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Maserati Quattroporte 2005+



  • kackerkacker Posts: 9
    Not Invoice price, MSRP
  • Hey Kacker, congrats! And congrats again on getting a deal you like and instant delivery. My guess is you'll never regret this purchase for a moment. The car grows on me more than any car I've ever owned, hope its the same for you. Happy driving.

    Its exciting we're getting a pool of QP owners going. I've put a K-40 radar detector in mine, had a very cool and completely invisible lightweight hitch designed and installed (to haul our bikes on some road trips) and had the wheels chromed; so if I can share any advice in these areas let me know.

    I have researched and made an attempt to get an iPOD to play throught the fabulous sound system (without the downgrade in sound from FM Modulators) without success; so if anybody learns anything about this subject please let me know.

  • The car is a bit jerky in the auto mode. With respect to manual, however, a dream in downshifting; okay in upshifting. As for reliability, I have had poor luck. Got car 1 month ago: 1st week I drove. Second week dealer drove (over 200 miles! Engine malfunction light came on: dealer couldn't find fault in any wires). Third week I drove. Fourth week dealer had car. Called to say some broken part had been found as they were looking for prob wires. Wire not clearly found. Get car back today, but suspect it will be back in. Anyone else have this problem? Next steps? Thanks in advance.
  • kackerkacker Posts: 9
    Hey Ken. Thanks buddy! I am really excited about it. I pick it up on Monday. Can't wait to get behind one of my own. I am sure you're right and it will grow on me as I learn to drive it. I was reading that Maserati has a driving and racing course in Italy. It sounds like fun. Do you know anything about it?

    I hope none of us have the reliability problems our friend here is having. Sorry to hear about your problems. I hope Maserati sorts them out soon.

    I have never had a radar in my cars, probably a foolish thing. How is your K-40 working out? Does it really do anything? I keep hearing about cops having radar detectors turned off and turning them on at the last minute to catch you. Tell me about this invisible lightweight hitch, sounds very practical. I don't really bike much, but it may come in handy to haul some other lightweight stuff once in a while.

    I was gonna check out some rims. I'll keep you posted on what I find. How do you like yours now that you have them chromed. Do you have the 18" or 19" wheels?Can you send me some pictures if its not too much on an inconvenince? My email is

    Ken, how fast have you gone in this beauty?!?!

    Rajan (that's my first name)
  • Rajan, I'll be thinking about you on Monday - enjoy.
    Regarding the K-40. I'm very happy with it; I'm sure I has saved me from a ticket or two already. Also part of the deal is that they will pay for any tickets; should you get one. It is true that some police use laser based systems which are instant. Part of the K-40 system I had installed is a laser diffuser system that constantly broadcasts a diffusing beam to disrupt the reading. Not sure if it works but I feel better about it anyhow. The radar portion has front and rear detectors and the lights that go off indicate whether the police are in front of your or behind. The installation is slick; nothing visible. I paid about $1400 for the installed system.

    Regarding the bike rack. I don't plan to use the Maser for carrying bikes much; but my wife and I like road trips in the Maser and some of our favorite destinations are great bike areas. THis installation is mounted behind the rear bumper with the hitch facing down; just above the lower rear bumper line; so it can't be seen. Then they made an L shaped extension that inserts into the hitch to create another hitch connection in the right place facing the right way. Its all just perfect.

    I have 19" wheels as part of the sport package. I saw a QP at the dealer's whose wheels had been chrome plated and it looked great. I'm not much for chrome or bling on a car; but this looked subtle and classy.

    I'll email you some pictures when I get back home; I'm traveling right now. Send me a
    photo of yours or tell me about it. My email is

    I know there is a Maserati driving school available when you buy a Maserati but I don't know anything about it.

  • vk00vk00 Posts: 23

    There is a Maserati driving school, you can read more on It is available to everyone interested. The first course is in GT, and the second, more advanced, is in Trofeo. They do not offer Quattroporte so far.

    Ken, I spoke with the dealer about the climate control. They sent me some instructions to reset the climate system. I did that, but unfortunately it became cold here that day, so I cannot tell whether it helped. They offered to take the car and inspect everything, and I am going to do that next week.

