Just bought 88 DeVille 4.5 liter

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Hey i just bought a caddy deville and its got only 160k miles.... Got it for only 500$ needs a valve cover oil seal, what is that?? It does run good but whats this seal i need? Ive put liquid oil additive called restore and topped oil of plus put Gumout complete fuel system cleaner in it... Whats the catch?? Runs great no knocking or anything.. There was sludge on the engine alittle and like acorns lol where it sat for awhile but everything works... Whats the catch.. Payed 500$ like i said they wanted 650 though... Somebody tell me about this car and info on the engine... Thank you very much


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    That's probably a "valve cover gasket". Usually they come in sets for the V8.

    The Cadillac 4.5L V8 is an improved designed of the HT4100. It can be a very good engine but like its 4.1L brother, it is prone to head gasket and intake manifold gasket failure. The cooling system on these engines must be kept very clean, with coolant flushing and freshening every two years at least.

    The weakest point on your car is the transmission, which does not have a very good reliability record.

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    Thanks for the quick reply... I wanted to get a complete tuneup on her but its really high right?? No check engine light on no lights are on... My back left tail light is out unless i put my left turn signal on it will light up and stay on not blink.. So i ride with that on for now... What is that a fuse?? Or what?? How do i fix step by step
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    First thing I'd do is a safety check---tires, brakes, front end suspension---give them all a good look over and fix anything dangerous----, and then just drive it for a few thousand miles. Don't go putting lots of $$$ in until you see if the car has some good bones. The tail light sounds like a bad bulb or bad ground,
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    Checked all that is all good. Great power will shoot u to the back seat!! Is it fwd? Theres sludge on the engine like i said real thick black gunk... Should i be worried about that? It had like 1/3 of the oil it was suppost to have but i filled it.. Trannys good put it in 1st 2nd 3rd on the colume shifter and felt it change on command.. Fires up first turn.... Can i go to auto zone and plug it in to check everything? No check engine light though... Im new to cars im 24 this is my first!!!! Insurance is only 35 a month lol !!! What would a tune up run me?? Does it have two cadlliac converters??? Whats a good test of the engine?? Compression test? Lol im new im new!! Thank u man
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