Confused over choosing used compact SUVs

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I'm looking to sell my 2011 Toyota Yaris and get a used compact SUV. I've been eyeing the Nissan Rogue for quite some time since I fell in love with it about 2 years ago when I drove it as a rental. But, I've noticed the Hyundai Santa Fe / Tuscon and the Kia Sportage / Sorrento as well. I'm not too inclined towards the Kia, but I'm not sure if the Hyundai is good enough.

I have considered the Honda CRV and the Toyota RAV4, but I'm looking for a decent priced (sub $17k, possible $18k) and low mileage used car.

I found two Nissan Rogues but I'm confused over which to get:

1) 2014 Nissan Rogue Select S - $15k, 27k miles
2) 2014 Nissan Rogue S - $17k, 25k miles

Obviously the Rogue Select S has the 2013 design, whereas the Rogue S has the redesigned 2014 look.

I'm also lost if I should be looking at other SUVs as well. Does anyone have recommendations?

And finally, what's the best advice for buying used cars in terms of mileage, price, and resell. Obviously the lower mileage, the better (which comes with a higher price), but is 25-27k miles a range I should be even looking at? I won't be selling the car in the next few years; but in the next 6-7 years, I see myself selling it just to buy a more premium car, something that I plan on keeping for a really long time.


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    Lots of choices, aren't there? You might like the Santa Fe, worth a about the Ford Escape? Have you tried one out?

    As for mileage to buy, ideally you'd like to get one with some warranty left on it.

    As for pricing, generally anything Honda or Toyota is going to cost you more---but with better resale further down the line.

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    Why buy used when you can get new on lease /loan ?
    New 2016 Hyundai Tuscon is excellent.
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    carboy21 said:

    Why buy used when you can get new on lease /loan ?
    New 2016 Hyundai Tuscon is excellent.

    Don't want to get it on a lease (I'd rather pay it off fully). And I'd rather save money and buy something used.
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    If you considered a small car but ended up buying something larger, a reporter wants to talk with you. Please email [email protected] by Friday, 2/5/16 with a few words about your decision including the make and model that you chose.
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