  • Hey Rajan,
    Hows the QP; we gave you most of a week; now its time to here your impressions!
  • kackerkacker Posts: 9
    Hey Ken,
    I am in love with this car buddy!!
    I bought it in Chicago and drove it down to Charlotte, NC where I have a residence. It was an amazing experience. Will send you pictures soon.
    I did have a problem right away. The power stearing fluid was empty by the time I reached Charlotte. Got the car towed to the dealer and upon inspection they first felt the rack was leaking and I nearly flipped. I was going to sell it if that was the case, but it turned out to just be a washer. They fixed it and it was all good. Quite a scare.
    Then back to enjoying the car. Amazing drive and handling. I feel it handles better than my 911. What a car!! I'm practically living in it. I've got 1500 miles on it in a week. Still don't have a great hang of the auto gear shift and have the same AC problems as you guys. In fact the rear side vents don't even blow out any air. Gonna take it in to get checked.
    Its a dream and there is no other car on the road that I'd rather be driving.
    I have a 72 eldorado conv. in mint condition and I didn't think anything would get more looks than that, but this car beats everything. People keep stopping me and asking questions and giving compliments.
    Haven't driven it today and I can't wait!
  • kbrookingskbrookings Posts: 16
    Hey Rajan, congrats. Its very cool that you like it already, because it grows on you like no car I've ever owned.

    I've had a lot of nice cars, as it sounds as though you have. They sit in the garage ready to predictable perform nicely and predictably when called upon. But you're going to find that the QP calls to you whenever you're not driving it, sexy Italian voice, to come out and play.

    Looking forward to your pictures.

  • The slowness to respond (and fact that you have to forget about automatic and resign yourself to the fact that you will have to constantly set the temp and fan control manually) is probably caused by the fact that Maserati has used Bosch controls which look just like they were taken from the Mercedes S (and probably the last generation of it) like so many other things on the car.

    The other problem that I am having is that if I set the temp at anything higher than 62, I get so hot I can pass out.

    The dealer reset the ECU for the climate control (had to anyway, since the battery died mysteriously without any cause found) but this has not solved the problem.

    Other than that, and the fact that the center analog clock is 3 minutes fast and, according to Maserati, cant be fixed and a replacement clock could be worse, I love the car so far.

    P.S. Anyone have a source other than Maserati for a cargo net in the trunk?
  • kbrookingskbrookings Posts: 16
    Thanks for the info Jerry; sounds like we're all experience the same issues with the Heating and Cooling. Same with the clock for me. I can't figure out the satellite clock controls; sometimes it won't let me change time and the satellite clock choice is grayed out and I can't get it back. Other times its there and I can make it recalculate the time. Strange.

    Sorry can't help with the cargo net. I use two bungy cords criss crossed to hold cargo from sliding around; works suprising well. I also found a couple plastic storage cases (at Wal-Mart or somewhere like it) and put velcro on the bottom and they stay in place perfectly and are easy to move to a different location if need be. Works great for putting my camera and a few other things.
  • If you unclick the top button on the time set screen, you can manually set the clock for the instrument pod which will stay on time. Clicking it back on will allow the GPS to set the clock, but it has been explained to me that it will only reset itself in nav mode and then only when it wants to. Funny how Lexus has no problem with this, but then again Maserati wanted to use only Bosch/Blaupunkt which has a useless nav system without street names, etc., like on my father's Mercedes S500 (which is why I can recognize the poor controls, un-automatic A/C-heating system, etc). Would be nice if the beautiful analog clock everyone looks at could tell time accurately.

    PS - the cargo net from my Lexus LS 430 is the right height, but about 4 inches too wide, which makes for a looser, but still usable, fit. I'm trying to find something closer, while the Maserati dealer tries to get info re the availability and price of the OE net (if it exists).
  • vk00vk00 Posts: 23
    Hi everyone,

    I had the same problem with the analog clock: it was three minutes behind. They replaced it last week and now it is fine. They also checked and reset AC and found no faults. It is cold here in NY now, and the problem (if it is still there) does not reveal itself. Today it was sunny and 50 degrees. I felt comfortable with the AC set at 68, but when I got into the tunnel for 5 minutes, it became somewhat cold. I guess I will wait for a warm weather and then speak with the dealer again.

  • kbrookingskbrookings Posts: 16
    Thanks Jerry, but a problem I'm having is that the top button for the satellite time connection is grayed out most of the time and inactive. Every now and then its active and I can do as you suggested; but I can't seem to figure out what makes it go inactive or how to make it active again so I can select it. Those Italians!
  • foster1foster1 Posts: 17
    Here's my take on the Quattroporte: I ordered one in May, 2004. Estimated delivery: March or April, 2005. Around Christmas last year, I asked the dealer for an official confirmation and spec sheet, because they said my car was about to be built. When they furnished the form, they had raised the price about $20,000 (to around $125,000) and wanted me to sign a form saying I would pay any future sticker increase until the car actually was delivered.

