Volkswagen Touareg Prices Paid

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  • califjohncalifjohn Member Posts: 101
    the V6 T-eggs are going for about $750 over invoice in the San Jose area and the V8's much closer to sticker. I am not familiar with United Buyers Service can you provide a link or more info? Many thanks and enjoy your ride!
  • okg0okg0 Member Posts: 7
    Sorry. UBS is only available through employee credit unions in the DC area.
  • califjohncalifjohn Member Posts: 101
    for the info. Too bad about UBS not being nationwide, but there is probably something similar out here, I will just have to check further.
  • imascotimascot Member Posts: 14
    Clifjohn numbers are approx the same up here in the northwest. Called and quickly came down to
    $1000 over invoice. I think shooting for the $500-$800 mark is a reasonable goal unless you get the occasional dealer one offs.
    I'm struggling to find a V6 + nav without a load of other options...

    Has anyone worked out what the VIN cut off number will be before the dealers start to mark up the $1200. I'm thinking it's going to be around the 42XXX number ? Thoughts?
  • elemintelemint Member Posts: 79
    I'm struggling to find a V6 + nav without a load of other options...

    I dont understand your prediciment... Just order what you want! It is not a piece of fruit. Or is it just that you do not want to wait for the factory to make it??? I hear people talk this way a lot. 'The dealer did not have the car i wanted" etc. Sorry, but it just keeps the ball in the dealers court which bothers me. You tell them what you want and they may even give you a very good deal on something on the lot. Either way you win. GL
  • cathyk1cathyk1 Member Posts: 8
    I just picked up my V6 Touareg on monday night. It's been 11 years since I bought a new car so excuse my ignorance question is, the car which was sold to me as brand new, had 500 miles on the odomoter already. When my husband asked about this, the dealership said, "well we had to drive it up from Mass.". Should I have raised more of a stink about this? It's going back in on Monday due to a huge gash (5inches) in the back carpet under the seat, a paint chip and various other issues (that strange whistling noise that I've read about before). Any opinions on this??
  • elemintelemint Member Posts: 79
    Very fishy... My biggest worry would be that who ever drove the car did not give a darn and did not drive it as need for the break in period. 500 is NOT a new car.
  • imascotimascot Member Posts: 14
    elemint, This was more of comment than a complaint.
    I was looking for Blue silver with Nav. Dealer I spoke to done a great job researching (other locations), but they never had what I wanted and couldn't see any out there even in second color. I take that answer and move on or use it to my advantage in order to get the price down on something thats not my first/second choice (of color).
    As you say ordering automatically puts on the $1200 price increase + reduces my negotating power. I'm still looking into other states ..maybe the car (and the price) is out there somewhere !

    Thanks for the feedback ... good luck to all who are out there haggling at the moment :-)
    Keep the comments coming !
  • cathyk1cathyk1 Member Posts: 8
    That's what I figured too..I'm definitely going to speak w/the service person about this. Thanks.
  • fish8fish8 Member Posts: 2,282
    Unfortunately, It IS considered a new car even though you took ownership with 500 miles on the odo. If the car has not been titled to anyone the dealer can still call the Touareg "new". I am in agreement with you though, I would ask questions if the new Touareg I purchased had that many miles. You should of been notified that the car would have that many miles when you took ownership.

    I leased my current Jetta back in 2002 and they had to drive the car from another dealership which was about 200 miles away. BUT, they did tell me such.

    Many dealers sell cars that have been used for test drives as new vehicles.

    i think you your case, its the lack of dealer communication that is getting you upset.

