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Volkswagen Touareg Prices Paid



  • In Southern California, I was quoted the following deals: $1500 below invoice and $5100 off MSRP. Both of these were on cash deals or deals not financed with special VW financing rates. The best deal depends on which model you are looking at. The base model Touareg at $1500 off invoice would be $31467.
  • jiii267jiii267 Posts: 4

    Does anyone have an opinion about the lease special on the site for the V6 T-Reg? Is it a fair deal for a lease? Here are the specifics of the offer...thanks.

    2004 Touareg V6
    42-month lease
    $3,874.00 due at signing
    (plus license, tax and dealer fees)
    $4,099.00 due at signing for
    New York State residents.
    Includes difference in acquisition fee.
    (plus tax, license, options and dealer fees)
    Or, see your local VW dealer for one of the many other great lease deals available.

    *US cars only. $399 first month's payment, $2,500 down payment, and $400 refundable security deposit and $575 acquisition fee due at lease inception. Monthly payments total $16,758.00. MSRP of $36,665 for a 2004 Touareg V6 with 6-speed automatic Tiptronic transmission. Closed-end lease offered to highest qualified customers by Volkswagen Credit through participating dealers. Supplies limited. Offer ends August 31, 2004. Requires dealer contribution of $1,400, which could affect final negotiated transaction. Lessee responsible for insurance. At lease end lessees responsible for $0.15/mile over 42,000 miles for damage and excessive wear. Additional charges may apply at lease end. Purchase option at lease end for $17,599. Dealer sets actual prices. See your Volkswagen dealer for details.
  • loumloum Posts: 7
    Not a great deal at all!
    Lets assume that you are getting this car at invoice of $33,665. The interest rate you will be paying over 42 months is about 3.75% when you should be looking at an interest rate close to 1.75%.
  • pablo_lpablo_l Posts: 491
    We do own a '99 ML320 that is in very good condition, and we're among the fortunate people that have had a totally trouble-free experience with the MB. Nevertheless, since the 50k mile service bill was to be about $2,000, my wife and I decided that maybe the time was ripe to put the money into something else. Especially since we liked the Touareg. In fact, even though it would be my wife's car, I like the Touareg a *lot*, and wanted one. So we went to a dealer to test drive one, and willing to make up our minds very quickly. We loved the interior of the car, liked the exterior, and were thrilled by the solid way it drove (we wanted a loaded V6). After that, though, it all went down the drain shopping experience wise. despite the fact I told the sales guy that I had to do some Internet research on invoice price and such, they had us endure en embarrassingly cheapish pitch, and they felt compelled to unnecessarily give us an initial offer (MSRP! They had tried to actually mark up the car, claiming that the great tests in magazines justified that) and a leasing offer that upon getting home I saw was terrible.

    VW has to get their act together if they intend to even remotely compete against the likes of Mercedes or BMW in shopping experience. You do not push a Touareg like you push a used Golf. You are not selling to people whose overriding concern is "how good" the monthly payment looks. It insulted our intelligence, wasted our time, and in the end confirmed my wife's snobbish suspicion that VW as a brand represents a step down from her current ownership experience.

    Alas, the Touareg was not to be, and thus does not figure in our plans. It is a wonderful car. But seems to be sold in the entirely wrong dealership by salespeople unqualified in the art of selling a more upscale car.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    Your experience is similar to mine. We have a variety of VW dealers in Denver, all with the same mentality to varying degrees. I ended up buying my Touareg from one of the most tacky dealers for three reasons. He had exactly the car I wanted, he was closest to my house, and I had a backup car at another dealer farther away that was almost as well equipped, on which I had a firm offer at invoice plus $350 (this was before the rebate).

    I just stuck to my guns and got the invoice deal from the close dealer on the last day of the month. Plan on 4 to 6 hours of nose hair pulling, double teaming, triple teaming, F&I, etc before you drive home. I knew for a fact that the car I wanted had been on his lot for at least 4 months. It's too bad there had to be so much chicken dung spread around. I dont see why we couldnt have come to a deal in about 10 minutes, wrapped up the paperwork and F&I in another 30 minutes and out the door. They just dont realize there are a lot of people out there that are operating businesses that are at least as big as theirs and wouldnt dream of putting their customer through all that crap.

