2008 Dodge Sprinter loss of power limp mode

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Was wondering if anyone else out there is having issues with limp mode and loss of power? What problems have you faced and what repairs did you have to make to solve the issues?
I've changed the hoses that were defective such as the one from the air filter to the turbocharger, the high pressure hose located in front of the driver side front tire, cleaned the EGR valve, change the fuel filter. Nothing I did fixed the problem.
Then I took it to the Dodge dealer who employs a Sprinter diesel mechanic and he diagnosed it this way... "Found code 2510 boost pressure regulator and 2527 EGR open. Found ABS dynamic sensor failed. EGR valve and EGR cooler temp sensor faulty. Found turbo faulty."
So, they think I need a total turbocharger replacement, replace EGR valve and do a desoot cleaning. Total job cost, nearly $7,800.00.
Right now I'm realizing a generic code of P0299, which is an over-boost. I was considering that maybe the diesel particulate filter might be restrictive, or a turbo resonator faulty? Before I decide to replace a turbocharger, I want to see if there are other issues I should check first. I'm not about to let a dealer take financial advantage of me with their exaggerated suggested repairs. I don't trust them.
Any advise is appreciated. Thanks! :-)


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    Did you happen to read the article written by Tom Robertson of A. Blair Enterprises? "the fatal flaw of Mercedes Benz sprinters". I did as I sit waiting at a dealership after being towed here this morning. My EGR valve was replaced last week. Van lost total power last night and will move inches as I press the pedal to tge floor. 142,000 miles for a 2008 model 2500 that I have had since purchasing new. I'm squirming in my seat waiting to hear what the service tech tells me.
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    My 2008 Dodge Sprinter only had 39,000 miles on it and it goes into limp mode .. When I start out in the AM it will run great until I turn it off to get fuel or any reason. When I start out it will sometimes go into Limp mode ..I simply fix it by pulling over and turning the motor off and re starting it and away I go for the remainder of the trip could be hours ...No trouble ..What ever is happening happends when I turn it off for the first time ..
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    My check engine light is on in the 2008 sprinter 3500 and I had it checked .. It runs fine has for many miles , but I have to live with these small quirks . I am told there is no warranty on the EGR so if that is what my problem is I have to suck it up . Then I'm not sure that will fix it ..
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    What codes are present?
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    PO 671 and PO 404
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    my 2008 has same problem. I have had turbo replaced, dpf cleaned , actuator, the pipe split underneath that was replaced towed again on monday for egr pipe replacemnt
    seems to be driving great until i get up to highway speed and then i feel it. Goes into limp mode and and has no pick up.
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    @Mattie , read my comment above concerning my experience.. Possible it may not have been your turbo, but rather it could be an air leak in the turbo system. If you hear a hissing sound when you excelerate, it could be one of two rubber hoses located on each end of the evaporater like unit across the front just behind the front bumper. Look up behind each front tires towards the bumper area and you'll see a radiator like hose, driver side shaped like an "S" trap, and the other shaped like a "P" trap.
    This turbo system is very touchy with sensors that detect every little function of the turbo system and puts it into limp mode if something is out of balance. My problem was never the turbo and never had to replace it. All the while it was air leaks in the turbo system.
    I've since traded off my Sprinter for the Ford Transit. My Sprinter was a headache and was glad to get rid of it. If I was you and could afford it, I'd get rid of it. They are a headache to deal with. Sorry about your issues. 😊
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    I have a 2008 Dodge Sprinter with 260,000 mile on it. Repairs costs, not maintenance costs, have been 18¢ per mile. I bought it new. At 800 miles it goes into limp mode and needed EGR replaced. Paint was 1 mill thick as measured with a Positector 6000 so it had to be painted again 2 years after i bought it. Side panels were rusted completely through, under the plastic and had to have maybe 10 patches welded in. I left the side panels off. Transmission had to be replaced at 90,000 miles. Service departments at 3 dealers were crooked saying they replaced something when they didn't, saying things were defective when they weren't, and charging a stupid high price. The dealer in Indiana, Pennsylvania was charging me $85.00 to change the cabin air filter--the air filter under the hood that slips in and out. A Freightliner service center in Altoona, PA told me the left rear shock absorber was leaking and needed replaced. If he had looked underneath at all, he would have seen there were 4 new Bilstein shocks there. The new Sprinters are worse. Stay away from them.
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