replacement bumpers for the F350 Super Duty

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Hi everyone,
I am new to this, but my husband has been a member for a while and has found this site to be priceless!!

I have a question about getting something like the Ranch Hand replacement bumper for my new F350 SD. My hubby is wanting something that will stop a dear from crushing the front end of the truck and to give us something more sturdy for ranch work and such. Has anyone here put one on their truck? Positives/negatives? Is there another brand besides Ranch Hand that I should look into?

Thanks for looking!


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    another company. I believe they are call road armor. They look mean
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    Am going through the same process looking for a bumper that will stop a DEER . My brother hit one last year in Colorado. He had a big add-on and it saved the front end. I think the replacement bumper is the way to go, brother still had damage to his F-250. I looked at the ranchhand yesterday. It looks good ,but I want to research all I can before I spend any money. I found some other sites to check out. ARBUSA, , TJM products. I have been told you can put the ranchhand on yourself. We have a new F-350 coming next week and will start looking monday seriously.
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    seeing something online awhile back and a guy had a ranch hand bumper on his 2500 duramax. He hit a moose. What caused all the damage was him hitting a tree (side impact) after hitting the moose. Front end held up well
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    Catmandu, thank you for the sites! Interesting looking gear! Azrodeoqueen is my wife and we've been seeking improvements for her truck. Having a hard time finding nerf bars that are frame-mounted and not body-mounted... Ryanbab, where did you see that moose-hit? Would be interested in seeing those photos!
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