    Good luck and enjoy your new ride!!
  • spockcatspockcat Member Posts: 100
    500 miles is extreme. Where do you live and where did the car come from. Sounds like the car may have been a demo or loaner from another dealer. You probably shouldn't have taken posession of it. Then you could have negoatiated a better deal right on the spot. Best would be to check with your local Motor Vehicle Department to see if they have laws covering this situation. At the very least, the dealer should be willing to provide you with some free services such as a couple of oil changes. The extra mileage is worth about $250 to $500 off the price of the car depending on your negoating skills.
  • elemintelemint Member Posts: 79
    Might want to get an extended warranty on the car. I against them 99% of the time but in a case like yours it "might" be something to consider. One last thing, dont worry! Enjoy your car and dont put any negitive energy into it.
  • cathyk1cathyk1 Member Posts: 8
    I was not told that the car would have that many miles on it or I would've told them to forget it. We figured the other dealer let someone take it for the weekend. I live in Maine and the car came from 150 miles that leaves 350 miles unaccounted for. I did ask when I picked it up & was told that it was due to bringing it up here (stupid me..I didn't look at the tag in the glovebox until a few days later to see where it had actually been). I'm going to definitely bring it up when I take it in on least it'll make me feel better to complain. Thanks for the tips.
  • knockoffknockoff Member Posts: 72
    Please give more info on how to contact Vik...
  • imascotimascot Member Posts: 14
    How about your cost?

  • davenowdavenow Member Posts: 171
    Looking to hear of anyone in New England has the V10 TDI, and if they could share their buying experience with the rest of us:)
  • quaddiesquaddies Member Posts: 7
    People hav mention approx 750$ above invoice. Is that the price out the door minus taxes and title? Does it include the destination charges etc?

  • fish8fish8 Member Posts: 2,282
    I don't think the V10tdi is available in teh states....
  • spockcatspockcat Member Posts: 100
    It isn't here yet but they are expected very soon. I think dealers already have VIN assignments and details. Prices were released over a month ago.
  • bigkittyfriendbigkittyfriend Member Posts: 2
    Just bought a venetian green v8 from Carter VW in Seattle. I paid $1200 over invoice. Great experience with the dealership. All negotiations were done over the phone,internet and e-mail. When done, I just went and picked up the car. Most dealers did not want my business unless I was willing to pay $2500 over invoice!! Apparently the T-reg is a very hot commodity up here (how come I see so few on the road?). Beautiful rig.
  • walt28walt28 Member Posts: 4
    41,800 for Silver/Anthracite(BLK)Nav/Sound/ParkAssist Apparently "HOT" color combo
    which I'm semi-skeptical about. Dealer will look monday in neighboring states for match. This $$$ is for a pre Jan 1st vehicle. This seems like fair deal any comments??
  • imascotimascot Member Posts: 14
    Thanks for the feedback on your pricing.

    Discussed ordering with my dealer here in the NW to get the spec ( v6 + nav+ xenon)I'm after.
    No matter what I order he's giving me $500 over invoice, I think this is a good deal.
    Waiting on a delivery date from him at the moment.

  • walt28walt28 Member Posts: 4
    paid 42,150 for v-8 with nav/sound/xenon/park assis/rearspoiler Silver/anthracite.Very pleased after 1 day. I'm a little wary after reading all of the horror stories in these rooms. But so far is tight as a drum. Interior is great, ride is firm & smooth(same way I like my women), and acceleration is nice. For me it came down to the Touareg & the X5 because both exceed 6000lbs GVW.
    I'm ready for some snow !!!!!!!BTW 3.9% for 3 years. Will keep you posted.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Some posts slipped through the cracks this month without being noticed - as it says at the top of the page, please don't link to dealers or post names or contact information of individual salespeople. Otherwise we encourage shill posts.

    Posting dealer names and locations is fine. Thanks,

    Steve, Host
  • hawk94hawk94 Member Posts: 1
    Nav and Bi-Xenon, Shad Blue/anthracite, Pre-Jan List 44865, Paid 41350 + TTL Conv. fee, Meriden Connecticut.
  • 4x4buff4x4buff Member Posts: 12
    A dealer in Bay area sent me an e-mail for $1000 under invoice price for Touareg, I was not surprised.

    VW is also giving $500 rebate on Touaregs these days.

    Most buyers don't know about "dealer hold-back", a VW dealer makes at least $1000 for V8 even if he sells you AT invoice price because Touaregs don't last in dealer lots for long and the dealer pockets in the "maintenance fee" paid to them by VW.
    Some dealers don't even pass on factory rebates to the customers.

