Why is dealer buyout different from Ford buyout?

jbrewha74jbrewha74 Member Posts: 22
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My lease is up and I'm way under mileage, ran my car through KBB instant cash and it's almost 4K more then my buyout, which I printed out from my account. I took the KBB cash offer to a dealer just waiting for the shadiness, but they actually offered me 3200$ over what I thought was my buyout. Turns out the dealer called ford for the buyout, they told him to call the dealer I leased from and the dealer buyout was 2700 more. Anyone know how this is possible?

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  • carboy21carboy21 Member Posts: 760
    I have had two cars which were just 23-24 K miles at the end of a 36 k lease terms. I just bought out the lease and sold them to friends for a profit .
  • jbrewha74jbrewha74 Member Posts: 22
    My lease buyout is 28k so I can't take the money out from under my pillow to buy it out and sell. Although, it could sell privately for upwards of 35-36. Kbb instant cash was almost 32k, the participating dealer was close enough, 31.2k. I'm surprised I can't make money off of it.
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