    Oh, and by the way, when you take it in for the inevitable issues, they will treat you like you are the first one with the problem, they've never heard of it, or you're crazy. Things change when you expose them to a list of Technical Service Bulletins for the car, which of course they're familiar with. It's amazing the games they try.

    Why did I buy the car? I love it. There is nothing else like it. I knew I was getting a first year car and so far, the pain has been worth the gain.
  • mmee1mmee1 Posts: 19
    I just want people to know, it's not all like this. I received a similar, though not as bad, experience from the dealer closest to my home. So I left. I drove 30 minutes away to the next dealer and had, and continue to have, the best possible experience.

    They had the car I wanted. I told them a price that was reasonable but not the lowest I've scene here. They said "no problem, we can do it for that". And that was it. Deal done.

    Service has been incredible. Just got back from my 10,000 mile service. When I arrived, they offered a loaner. When I said I could wait, they put a rush on the work. They said it would take three hours and in 2 hours and 59 minutes they pulled up with my Touareg, washed. I waited in their leather chairs in the waiting area watching the Olympics. I left with a rose as a thank you for my business. Incredible.

    I'm sure it is frustrating for the good VW dealerships to see posts about how bad all VW dealers are. Some are bad, others are fantastic. Shop the service center more than the few bucks you may save on the purchase.

    Love my Touareg.
  • avery1avery1 Posts: 373
    Which dealer was this?
  • touaregtouareg Posts: 1
    I'm shopping around for a Touareg and I'm planning on making a purchase in a week or two. The lowest price I've seen is $31,750. I would appreciate feedback from recent Touareg buyers, prices for the V6 model, (if you added any options please specify).

  • mmee1mmee1 Posts: 19
    The dealer is Bob Lewis VW in San Jose, CA.

    To Touareg: If you are buying a Honda, shop for the absolute lowest price. If you are buying a Touareg, shop the service center. Buy from the best one.
  • I had a great buying experience at Boston Volkswagon. I bought the car 1o minutes,
    they offered me a loaner for service.I also got great deal over $7,000 off msrp. for a v8.
    It,s a great car
  • pablo_lpablo_l Posts: 491
    For what it is worth, our shopping experience was at Bob Lewis in SJ, too. If I ever go back there again, it will be having set up everything via the Web, and not allowing things to stray an inch from that. Don't do a drop in.
  • mmee1mmee1 Posts: 19
    You are right. I did most of my deal via email, but the "live" version was just as good. I can't speak for every salesperson there. But I can say the service people are great. You stand still in the service area for two seconds and someone comes up and asks, "Are you being helped?"
  • pattipatti Posts: 1
    Has anyone had experience with Classis VW/Orlando or Prestige VW/Melbourne, Florida
  • We are looking to buy a 2004 V6 Premium Package, and are really worried about resale value. We can buy the car at or below cost , and really low finance, possible 0% if still available. My biggest fear is that in 3 or 4 years this car is going to be worthless. I am tempted to just pay a little more and get a RX330. Any thoughts? Is 0% still avalable?
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    You can easily do research and find out that VW resale values are historically pretty bad and Lexus is near the top of the pack. So if you really plan on trading in 3-4 years, you would be much better off either leasing the VW or buying the Lexus.

    On the other hand, the RX330 is the closest thing to a minivan masquerading as an SUV as I've ever seen. We are seriously considering the GX470, which has decent capabilities, as well as the Touareg, XC90, etc. IMO, even the Honda Pilot is a more "serious" SUV than the RX330. The few RX330's in our immediate neighborhood sat parked during the 6"+ snowfalls we got in DC the last 1-2 years. But if it works for you, go for it.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    My sister lives out towards Winchester - I just got another horror story from her about VW service, but I'm not sure how much is the dealer and how much is my sister <g>.

    But from reading other dealer stories around Town Hall, it doesn't sound like there are a lot of great dealers (of any make) around DC.

