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    I have almost 2000 miles on the new 2007 Sport GT (with DuoSelect). Before that I had 2005 for just over 2 years. I noticed that shifting gear is slightly smoother on the 2007 model (both in sport and normal modes), but the difference is not drastic. I never had any problems with shifting to reverse, nor heard about anyone having them.

    I also did not have any problems with the paint. Though I keep the car in the garage at night, it is parked outside during the day, so it had a lot of rain/sun/snow exposure.
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    Hi Ken,

    I have been considering purchasing a used 2006 QP. I have been seeing them go for in the low $60k's..What are your thoughts of how reliable it should be? I live in Los Angeles so finding a dealer for service won't be a problem. I just worry that these L.A. dealers will really give it to you good for anything they do. Maybe there is a user group with inde repair shops.

    Thank you,
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    Yes, what is the deal with the great deals for '06 QP's. Some of these have extremely low mileage. Are these so unreliable that it is ridiculous to think that you're buying anything but a headache?
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    Does anyone know how I can get manufacturer information on what changes/upgrades may have been made to the original 2005 QP by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or by internal Maserati codes?

    I'm looking at a 2005 with 17K mi. It has new tires and will be due for a major service (I believe) at 18K. It does leak something (probably oil, not coolant).

    What kind of problems/costs should I expect, and is there a fix for the trans/clutch issue?

    Many thanks.
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    i am in the process of buying a 2005 quattroporte with 6,000 miles !! can i purchase an extended warranty through a maserati dealership , i am purchising it from a private seller and the warranty is up in ayear !! also what is exactly covered with the warranty? thanks for the help !! p.s. from what ive been reading i hope the clutch is covered !!
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    im also looking at an 2007 same color combo got the dealer down to 76000 with 11,000 miles !! decent price i guess considering the orig msrp !! i agree amazing color combo what do think of that price !! thanks
  • nickelrevnickelrev Member Posts: 5
    hey was wondering if you ever pulled the trigger on that 07 quattroporte i am looking at the same exact car preowned and wondering if you can give me any info since youve owned it !! pros and cons would be appreciated !! thanks !!!
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    Maserati Lottery ?

    Well, i did play on the Oneluckyeuro lottery (1 euro to get 1 Maserati).

    At the end of the day, it seams one of the best ways not to waste all my savings and yet, have chances to Get a Maserati GT !
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    Just purchased a pre-owned Maser Quattroporte. Pick it up tomorrow. Can't wait. Any driving tips for a first time owner? How does it run best? Also - any accessories that really make sense? Thanks.
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    I'd be mighty suspicious of a used car.

    Good luck.
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    Dear Maserati Enthusiast:

    I would love to know which dealer installed your clutch kit under warranty so I can take my car there. My dealer says it is a normal wearout part and expects me to pay for the repair which would be charged at $4,000.00.

    Please send me information to [email protected] ASAP. I would like to have evidence to approach Maserati and ask for equal treatment.

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    Just bought '05 QP and having transmission problems. Get "Transmission Failure" warning on display and causes a no start condition. Also when in Auto mode transmission not shifting into 6th gear at highway speeds. Thoughts or better yet any solutions. Is there new computer software or upgrade that might help with the electronic problems. Is the "upgrade" for the older boxes available in the USA and would it help my problem. Luxury Italian sedan that doesn't start is an expensive garage ornament. I love the car and would do just about anything for some reliability. Do not want to regret my decision to buy.
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    I am thinking about buying a 2005 Q for $40k that has 50k miles on it. would this be a costly (maintenance) mistake?

  • chalabyanchalabyan Member Posts: 2
    I'm having the same exact problem with my car! what was the reason for the transmission failure warning?
  • chalabyanchalabyan Member Posts: 2
    i'm having the same exact problem with my car! what ended up being the problem?
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    I like to know how sim card works, does it really work as Bluetooth build in ? please any one can help me with this?
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    yes its a high maintainence car and will cost you a lot to maintian. Believe me when you go for 75K mile service done will cost you $4000. I just spent.
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    On an '05, you have the duoselect transmission, yes? So was that $4k with a new clutch? Was that the first time you had to replace it? If so, that's really good. I've read the average is 40k miles.

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