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Toyota Camry 2005 Facelift



  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    No, I dont think the manual figures are a misprint, and yes, the improved MPG figures are due to the 5 speed auto. The two transmissions (the 5M and 5A) are geared differently, which accounts for the slight difference in economy for the 4 cyl. 5M vs the 4 5A.

    Side airbags and curtains have been offered since 2002, with or without moonroof, so thats not really a change. I have a friend whose parents purchased a 2003 XLE off the lot w/ curtains but no moonroof, for example.

    Did you purchase?
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    The EPA tests favor automatics, so a very efficient automatic can best a manual there, but probably won't in real driving. Still - that 34 ties the Accord.
  • xxonxxon Member Posts: 13
    Thanks for the info. No I didn't buy, but I was impressed. I don't know if it was my imagination or not, but the vehicle looked more sporty than the 2004. Up to this point, I was only considering the Accord or the Passat TDI which are in the same size class, but had better gas mileage (the Passat TDI is in too short supply to make it affordable, however). Now, the Camry is giving them a good run for the money.
  • lenscaplenscap Member Posts: 854
    "Actually, the only Lexus that had the floating effect due to markings being projected onto the dashboard was the 1990-1992 LS400."

    Didn't the 1993-94 LS400 also have the "floating" gauges like the 1990-92? My grandfather had both a 1990 and a 1993 and I could swear they had the same gauges (but I may be wrong).
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    I took a brief spin in a 2005 Camry LE 5A yesterday, lasting about 7 miles.

    -The new instrumentation is very impressive and much better looking than the outgoing presentation.

    -The 5A is very responsive and the car felt fairly strong. But, in the ranges in which I tested it (nailed the go pedal from a start, from 30 to 50, and from 45 to 65), it felt about the same as the 2004. I was hoping it would feel a bit stronger. However, it should be noted that the version I drove was very green, with but 11 miles on the odometer, and was also PZEV, while our 2002 is ULEV.

    -The black trim that surrounds the center stack is unfortunate and cheap looking, and offsets the upscale and pleasant change to chrome-looking door handles.

  • bklynguybklynguy Member Posts: 275
    is the black trim exclusive to the LE (not the XLE) ? We plan to take a spin in the 05 XLE & LE V6 this week (if time allows).
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    Were LE 4 cylinders.

    One thing I forgot: I like the new grille of the 2005 Camrys, but the the taillights have yet to grow on me. I still the Lunar Mist Metallic is a terrible color on this car. The new wheel covers are more attractive than the old Standard/LE ones, as well.

  • bklynguybklynguy Member Posts: 275
    yeah Alpha, I'm not crazy about the silver (or white for that matter). I'm not sure about the new color, mineral green. Based on the RX 300 which used to come in that color, it looks silver-gray with a hint of green. Red still appears to be No.1 on our list.
  • mbt1mbt1 Member Posts: 33
    Why have the Camry's crash test results gotten worse? I'm surprised that a large company like Toyota has not done more safety-wise to its bread and butter car, espcially when the Accord trounces it in both frontal and side crash results.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Member Posts: 1,289
    I believe in 93 they switched the gauges that got rid of the 3D effect. But I could be wrong. But they did definately get rid of it for 1995 and no other Lexus had that 3D effect.
  • maxhonda99maxhonda99 Member Posts: 1,289
    The Accord trouces the Camry in frontal and side crash results?

    I don't know. I checked out www.iihs.org's site and both cars are best picks.
  • eddieeeddiee Member Posts: 25
    The difference in side crash results is whether side and side curtain airbags are used (GY package).
    Both the Accord and Camry have poor side ratings without side and side curtain airbags but both have good (highest rating) with the side and side curtain airbags.
    Because of the incentives we were getting a 2004 SE at invoice (minus the $1250) but backed out after reading the side crash ratings. The dealer only had XLE's with the side and side curtain bags.
    We ended up ordering a 2005 SE with the GY package at Invoice.
    The dealer is Autofair in Manchester NH.
    They had the best deals when I was getting a 2002 Highlander.
  • dolphindolphin Member Posts: 71
    Trying to decide between an XLE 4 or XLE-V6...would love to hear people's views. Just rented a Camry 4, and while it did get to where you needed to be, I felt the V6 i test drove was incredibly smooth with power right THERE!
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    Get the V6. Id recommend the SE V6, which is more powerful and the best looking Camry, though you might want to pay attention to the tire choice (the 17 inch tires are low profile performance treads that wear quickly. go for the 16s if that type of use isnt in your budget).

  • 99tcamry99tcamry Member Posts: 15
    I saw the 2005 Camry today. I really liked the new front to it. I even liked the new tail lights. I thought that it broke up the "big look" of the back. The steering colomn looked new and I think that adding that middle headrest in the back was a great move.
  • bklynguybklynguy Member Posts: 275
    I noticed on the Toyota website that 15" tires are standard for the LE V6. Can you upgrade to 16" tires ? Are fog lights available for the LE V6 ?
  • fredvhfredvh Member Posts: 857
    Is the 5-speed auto transmission in the 2005 I4 Camry the same as they are using in the ES330? I have heard of numerous shifting complaints in the ES300 and ES330. Any opinions?
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    ...is that you should drive it for yourself. I can tell you that the Camry V6 shares the transmission from the ES series, though Im not sure if its the same transmission in the 4s. Sorry I couldnt help you out more. I thought the transmission peformed very well, kicking down quickly, during my brief test drive.