    So anybody who bought Touareg above Invoice price or even at invoice price for that matter got ripped off!

    Hope this helps potential buyers and make recent buyers go green! ;)
  • haireehairee Member Posts: 1
    I have seen numerous posts on the T-reg boards about 'ordering' a T-reg. However, both the dealers in my area give me the same story when I inquire about ordering. When I ask if I can order direct from the factory they say all they can do is 'locate' one with 'exactly' what I want. Which means all they are doing is searching a database of vehicles in stock at other dealers in their 'network' or region and they have had no luck it seems. Is this all that is possible with VW or is it just the dealers in my area? One reason a non-auto industry friend gave me was that they may only allow orders from dealers with a certain minimum 'Allocation'. Any insights or similar/opposite experiences would be appreciated.
  • imascotimascot Member Posts: 14
    I did have one on order ($500 over invoice) but I've decided to bail out ...I really wanted this to work but there are just too many horror stories and bad vibes for me at the moment. I'm stepping back from laying out this kind of money at the moment.
    I really hope VW get everything together on this
    model as I can see a future with the touareg, but at the moment it's just too risky.
    I would think another 6-9 months VW will everything ironed out from reliability to Customer service.

    Keep up the comments and happy motoring !
  • reslenderreslender Member Posts: 1
    bought touareg through at invoice. all done through email, car delivered through a dealer 20 miles away. perfect.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    But how much did you PAY? :-)

    tidester, host
  • wvujtwvujt Member Posts: 2
    Looked at the V8 yesterday it had all the extras. Sales managers demo. It has almost 3500 miles on it. What would be a good price for this car. Sticker over $49,000
  • bkpawsatbkpawsat Member Posts: 13
    I was on the Volkswagen lot of Manassas in VA. They had a $45,XXX V8 that they were selling for $40,XXX. About a $5000 discount from sticker. They aren't selling that well and VW may give the dealers some incentives. If you want one, wait to see what the deals are in Jun, Jul on the 04's
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Guess I should cross-post this in here:

    "For a long time, Volkswagen sought to stay on the sidelines of Detroit's so-called incentives war, stressing the product over "the deal."

    But with its US sales in steady decline, the German automaker is shifting gears and ratcheting up the rebates, free options and other sweeteners that US consumers have come to expect when they shop around for a new vehicle."

    Volkswagen abandons the high road, ratchets up the deals (Channel News Asia)

    Steve, Host
  • agwagonagwagon NJMember Posts: 11
    How did you know about the discount? Unusual to hear that kind of number without negotiation, or were you actually in discussions. Was it a demo vehicle?

    Not trying to be skeptical but sounds too good to be true, though I hope not because I'm considering buying one.
  • sigor11111sigor11111 Member Posts: 2
    It is absolutely true. I got mine for the same discount. 40205$ sticker, got it for 34900$. V6 with PPII, Sound I and Xenons. There must be some incentives in play.
  • panzerpanzer Member Posts: 125
    There must be an incentive out there. I purchased 3/31/04 and both dealers in Denver that had cars I was interested in would write an invoice deal plus $350 dealer handling. I got v6, ppII, air suspension, xenons, stereo upgrade, white with kristal for $37677 plus $350 DH plus tax. The car lists for $41,355. It was a pre price increase car with less than 20 miles on it, so I saved another $1,500 on the increase. I guess they were getting tired of looking at it. I love it. After 1000 miles, it is the best way to burn miles I can think of. I shopped for nearly a year and drove everything, with the Touareg, X3 and X5 always at the top of the list. In the end, the off-road ability, value and ride of the VW won my business, in spite of the over-the-top aggressive sales atmosphere at the VW dealer that I ended up doing business with. We'll see about reliability. The car was delivered perfect, with no defects that I can find.

    The throttle tip in just off idle is a little weird, but otherwise no complaints about the v6 and how it handles the mountains. It gets over 18 mpg cruising at 80mph. Cruises 90+ in utter silence. My drag racing days are over, and I dont tow, so I dont need the v8 or its lousy gas mileage. Premium gas is over $2 a gallon here. The way this thing is geared, I have no worries about jeep trails. I love the hard seats, and my wife will get used to them. Put the x5 seats in the car and they wont be able to keep the soccer mommies out of them.

