2007 Touring Prius 90k miles. Should I buy for my teen?

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2007 Touring Prius 90k miles Should I buy for my teen? $8000. Can a mechanic tell me if battery will last? Is this car safe for teens? Just want it to be safe a reliable. Appreciate any feedback.


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    I like 'em, and a new Prius is on my short list for buying this year.

    Not sure how you test the hybrid traction battery. They've been very reliable over the years.

    Some parents want the most iron around their kids that they can get. That generally means a SUV. With traction control, SUVs are less prone to rollover these days and they can be a good choice. A good friend of mine put his kiddo in the family's older Ford Explorer.

    If you want to stay in the sedan size, check this article and my NYT link in the comments.

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    I would have it inspected at a Toyota dealer. If anyone can tell you the condition of the battery, it would be them. I really have no clue on prices for a used Prius. I've heard they have both terrible and terrific resale value.

    Personally, I'd comb the used car ads where you live to see if you can get a feel for local prices on a used Prius. Or, plug in the car to Edmunds, KBB, TrueCar used price tools to see what they say.
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    If it checks out it would be a good buy. There might not be enough in your area for comparison shopping. I think SUVs in general are not suited for an inexperienced driver who tends to over correct in a difficult situation. A good safe sedan is better.
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    Assuming you can get a good feel about the battery, they are great cars otherwise. Probably a great car for a kid. Cheap to run, slow enough to keep out of trouble, safe and reliable.

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    Excellent choice for a teen. Slow, safe, zero creds with the "in" crowd, and a long history of outstanding reliability. Of course, have the car checked out, and look at any service records, if availab.e
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