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2007 Chevrolet Avalanche



  • I would like to change my bulbs to Silverstars or PIAA lights, but can't figure out how to get the assembly out. Anyone try this yet?
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    Avalanche is, and I really like the design with the midgate, the vehicle is so large, and the rear gate seems to angle upwards and block almost all your rear view...

    It would be nice if, just like the Explorer is a downsized Expedition (altho Explorer was first, I know) I would like to see a downsized Avalanche about the size of a midsize, like the Explorer...I assume that the Avalanche is built on a full size Tahoe frame, maybe something just a little smaller, with the exact design they now have...maybe an 85% size model, and maybe take the shifter off the column like Ford finally did with the Explorer...

    I only use the Explorer as an example of the right size, not the right vehicle...
  • ahightowerahightower TXPosts: 539
    I think they called that the Envoy XUV, and they sold about 14 of 'em.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    doggone...I never knew that's what it was...thanks...
  • I think the Honda looks more like the Avalanche, seeing how the Av's shape was around first. And I have a relative who has a 02 Escalade EXT. when the 07 AV is right next to it, and the trunk beds are open, you can see the difference in depth. It appears to be deeper and taller. The 2"s I believe were lost in the engine bay. The front appears to be shorter.
  • emaleemale Posts: 1,380
    anybody know when the avalanche is gonna be available with the 6l v8? and will that motor have the new 6L80E tranny with it?? thanks,

  • Anyone having problems. Taking to dealer tomorrow. On Tuesday, during drive home from work, I had no problems or indications of a problem. On Wednesday, key thob would not unlock door. Other thob had same result. Opened with key and no alarm like it should have had. Key in ingnition and just a click. Put charger on it, only 3Vs on battery. Jumped with charger and it started. Let run awhile. Tested Alternator with no load and cAlternator tester read good. Tested with load and it said read bad. I live in AZ so almost always run under load with AC and Radio always on. It looks like a charging problems and we'll see tomorrow. Has anyone else had problems like this on the new 2007 Chevy Avalanches or other 2007 Chevy trucks with a similiar electrical system.

    Oh yeah, the darn thing is only thrree months old. I had a Tundra prior to this Av. I had the Tundra for 4 yearswith zero problems. The Tundra was the first time I strayed from American vehicles and I strayed becuase of quality and reliability problems like this. I took a chance this time and if the American dealer product are still unreliable, I will turn back forever to the Japanese.
  • Hmmm. I heard from my neighbor that someone had bought a new Tahoe and within a week had to have the battery replaced. Bad batch??? If so, I'm sure we'll be hearing more along these lines. Anyhow, for all your new 2007 Avalanche and other 2007 Chevy owners, keep an eye out for this problem. I took delivery in August. Problem surfaced on Nov 20th with 3000 miles.
  • kw5kwkw5kw Posts: 19
    I just really love my '07 Ave 3LT that replaced my '04 Ave Z66 that replaced my '02 Ave LS. It's the best of all three that I've had so far, and, by far, the most powerful. I had no problems in the mountains of Colorado this past September, or when I was pulling my 30' Travel Trailer from DFW to Amarillo a few weeks back.

    I bought it and then I ordered an '07 Impala LTZ because I wanted the 3.9 with active fuel management.

  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    an Avalanche in traffic, it seems to me that the view out the rear windshield is very limited, as the perspective looks like the tailgate (and the height of the rear bedwalls) stick way up, giving you no visibility when backing is that way when you are inside looking out???...I remember having poor visibility when backing up in my Intrepid and it drove me nuts, like a giant blind spot...all I could do was back up slowly and wait for someone to honk their horn...:):):)
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    That certainly was the case in the earlier models. I'm hoping it's been fixed by now.
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    It would be nice if, just like the Explorer is a downsized Expedition (altho Explorer was first, I know) I would like to see a downsized Avalanche about the size of a midsize, like the Explorer...

    The Honda Ridgeline is that size and style - although fugly to me....
  • The view out the back isn't as bad as I originally thought. I've found that minivans and SUVs generally seem worse than my Avalanche does to me. Of course I may just be getting used to it now.

    There's no doubt that it's hard to see things that are close because of the height of the tailgate / bed covers, but the side mirrors help quite a bit. It's definitely the reason I went with the LTZ- besides the nice interior, leather, and whatnot, the backup sensors and camera are terrific if you're not sure what's behind you or how close it is.
  • I have an 07 about a year old and have had a contiual problem such as you discribe. Originally it would not start a couple of months apart and I jumped the vehicle with difficulty and went on. The past 3 months I have come out to a dead vehicle almost exactly 1 month apart. They originally said bad pattery and replaced it, but have since had two failures to start . I am coming up on month number 4 so I will see what happens. I had a friend with an avalanche that had a similar problem and the correction was lack of proper grounding of the engine. The dealer says mine is grounded correctly and has gone through the diagnostics to no avail. Keep me us posted on dealer comments.
  • This problem has been posted on another forum with the fix that other owners have said fixed the problem. There is a TSB (Technical Services Bulletin) on the battery drain issue that requires "re-flashing" the memory. Tell your dealer (using those terms) to research this TSB and perform the services.