  • bklynguybklynguy Member Posts: 275
    if the V6/5-Speed combo still has a problem, maybe Toyota solved it with new programming since there doesn't seem to be a problem with the I4 ?
  • dolphindolphin Member Posts: 71
    Only problem with the SE is you can't get the auto climate control, and I am not sure if you can get the steering wheel audio controls. If they gave you the chance to put all the bells and whistles on, the SE would definetly be the way to go.

    I was not sure about the 4 vs 6 since the car I rented did not have the 5 speed auto in it...
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    2005s have steering wheel audio controls, including the Standard grade. Auto climate control is far from a deal breaker, if you ask me, but I agree- its the only feature/content issue that the SE faces.

  • 307web307web Member Posts: 1,033
    If I were to get one I would probably lean towards an XLE or SE with few options partly because the the LE is so generic, they are almost a commodity like pork bellies. Hertz buys Camry LEs by the trainload.
    XLEs and SEs are hardly "rare," but at least you won't see a dozen exactly the same in the same row of the parking lot.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    is starting to buy the Standard edition, fwiw, but I agree on your point regarding the SE and XLE. The XLE has a good deal of the market share in NJ, though, be it 4 or V6, I feel that a lot more Camrys this generation are XLEs.

  • carman123carman123 Member Posts: 71
    My problem with the SE is that the sunroof is mandatory and I don't have enough headroom. I want the more powerful 3.3L engine but it is only available in the SE. It seems that nobody makes the perfect car. I might be forced to consider the Accord LX V-6 (I don't fit in the EX due to lack of headroom from the mandatory moonroof) even though it has ugly exterior styling.
    I don't understand why Toyota continues to build the old 3.0L when they put the newer and much torquier 3.3 in so many other vehicles: Sienna, Highlander, Camry SE, ES330, RX330. Wouldn't it be more cost effective to kill the 3.0, especially if it's built on a different assembly line?
  • cam2003cam2003 Member Posts: 131
    Just a quick look through brochure for 2005 models, there is no XLE I4 is offered in Canada. I guess they could not sell many XLEs ...
    Not sure that I like the new gauges, too generic.
    The old design was quite different from anyone else: temperature gauge inside tach, gas gauge inside speedometer.
    There is an A+ for new grill, it removes round feeling of the hood
  • dolphindolphin Member Posts: 71
    The 3.3 is available in the XLE. I am 6'1" and had enough head room with the sunroof...
  • dolphindolphin Member Posts: 71
    well then the sales guy here in Brandon FL doesn't know anything about these vehicles....not a small leap there! cannot get a brochure here yet, and the online one did not mention the audio controls on the SE.
  • carman123carman123 Member Posts: 71
    The 3.3 is available with the XLE? I hope you are correct, but toyota's website and my dealer say no. Will it be a late availability?
  • 307web307web Member Posts: 1,033
    The 3.3 is on the SE only as shown on the Toyota web site and you can see by going to any Toyota dealership in the US.
  • dolphindolphin Member Posts: 71
    Well, the sales guy opened the hood and there it was...3.3
  • bklynguybklynguy Member Posts: 275
    there was a 3.3L V6 in the XLE you saw ??? I thought Toyota would switch to the 3.3 later in the 05 model year with the LE/XLE (as soon as they ran out of the 3.0). If we decide to purchase the V6, I want to make sure we get the 3.3L if its available on the LE/XLE.

    As Alpha stated above, I don't believe climate control is a deal-breaker, but its nice to have if you can get it.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    I am 99% SURE the XLE does NOT have the 3.3L engine. Id have to see it with my own eyes to beleive it, in fact. Toyota mentioned nothing of a switch in their official press release.

  • 307web307web Member Posts: 1,033
    They may have been really been looking at an SE or there was a massive mistake at the Toyota factory either with the actual engine or just the engine cover labeled "3.3L."
  • lena132lena132 Member Posts: 56
    I saw a new Camry today and I really liked the grill. What was funny was that for some odd reason, we had the 1st, 2nd, 3rd (me), 4th, and the 5th generation ('05) all in one lane. Talk about coincidence. Even some owners took notice. Then I had my Camry next to her '05 Camry and what a difference 10 years make. I feel old now.
  • bklynguybklynguy Member Posts: 275
    Its possible that a worker placed the wrong engine cover over the 3.0L engine (or the engine really is a 3.3L and the vehicle was released prematurely)
  • bernie3bernie3 Member Posts: 48
    A few weeks ago I did back to back test drives of a 2004 Camry LE & '04 Accord LX -- both automatics. The main difference, most people agree, is in the ride, with the Camry being a softer ride. I plan to buy the '05 Camry in the next couple of months. I've not driven an SE, but am told is has a sportier suspension. Is it closer to the Accord than the Camry LE in this regard?... Or perhaps firmer even than the Accord?
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    The suspension in the Camry SE is indeed much closer to that of the Accords, and offers greater surefootedness at the minimal cost (in my opinion) of a firmer, but not harsher, ride.
    IMO, the Camry SE 4 and V6 (equipped with a few options) compare favorably to the Accord EXs.

