'05 XB airbag light came on. crosseyedsusie

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I have an '05 XB and after 200,000 miles, the airbag light came on. Is there a trigger (like the maint. light) that i can turn this off? No modifications have been made to it. All i've honestly done to this car is a coupla coil packs and new tires. Its a great car. Is the light a dealer fix only? I've never been in an accident, all 275,000 miles are mine. Is there a "maintenance to the airbag" trigger? Please help! I finally figured out the VSC and check engine (evap-charcoal canister) and now this one light prevails.


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    No switch. A scanner can turn it off but it will come back on. Right now, if the light is on, your airbag will not activate in case of an accident, so keep that in mind. It isn't necessarily a big expense. It could also be triggered by a bad connection under the seats for instance, for the weight sensor, and in some cars, even a bad seat belt sensor. It's not a dealer only fix but air bag repair is not for amateurs. Any good repair shop should be able to track this down.
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