    I extensively test drove the QP and liked it, but not that much. Didn't think it was worth $60,000 more than the equivalent supercharged Jaguar. I cancelled the contract and, after more test drives, bought an Audi A8. (Also tried a new Jaguar XJ-R, but thought it was too much like my 1995 XJ-R). The A8 screams precision; the interior is almost as nice as the Maserati; the engine looks and sounds fabulous; all the hi-tech gadgets work perfectly; it has height-adjustable air suspension, all wheel drive, and an all-aluminum chassis. Oh, and it cost half the price of the QP. The biggest advantage of the QP in my opinion is the extensive color and interior choices, but again for the price . . . Since I have several other cars (3 Jaguars and 2 Alfas), I may end up getting one in a few years when they have depreciated down to $30K!
  • kackerkacker Posts: 9
    Hi All,
    Still waiting for my car to arrive in LA after I shipped it from NC last week. It should be here in a couple of days. Can't wait to get it again. Separation anxiety guys!!
    Ken, I feel this car handles just as well if not better than my 911. It may have something to do with the weight distribution. I also enjoy the 80-120 on the highway a lot. Its a little rocket at that speed.
    A/C: Personally the best way to handle it that I have found is to leave it at fully automatic and just adjust the temp to where it blows the kind of temp you want. Works out great most of the time.
    Depreciation: I thought a lot about what foster 1 wrote prior to buying my car. Although I got it $10,000 under MSRP to begin with, that not withstanding, I still feel that the time to own this car is while its under warranty and not when the warranty is over. The bills will pile up fast and furious when the warranty is over. Also I have an acquaintance who works for Maserati marketing in Modena, Italy and he tells me that there are 2 other price increases scheduled for this year. This car will end up around $140,000 by sometime next year. Now, that may never happen, but within 4 months of launch, the car has already gone up $6,000, so I would think there is some credibility to this story. This person said that essentially they are selling a 4 door Ferrari (Modena sells for $180000 and this car is built by Ferrari, not Maserati) for $100,000 to enter the market and as already witnessed, they will quickly get the price up to what they feel is true market value. The problems have been minor and bigger problems have existed in more reliable cars such as BMW and Mercedes. To the point that I know first hand (confirmed by a BMW dealer) that the 7 series had a problem of stalling. In fact I know someone whose car stalled 5 times before they finally (supposedly) fixed it.
    I don't think this car is going to loose much money for the first year or two, but then it may and our friend here could get lucky and pick it up for $30,000 in a year.
    By the way, I love the new Alfas. How has your experience been with regards to maintenance?
    Have a great week all and happy driving!
  • soberjimsoberjim Posts: 1
    I just got a Neiman Marcus limited edition Quattroporte. This car was in the 2004 Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogue in the fantasy gifts section. There were only 60 made of this edition. The offering began at 12:00 noon and at 12:03 the orders had all been taken. In 34 minutes the deals were all done. The back up list in case any deals fell out was in the tens of thousands.It is the fastest that a Neiman Marcus edition has ever sold out. I don't think this is a harbinger of high depreciation of these cars.
    I got my car from Penski Wynn in Las Vegas the same week the new Wynn hotel opened and people were leaving their places in line to get into the hotel/casino to come over and admire this car. I had a gentleman in a carrera chase me down just to give me the thumbs up. People have come into businesses to ask who's car it is and to ask about the car. Ihave been told "that is the hottest car have ever seen and my husband drives a Ferrari"
    With all this reaction in one week I don't think that this car is gong to tank in the near future. I love the ride in this car, the handling, the acceleration and the overall sense I get when in it.
    I own a Corvette, a Cadillac XLR. a Tahoe and a Lexus. although each of those autos has their own niche the Maserati blows them all out of the water..
    I would buy another one tomorrow in a minute, as a matter of fact am trying to figure out how to get my hands on a MC12. That is my new dream and fantasy.
    I also would be happy to answer any questions I am able to.
    Thanks for reading this and I hope I was able to be of some assistance.
    Jim (a very happy man)
  • kbrookingskbrookings Posts: 16
    Hey Jim, congratulations!
    My QP isn't the NM Edition but has the same exterior color and interior mix except for the wood choice.
    We went to Modena to the factory to see more color and interior choice. There was one Burgandy with Ivory and burgandy stitching chrome wheels and a very cool grill. It was kind of hidden away and covered but they showed it to us. What we learned later was that this was the NM prototype and was used in the photography for NM. We loved the color package and ordered accordingly.
    I was in Las Vegas just a couple weeks ago with this car; maybe we'll pass on the strip sometime. Let me know if I can help you with anything with the car.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    in participating in a newly opened discussion High-End European Luxury Sedans ... come on over!
  • akuranaakurana Posts: 2
    Hi Rajan,

    How did you get this car 10k under sticker. I drove (and loved it) 3 QP's today and will probably end up buying one this week. Have you gotten used to the Auto shifting as yet? It seemed a little jerky to me. I am thinking of getting the one with the sports pacakge but am worried about stiffness resulting in loss of comfort. Your thoughts...

