved but a low of 10.5 and a high of 15.5. I had warped rotors at 5K miles that were turned, warped immediately then replaced under a service advisory with new pads, caliper bolts and shims. The brake problem has not re surfaced. I have experienced the brake pedal going to the floor twice, only when starting the engine with my foot on the brake, never when driving. I had the 4lo light problem that has been repaired with a sensor, squeaky dash (instrument cluster shroud) not repaired after 2 visits to the dealer, loose tailgate handle shroud that is still loose after 2 repairs.
    The mechanicals of the engine, trans. and rears have been flawless, typical Nissan. I feel that I deserve the problems that I have encountered since I broke my own rule of "never purchase a first run vehicle"
    I consider the brake dust issue that I keep reading about normal for disk brakes. Typically this condition is worse when the brakes are new and breaking in, however my 03' BMW 3 series brake dust is still worse than the Nissan. I don't expect it to change. I had a '99 Chevy Silverado with 100,000 mi. and never touched the excellent brakes. I wish I could say the same for the rest of the Chevy. With the exception of the gas mileage (understandably with the difference in HP and displacement 5.6 vs. 5.3), the Nissan is superior and the Chevy was a very good truck. ex-Nissan, BMW, SAAB Mechanic.
  • kjpaynekjpayne Posts: 5
    Kind of like the wire harness connection: I keep looking but I cannot find it. Would you indulge me and re-post the location of the connection for the wire harness.

    Thanks much!

  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    If you indeed have the big tow pkg there will be a connection under the dash. Its a little hard to find, but here's how you do it:

    First, set the parking brake, then wiggle in between the seat and the dash on your back more or less laying on the driver's side floorboard. Look up and in the general area of where the parking break lever is (hence the reason I said set it) you will see a scotch taped wire with a white plug end that's not plugged into anything. There will be a white tag on it that says elec brake or something like that. Give it a tug and the tape will come undone, there's your wire. Took me about 15 minutes to find the darn thing in my Titan.
  • backintexbackintex Posts: 1
    I bought my Titan SE Crew Cab on 6/30. I now have 1500 miles. It has 143 when I bought it. I have the convenience package (6 CD changer and rear controls), front bench with fold down console, and the utility bed package.

    So far no problems other than the break dust mentioned several times. I'm getting a hair over 14 mpg, mostly city/commuting miles. I'll take it on the road this weekend so I'll get a good look at the highway mileage.

    I love the truck so far. The room inside is wonderful as I have 4 kids and a wife. We all fit and don't even touch each other. The kids love the headphones in the back.

    I camp a lot and am looking forward to the first campout this fall. I live in Houston and you don't camp around here in the summer, unless you have an a/c trailer.
  • kjpaynekjpayne Posts: 5
    The third pair of eyes found it!!! Thanks for your help.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    AWESOME!! Told ya it was there!! My poor Titan is feeling neglected, we hardly drive it anymore. We bought a Ford Focus last week to drive instead, will save the Titan for here and there driving.
  • I know some other Titan owners are having this problem and wondering if anybody has gotten any answers. I have a SE model with the RF radio package and the radio reception is horrible. It fades is and out and has very poor sound quality. Paying that kind of money for a car stereo I feel the quality should be a hell of a lot better than what it is. If anybody has any answers please let me know.

  • keaneckeanec Posts: 349
    There was a sloution posted over on by an owner. It involves turning a screw on the back of the unit
  • Thanks for the info...I will check it out.
  • mwcoxmwcox Posts: 13
    Good News. I just read an article in Automotive News. Says that the Nissan engineering team redesigned and made design notes to suppliers regarding 200 parts in the Quest/Titan/Armada. They addressed issues such as squeaking windows/windshields/doors, poor AC operation, and other common complaints. All of the changes are to be implemented in 2005 models in an effort to increase the JD Powers new car survey results. He went on to say that they would drive and review the first of the 2005's in late August.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Now if Nissan would increase the GVWR of the truck and maybe come out with a 3/4 ton version and a diesel they'd be doing pretty good.

    I had the driver's side power window motor replaced, so far it seems ok, but I'm not holding my breath. The pass side one is still pokey to come back up, they said its normal. Other than that its a pretty good truck........what little I get to drive it these days.
  • vanackvanack Posts: 5
    Friday, July 30, 2004
    Nissan says quality crusade is yielding positive results

    TOKYO -- Nissan Motor Co. says it has redesigned hundreds of parts in vehicles built at its new Canton, Miss., plant in an effort to fix quality problems.

    About 200 Japanese engineers descended on the plant in May after three models built there fared poorly in the latest J.D. Power and Associates Initial Quality Study.

    "We redesigned every possible component," says Eiji Imai, Nissan's senior vice president in charge of quality assurance.

    Nissan vehicles built at the year-old plant performed dismally in the survey of consumer quality perceptions for the 2004 model year. The first three nameplates launched at the plant - the redesigned Quest minivan, Titan full-sized pickup and Pathfinder Armada SUV - scored last in their segments.

    Imai says he will test drive the 2005 Altima and Maxima - both built at Nissan's Smyrna, Tenn., plant - by the end of July. He will drive the Canton-produced 2005 Quest, Armada and Titan models in late August.