    And, remind him that your battery draining problem is NOT on your window sticker as a "Feature" or "Option" that you paid other words, fix it!
  • I have a 2007 LTZ Avalanche I have had nothing but problems with senors, alarms and dead batteries. Its always a gamble when I go to start my car in the morning, at least 2 times a week the battery be dead. Not having time to get it to the dealer I simply jumped it. Finally after a much overdue visit to the dealer, 31 "codes" were found wrong the battery and some modules were replaced. Again a week later the battery was dead and problem codes returned. I am a very busy person not having time to deal with the hassle I have just parked the damn thing. Prior to this model I owned a 05' Avalanche with out a single issue, I guess this is what you get for buying a new model year. My next truck will be a Toyota.
  • christalrychristalry Posts: 8
    The problem apparently has not been fixed. I purchased my 07 avalanche June of 07. It would not start at the time of purchase, but did when the dealer jumped it. I was told that it was dead because it sat on the lot for a long period of time. Well in Oct of 07 I went to start it and it was dead. I had it towed to a dealer who then jumped it but kept it over night for testing. Well apparently there was a recall for the battery drain issue and it was performed. Well this Sun. May 3, 08 I tried to start it and it was dead AGAIN. I jumped it and it started fine and has for the past 2 days. It is at the dealer right now and I'm sure that it is going to come back to me as saying nothing is wrong. Story of my life. Can anybody tell me if they have had trouble after the recall has been corrected? Thank you CLK
  • tapouttapout Posts: 2
    My 2007 avalanche with 12,000 miles I purchased brand new has now had

    1)a dead battery @ 8000 mi. reflashed ecm(3 times over two week period) and told problem fixed 11/07

    2)transmission blew apart car not movable @ 9500 mi. new trans. installed 12/07

    3)dead battery again,today 5/13/08 dealer has no clue what the hell is wrong now, will replace a few things and good luck sucker,see you later!

    I want out of this truck, it has left me sitting on the road 3 times now in the last 6 months.
  • christalrychristalry Posts: 8
    Hi could you post what it was that the dealer changed the last time your battery was dead? After I took mine in that last time for the battery drain--it of coarse came up with no error message. So I am trapped in a circle. If I have it towed there while it is dead they can't test it because it has no power. Well of coarse once they jump it, it will no longer have an error because it is now running. I AM SO OVER this truck.
    It is a shame that a customer can spend over 35K for a vehicle and the dealer won't do any research to find out what the problem is. I try to be brand loyal, but after this experience I will no longer be.
    The only thing I know with certainty is that it wll let me down again and the dealer will not know how to fix it.
  • They checked all relays related to the starter system, of course found nothing wrong. Also checked all grounding connections, including main ground. These also supposed ly ok, But since they "checked" all connections the vehicle has not died again. Good luck.
  • christalrychristalry Posts: 8
    Ok thank you for responding. Good luck to you as well!!
  • I too have a 2007 Avalanche with 30K and at 26K had a blown tranny, and have received error messages about the tire pressures intermittantly, and then they reset themselves when the car is turned off/on, or when the vehicle begins to move after a stop.

    The worst has been the battery issues. I have gone out to my truck on 4 occasions now, to find it won't start. The interior lights will still work, the radio will still work, the gauge lights and information come on, but it just clicks when you try to start it. Each time I have gotten a jump and it has started immediately.

    Like the other folks, I am tired of the towing crap and being stranded someplace, waiting for a jump on a vehicle that is fairly new and very expensive.

    Has anyone gotten anywhere with Chevy in regards to the problem or is the pat answer just to "live with it?"
  • Mine seems to have settled down after two things occured at the dealer. One they discounected the washer fluid heater due to the recall notice since replacement parts were not available. They also replaced the anti-theft swich/fuse that had a fault.

    I hope this helps
  • Oh let me just tell you--I posted to this site earlier in the year for this battery drain crap I think it was around May. Please see my previous posting.