    Anyone using the phone (stock) or one with the blue tooth (after market) set up.

  • For what it's worth, our local dealer didn't recommend the sports package, didn't think it was worth the tradeoff. The 19" wheels do seem to be a bit of an improvement and comfort seems fine with excellent handling.

    The instructions concerning the phone show a convoluted setup, not at all as simple and direct as, say, a Mercedes S500 (one of the only good things about the car). Verizon doesnt want to touch the car to put in a Motorola bluetooth car kit, nor do I want them to, nor does the dealer recommend something hard wired which can cause screwed up signals to the 21 electronic control modules in the car which monitor things like electric current draw. I am about to try the Motorola Bluetooth phone with the separate wireless Bluetooth speaker; waiting for the speaker to come in. It would seem to be easily placed with velcro on any portion of the headliner or sun visor, and the velcro sticks directly without gluing backing piece. Will let you know if it works.

    The Auto shifting takes some getting used to but it is good to have the auto mode in bumper to bumper traffic, where you can't have any fun in the manual mode.
  • akuranaakurana Posts: 2
    I picked up a 05 QP with 4000 miles for 107,500 in Santa Barbara on Friday. It's a great ride but the car is with the dealer since yesterday. It refused to go into reverse, I got 15 or so errors. I'm pissed. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • Anyone have this problem? Gauge has gotten hotter intermittently, then today in traffic, got warning beeps and an engine coolant overheating message. Running the heater got it down, but it has to go in for service.
  • i had that on mine, but it seemed to correct itself
    on the other hand, i'm now on my third clutch ( after 7,000 miles ) and have just had a full new set of tyres
    .....and the phone has never been usable
    wonderful car all the same, though !
  • izeldisizeldis Posts: 3
    Just wanted to see if anyone (including Jerry) has had any problems with the Q's battery. I have an '05 with 700 it but the other day when I went to start didn't. I had to have it towed with the engine running. It's at the dealer now and they think the battery is fine. Has anyone had a similar problem?
  • Got the car as a demo with 4,000 miles on it. The first week, the car was dead. Towed on flatbed to the dealership, they checked it out, couldn't find anything that drained the battery (and they had the car for a few months when new and it had no problem)(and, by the way, with the battery dead, we couldnt figure out how to get into the locked trunk), but we have had no problem whatsoever since.

    As to the overheating, there was a loose connection from one of the two fans. No problem since fix.

    Have 7,700 miles on it now, no clutch problem or tire problem. We were told to expect to normally get 12-15,000 miles tops from the wide Z tires.
  • Adding to my last message, I did try the Motorola Bluetooth phone from Verizon with the separate wireless Bluetooth speaker which we placed easily with velcro on the headliner between the sun visor and windshield. Works very well, and looks a lot easier (and a couple thousand cheaper) than the OEM optional phone.
  • izeldisizeldis Posts: 3
    Thanks for the information...I think they are going to tell me they can't do a thing. I guess I'm just going to have to risk it for now.
  • poon1poon1 Posts: 1
    Ever notice how much more estute and beautiful the car does look when you are staring at it standing on the ground, while it sits high and mighty up on the back of a flatbed?
  • I'm hunting quattroporte. I've found service in vegas to be lousy- wynn won't even let you look at a car and I can't get a firm price from towbin on a used one that has already showed on ebay for too high with interior leather repairs- so I am wondering- anyone have any dealers within 250 miles that they are very happy with? also, since I finalized my decision the 2006 is now available. Does anyone know of any distinct differences between the two model years? I am assuming that this is the last ferrari year production...any word on what alfa intends to do? I've noticed that there are quite a few dealers (and owners) dumping 2005s on the market as of late- should I purchase a 2006 or should I wait until the used prices stabilize? It does appear that resale is going to take quite a hit in the next few weeks- I can't imagine all of the 2005 low mileages floating around will help much. There's a really beautiful 'new' 2005 in SLC, however. Any help/opinion would be most appreciated.
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