    By the end of June, Nissan engineers filled in more than 200 "design notes." The notes inform Nissan or a supplier that a specific component will be redesigned. Each note accounts for one or more components.

    The engineers tackled such items as an air conditioner that performed poorly, a radio tuner that was not calibrated precisely, steering components that caused the vehicle to pull or drift to one side and window seals that allowed excessive noise into the cabin.

    Imai won't elaborate on which problem affected which vehicle.
    Imai says the efforts are working. For example, he says, Nissan quickly reduced the number of vehicles with torn seams in the seat to 0.3 out of 100 from seven per 100.

    But results-oriented Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn won't be happy until he sees Nissan ranked much higher in the next J.D. Power survey.
  • >>Now if Nissan would increase the GVWR of the truck and maybe come out with a 3/4 ton version and a diesel they'd be doing pretty good.<<

    Ironic for you to be saying this after chiding me on the impractical side of 3/4 ton diesels.

    Seems appropriate when seeking objective comments on the Titan, to henceforth disregard yours as cheerleading.
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Ya lost me, lol. For us a 3/4 ton diesel didn't make sense at the time, but that was before we learned all about GVWR/GCWR/tongue weight and all that fun stuff. Our other truck is a 1 ton V10 that is used for busness.

    The Titan will work fine, we just have to watch the weights. I will eventually move up because we want a 5th wheel travel trailer. For starters we are going to go with a small used travel trailer and Mr Tidy (my daughter's name for the Titan) will do just fine and still get better fuel economy than our V10.
  • scott174scott174 Posts: 74
    Nissan has posted a TSB for the lousy radio reception. Go to the website. It basically calls for replacement of the head unit from PANASONIC.(Thought it said BOSE on it) Hope this helps!!
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Ya know a titan weighs in at 5300 lbs.
    A 2500 HD x-cab weighs about the same !
    My old 01 2500 LD xcab weighed in at 4900.
    Seems to me to already be a 3/4 ton in sheeps clothing.............

    I think they call it a 1/2 ton for some marketing savvy. Most hp, more trailer towing ability, etc. compared to the "other" 1/2 ton trucks out there.
    Prob. didn't want to follow toyotas folly with its 7/8 size 1/2 ton.

    OPINIONS ?????
  • GVWR = CurbWeight + Payload

    Looking over the specs I have, the Titan SE King Cab 4x4 is 6550 GVWR, 1508 payload (includes passengers), curb weight 5042, towing 9500.

    The 2500HD in the same configuration is 9200 GVWR, 3646 payload (includes passengers), curb weight 5554, towing 15,700.

    A really salient (although obscure) specification is found inside the drivers side door jamb on the certification label for RGAWR (Rear Gross Axle Weight Rating), basically an indicator of how much tongue weight can be accommodated on the hitch.

    The curb weight by itself isn't too illustrative, until you consider the ratio of payload to curb weight. For that, the 3/4 to 1 ton formula nets you beefier springs, stronger (floating axles), beefier driveline, more rigid frame, yada..yada. Exactly why they are bouncier and less fun to drive when empty.

    Now for the opinion:

    Seems to me Titan is more of a 1/2 ton in wolfs clothing...nothing to take offense at, but you would only be fooling yourself if you chose to believe otherwise and put that belief to the actual test with 1200 lbs of tongue weight on the hitch, a 12,000 lb travel trailer, and head up Grand Targee Pass.

    In all honesty, many things about the Titan I find nearly irresistable, way more fun to drive, a more practical daily driver.

    Most of the time I don't need 3600 lbs payload, or 15,000 lbs towing, or 4x4 drive systems.

    But when you do need it, you NEED it!

    That's my $0.02, no hype, no sugar coating. Titan is the 1/2 ton model I would choose (and wish I could make do with), has some room for minor improvement in the initial quality, radio most notably, and could use better shock placement in rear a la Tundra for off-roading.

    But Nissan definitely got it right avoiding the small-truck identity crisis, put in a GREAT engine and 5 spd automatic, and got it right in the engine details, silent chain driven cams, 32 valves, aluminum block. Nissan knows how to design engines.
  • boomer1bboomer1b Posts: 348
    Good post!
     Still looking for a old reg. to one of my old 1/2 ton ex-cabs for dry weight #s.
  • mikeomikeo Posts: 5
    my LE 4x4 with big tow and ranchos rides just as comfy and tight as the 02 Tundra I traded for it .. only exception is older slab pavement, where it hops noticeably.

    Have the common RF radio-fade complaint as well, but XM satellite is so much superior that we don't really care.

    Experience has taught me that excess tonque weight wears shocks rapidly, so trailer axle placement in relation to the trailer midpoint is a crucial consideration.
  • Read my other post on the QX56. If you think it is too wordy, read the bottom with the link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority.

    If you are experiance the same problem be sure to post a complaint on their web site.

    yamamoto "Infiniti QX56" Aug 10, 2004 10:56am
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    Of this problem. Thankfully my Titan doesn't seem to have it. My son can sit in the pass side seat and the airbag light goes out. He's 5' and 90 lbs. I've never had an issue with the airbag sensor at all.

    My Titan is 2 mos old with almost 8k miles on it. Other than a pesky driver's side window its been a great truck.
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