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Residual numbers make sense?

popeye16popeye16 Member Posts: 1
edited January 2016 in Mazda
Proposal to lease 2016 Mazda AWD Grand Touring
Price $30,550 Residual $17584.50 36 months at $313 (all tax/fees included) with $3000. down - 12 k per year( which is really $396. per month adding in cash) and lease cash thrown in comes in at 57.56 % Make sense?
I noticed in previous question/answers the residual was higher when the 2016 model was first released in 2015. As model year ages does residual drop some for most models?
Arguing to put 0 $$ down and get roof rails/cross bars installed and they came back with $414. for 39 months - a differential of about $101. per month not to mention adding 3 months. Risk at 39 months of 3 months out of warranty?
Trying to get answer on 36 with 0 down but conveniently salesperson did not have that computed. What is best strategy on pricing in roof rack/cross bars at the dealer retail is about $650 installed by dealer?
Any help is offered with thanks.

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