Rendezvous noises

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I have a 2002 Rendezvous with 127k miles that I bought new. I have a popping or creaking noise coming from the front on the driver side. I have replaced the struts with new quick strut which has new strut, coil spring and strut mount. replaced the lower control arm which came with new ball joint and bushings. I have checked the cradle bolts for tightness also. I replaced the transmission mount on the driver side of the car and also replaced both torque struts at front of engine and still have the noise. I hear it when shifting from park to drive or reverse and also hear it when going over certain types of bumps and when taking off from a dead stop. Any answers or ideas are greatly appreciates


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    You might want to get it on a lift (the kind that doesn't allow the wheels to hang) and shift back and forth (a bit risky, I know) while someone listens underneath.

    It's also possible to place a microphone in a suspect area and go for a road test, but not all repair shops have this equipment.

    Were the sway bar bushings checked? Are the CV joints original?

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