  • rutger3rutger3 Member Posts: 361
    From what i can see the 05 pluses are:
     - ABS standard, about time
     - 5 speed auto trans.,thank you Accord
     - 1 mpg better

    The misses are:
     - Side curtains still an option, not good, always seem to be one year behind Accord.
     - think they could have increased the mileage a bit more with a little extra tuning,and gone one up on the Accord.

    The unknowns:
     - will SE models be more available
     - will side curtains be more available
     - will incentives be needed
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    The MPG on the automatics is up from 23/32 to 24/34, which is one better city and two highway.

    Otherwise, nice assessment. There are a few other detail pluses that Im a big fan of, such as the center rear head restraint, the power lumbar support on LE grades (and up), and the new instrumentation and covered bin in center stack.

  • toycashtoycash Member Posts: 139
    Actually, power lumbar was added last year. The transmission on the 4-cyl is different from the 6-cyl. Steering wheel audio controls are standard across the board now, along with new steering wheel designs.

    I think the availability of VSC and TRAC on the 4-cyl. is a good change also.
  • rampedramped Member Posts: 358
    Do we really need another family sedan with these expensive 17" wheels and tires? I mean, how much high performance slaloming does Toyota think we are going to do in a 3,400 pound car?

    That and the new tailights are the only big complaints I have about the 05. Nice-looking car overall and much improved interior with the covered console. I agree that the side curtain airbags should be standard, but standard ABS is a nice step forward along with the 5spd auto transmission on the 4s.

    I've noticed that all of the salsa red Camrys in my region (Southeast) come with a fawn interior for 05, so I guess they dropped the charcoal interior option for that color.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    Im pretty sure Charcoal wasnt dropped on the Salsa Red SEs, and you dont HAVE to get 17 inch performance tires... 16 inchers are a no cost option. Do a little research before you unleash the negativity.....

  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Member Posts: 1,467
    I wish it had been out when I bought my Altima...I would have probably gotten a V6 SE...

    Those rims are HOT...
  • cam2003cam2003 Member Posts: 131
    The 16" or 15" wheels are not proportional to car. If you look side way, the 15/16 wheels are too small for car. I'm glad that Toyota finally offers 17" wheels. Do anyone know what branch of tires they used ? Since 215/55/17 is not common.
  • rampedramped Member Posts: 358
    I was expressing an opinion, just like you and everyone else. If you wish to take it as negativity, that is your perogative...If you re-read my post, you will see that overall I like the car.

    In the Southeast Region, 16" wheels are options but they are an additional $600 to $900 depending upon the wheel you select. The website shows stone cloth as an interior option, but every 05 Camry in Salsa Red I've seen either in Central Florida or on the way has a fawn interior. Perhaps the stone interiors will come later...It may be different in your region.
  • tcamrytcamry Member Posts: 1
    Hey Guys, I purchased a new 05 Camry LE 4 cyl the other day while looking for an 04 with the $1000
    rebate. The dealership only had 3 04's left, 2 silver, one white. They didn't seem to push the 04's. When I saw the new Ice Blue color, I knew that was the one for me. The salesperson and sales manager said they had just got it in that afternoon and several people had already looked at it but not driven it. I told them that I didn't need to drive it, I needed to purchase it! We negotiated a great deal. Now for a little while, I'll be the only one in town with an 05 ice blue LE. The interior is stone, a shade darker than my previous 03 lt. gray, a welcome change because it won't show dirt as bad, nor will it show lint as bad as the charcoal. So far no problems and the gas mileage is more than expected and I love those steering wheel audio controls. When my co-workers left from work the other day and saw the new Camry from afar, they thought I had purchased a Lexus ES 330.
  • stevgestevge Member Posts: 19
    How much was the OTD(out-the-door) price you paid for your new 2005 Camry LE? Does it have automatic transmission? Did you add any option? Thanks for your information!
  • caldreamin2caldreamin2 Member Posts: 10
    $18,583 OTD including tax & lic. for a 2005 Camry LE, mineral green with oak/tan interior. Beautiful car! Selling my 1999 Lexus GS 300 for this one - regular fuel, better mileage and very comfortable. And who can tell a Hyundai from a Mercedes anyway without the logo? Or a Camry from an ES 300? Can jumpstart my kids college fund with the savings from skipping that leather and fake woodgrain...
  • caldreamin2caldreamin2 Member Posts: 10
    BTW, it is an automatic with no options except the floor mats. Happy negotiating!
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