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2006 Dakota quad cab, v6, 4wd, 95k miles. I bought the truck with the following electrical issues...wipers, radio, turn signals, flashers, high beams, overhead display and horn don't work. everything else works. All fuses are good, all wires and harnesses look good. I just bought a used fuse box(PCM and TIPM), with30 day guarantee thankfully, but haven't had it reprogrammed(flashed) yet but after installing it the truck still has the same exact issues.
Do you think it just needs to be reprogrammed? Does anyone else have this problem and find a different solution? The truck is in great shape interior/ exterior, mechanical, electrical( minus the issues-all wires, connections, plugs, connections look good-no corrosion).
Stumped and looking for advise.


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    Not much one can say about this without having a complete wiring diagram to consult---to find out where and how these various malfunctions might connect in a logical diagnosis. Might be a good time to put a top notch scanner on this truck and see if the BCM is throwing any kind of code.
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    Other than the radio and the overhead console, all of the other systems that aren't working follow the same strategy. The switches are all inputs to the instrument cluster, which communicates the commands to the front control module via the high speed can data bus. The front control module then commands the outputs to those various systems.

    The over head console only has four wires. Power, ground, and bus communication.
    The radio needs to be diagnosed all by itself starting with powers and ground connections. It should be present on the high speed bus and capable of generating data and codes.
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