    More later
  • czerczer Member Posts: 7
    Tell me what you think? I think I received a good deal on V6 Touareg. Base unit plus Xenon lights and Premium Sound for $300 under Invoice - $33,315. However, when I went to test drive it they had to jump the battery because "it was sitting for a while". After reading some posts tonight, I've learned that this is an ongoing problem. Here's the problem. With the key out, I hear Bass bursts from the speaker, so I think this might be the source that is sucking the battery? Is it? What is my next step? Plus having problems with Key FOB, the back hatch is testy any solutions. Thanks
  • agwagonagwagon NJMember Posts: 11
    Identical V8's, both pre-price hike; one brand new for $500 over invoice, one demo with 3,800 for $1,000 under invoice. Savings on the demo would be great and I don't mind that others have driven it but it's a low-VIN# car (under 3,XXX versus 27,XXX for the new). Will I have problems with the demo?
  • panzerpanzer Member Posts: 125
    I would lean in the direction of the new car. If you look at it from a standpoint of driving about 1000 miles per month, the demo has almost 4 months of use, and the difference of $1500 is only 2 monthly payments. Also, there are some mid-year enhancements like low middle headrest that came out with cars with something like 2x,xxx VIN numbers. For me, I would need more money off for the demo.
  • agwagonagwagon NJMember Posts: 11
    Went with the new vehicle referenced in message #48 above. Dealer with the new truck agreed to write an invoice deal once I told him about the competing demo, so I'm pretty happy. Shadow Blue V8 with nothing but bi-xenons for $38,400.
  • panzerpanzer Member Posts: 125
    I might have been all over a pre-increase, "stripped" V8 if there was one around when I bought. There were only a few pre-increase V8's around Denver in March, and they were loaded with Nav, etc., which brought them to at least mid-40k range. Instead, I got a loaded V6 (no nav) for $37.7K invoice plus $350 D&H and I'm a happy camper. You'll love your car.
  • bostonronbostonron Member Posts: 7
    V8 Touareg with onstar, bi-xenon headlamps,convenience pkg.,sound system I and winter pkg. Msrp $46,804.00 he will sell it for $ 40,000.00 brand new.Is this a good price for this time of year.I,m in the Boston area.
  • docjackson1docjackson1 Member Posts: 6
    bostonron-it is a very good deal.
  • panzerpanzer Member Posts: 125
    That's a smokin' deal for a new one. I figure that's close to $3k below invoice. There must be some more secret incentives in play this summer.
  • coppercopper Member Posts: 94
    Ron, Can you tell me the what dealer?

  • photoguy2photoguy2 Member Posts: 164
    Does this include the new $2,000 incentive for the V8?
  • golfgti201golfgti201 Member Posts: 12
    Touaregs have rebates? I didn't know this. Is VW trying to keep this secret, or is it just not available in CA? Is this both the V6 and V8 touaregs? I went to a VW dealership yesterday and they said they had $5,000 off on them, does this include the "rebate"?

  • rjlaerorjlaero Member Posts: 659
    Here in the Raleigh, NC area, A VW dealer was advertising The base model V6 T Regs at $29,999. Seems that getting 5K or so off sticker at this time of year shouldn't be a problem.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Member Posts: 164
    I'm in PA and two dealers both have sheets that say there is a $2,000 incentive for the V8 and $1,500 for the V6. In fact if you go to the VW website and look under current incentives you will find it there. So negotiate your deal and then ask for the $2,000 off of that. Of course they probably will say it's already in thier number... :)

    In response to the Raliegh dealer... if it includes the current incentive I'm not sure it's a great deal. It would be about like a $500 over invoice deal less the $2,000 of course.
  • thumper1221thumper1221 Member Posts: 28
    The V6 rims are not as pleasing to the eye as the V8 rims. Has anyone purchased a V6 T-Reg and requested alternative rims? Can this be negotiated at no cost?
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