    Steve, Host
  • hello, i was quoted a price for a base V6 touareg with xenon headlights and upgraded sound system for $32,500. This will include a lifetime loaner for service of the vehicle. It is a 2004, is this a good deal?
  • Hello,

    From what others are posting, that seems like a reasonable deal.

    Just out of curiosity, are you in the Chicago area? (I think I may have gotten a quote on the exact same car :-)
  • Stay away from the V-6 T-reg. Consumer Reports just tested one and they liked everything but the anemic acceleration. And if CR calls it slow, it's s-l-o-w!

    Disagree with statements about the poor resale value of VW in general. In fact the opposite is documented. In the wagon category, the Jetta TDI has the highest resale. In the SUV category, The Porsche Cayenne has the highest return - and we all know the T-reg is a first cousin to the Cayenne.
  • Does anyone know if VW is still offering 0% financing on the Touareg?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    They are offering 0% in my zip code for the gas models:

    Incentives and rebates

    Steve, Host
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    That price is good. Both options are worth it, in my opinion. I have the v6, xenons, stereo, air suspension and pp2. Took off the roof rack. The air suspension is cool, particularly if you go off road, but by no means is it necessary. The xenons are great outside the city, particularly for old man eyes. I would have been happier with the perforated leatherette, but in order to get power seats and a few other niceties, pp2 and leather had to be ordered. The leather is non perf'd and hot. In 10k miles, there are times that I wished it had a bit more power off the line, but I have never had embarassing or unsafe moments. Forget dicing through city traffic. Power on the highway is never a problem. The car cruises in complete comfort at whatever speed you like, including way over the speed limit. The v8 has no problem with accelleration. However, it uses much more gas and has a kind of touchy gas pedal. In our area, the only used Touaregs are V8's. Go figure. By the way, I operate at 5500 to 11000 feet of elevation. Average mileage so far is 18.3mpg.

    As far as resale, I'm not too worried. Overall, the truck is of very high quality and a treat to drive on any surface. What's a few thousand dollars if you are driving the car you really wanted? There is a price for driving something that does not appeal to the masses. I am not interested in an RX330. When it came out this winter, there were at least 6 in my immediate neighborhood within the month. They are perfect for people that are not car enthusiasts. Consumer Reports is for those people. I personally think they are a chicken doo doo organization. Look at their ganging up on Isuzu and Suzuki, but leaving Ford, GM and Chrysler alone on SUV rollovers. I don't believe there's any substantial difference in rollover propensity for any of those SUV's, circa 1995. I've driven them all and lived with many of them.
  • Stay away from the V-6 T-reg. Consumer Reports just tested one and they liked everything but the anemic acceleration.

    Are you nuts? There is not a car made today that does not have enough acceleration! Just another bogus upgrade to empty your wallet. In this day and age the V8 should not even be available. BTW all suvs should have diesels available with a tax rebate.
  • "Are you nuts?"
    Umm, I didn't write the article, Consumer Reports did - as I clearly stated.

    "There is not a car made today that does not have enough acceleration!"
    First off the T-reg is not a CAR, it is a 3 ton SUV. With what criteria is the rest of your statement based on? Your own?
    " In this day and age the V8 should not even be available." Maybe on your planet choices are not allowed, on this one we can actually choose what suits are needs the best! Amazing, huh?.

    "Just another bogus upgrade to empty your wallet" Another of your value judgments. This is a T-reg forum. If your worried about your wallet and tax rebates, you're in the wrong forum.
  • Was it "outdoor" price, including state tax and paperwork expenses?
  • Does anyone know what will be different with the 2005 Touareg?
  • I'm in the market for a Toureg like yours. Your price sounds good. Could you provide me with dealer name? Tks.
  • panzerpanzer Posts: 125
    As reported previously, I think VW is adding about 20hp to the v6 and bundling options together into 5 packages instead of allowing pick and choose.
  • Hi all,

    im looking to buy a v8, wondering if anyone has been able to get one for 3500 below invoice?

  • I'm debating between a 2005 Toureg V6 and 4 Runner. Any advise?
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