    Well since May I have come out to a dead truck in June,July, November and today Dec. 6. In July I had to jump it so I could go home from work--the dealership was already closed. I called them the next day and told them what was going on AGAIN and I was told that since it is running fine now that no codes would appear and their was no point in bringing it in and suggested that I not jump it, but have it towed in so they could retrieve error codes. (I've been there and done that no codes ever appear whether I jump it or have it towed).
    I then wrote a letter to the dealership and opened a case with GM. A few days later I received a call and they wanted to look at the truck. Well they claimed they found loose terminals at the battery and the starter. They said they used dielectric gel and the problem should be resolved. WELL IT ISN'T.
    In November it happened again. This time I had it towed in as requested. I got back in touch with the GM Corporate office so that they could offer some troubleshooting help. The dealership basically said again that they could not find anything wrong with it because no error codes came up. I spoke to the area manager who suppposedly was involved with the troubleshooting. He had the nerve to tell me that since they couldn't find anything wrong with the truck that it had to be an external source. I asked him what he meant and he said that I am leaving my radar detector or a phone charger plugged in WHICH I AM NOT. Nothing is ever left plugged in and both items were found in the armrest not attached or on the windshield.
    I contacted the BBB Auto Line and opened a complaint. Initally GM didn't want to do anything but they later offered to replace it. I went to the dealership to look at their inventory and I decided to go with a Tahoe instead based on my history with the AVE. They are a little expensive so I knew I would have to come out of pocket a couple of $K difference.
    While I was there I decided against my better judgement to go ahead and look at a 08 AVE Z71 since they were cheaper. Well the salesman went to go get it and IT DID NOT START!!!!!!!!!! He gave the same song and dance about if it sits for a long period of time the battery can go dead. This is the exact same thing they told me when I purchased this one. So later yesterday I get a call from the mgr and he said that they want to charge me mileage (19900 mi) and the sticker difference in order to do the trade. $17,000 out of pocket plus the truck!!!!!!!!!!!! I obiously declined--I returned home aprox 5:30 yesterday and this morning at 08:45 the battery is again DEAD. I had it towed to the dealer again.
    I am going through arbitration later this month. I am also going to file a complaint with the NHTSA and possibly my attorney generals office.
    I paid $38K for this piece of crap and the best thing they can say is well it's yor fault or office to let my but another vehicle. This can't be ok.
    If anyone else is having this problem PLEASE post or at least call GM corporate so that they can see that it is a problem.--12/6/08.
  • I took my 2007 Avalanche in to the dealer on Saturday AM (by appt) after the 4th time it left me stranded after 5 pm, when the dealership is no longer open. I sat for almost an hour before they came to "log" me in. Then, the guy told me that they should know something by 2pm, was I going to wait. WTF? From 8am til 2pm, sit and wait? I basically said I had to know something about the status of the truck by noon. I'm a single mom, and this is our only mode of transportation. He indicated to me that they may not know anything, and on the weekends, they weren't allowed to give out "loaner cars." He told me I could come back Monday morning at 7am when they open, and I'd have more of a chance that it would be looked at, and a loaner provided if needed.
    He also proceeded to tell me that there probably wasn't anything they could do if the vehicle wasn't experiencing the problem right now. I tried to tell him about some of the issues I had read about, and he told me that the truck probably just needed a new battery, after all, "you do live in Florida." Again I'll say WTF? I have lived here for 6 years and never had to replace a car battery. Not to mention, if the battery was bad, it would not be so easily jumped when it dies. I asked about some of the updates that might solve the problem, and he told me that everytime they hook the car up to the computer, it will automatically tell them if something needs to be updated. I wanted to tell him that the computers have made people lazy, and they aren't infallible - "oh, nothing must be wrong with it, because the computer SAYS it's fine.").
    I too was told to have the vehicle towed in the next time it has this issue. Why should I foot the cost for a tow? I asked the guy to give me his address, and the next time it happens, I'll have the car towed to HIS house so he can see that the dang thing won't start.
    After it happened the 2nd time, I started unplugging anything that was in the charger sockets each time I got out of the vehicle to see if that made a difference, and it didn't make any at all. When I had my Ford I always left my phone charger plugged in and never had this problem.
    If I can get rid of this vehicle I plan to do it - I love the truck when it's running, but the maintenance isn't worth it, and I want to dump it before it hits 36K and is out of warranty.
    I will call GM corporate as well, after I take it in Monday AM and see what they say about it.

    Thanks for the extra info!
  • 2007 Avlanche Heard a pop on acceleration . 1st.2nd, rev worked. 3rd & Drive gone. Dealer sys th transmission oil pump broke. Does this sound right?
  • It happened yesterday, simply driving down the street and it would not accelerate. When I changed gears, I heard pop. It would not go past 3rd gear. I took it in today and said it is the transmission. This is ridiculous!! Any direction on calling GM would be greatly appreciated because I cannot afford 2,800 to fix it. I may as well turn it back to the bank! Upset!!!!
  • Thank God mine was still under warranty when the tranny went, or I would have been up a creek without a paddle. I didn't get any extended warranty on this truck, because everyone told me, with a truck, you don't need one. Good for at least 100K miles. I don't see mine lasting that long.
    Upon return to the dealer on Monday AM in regards to the battery problem, they called me Monday afternoon, told me, "Yep, it's the battery." DUH?! They replaced the battery, and it's been ok since then, but after reading this forum, I won't be surprised if it starts acting up again in the next few months.
    Good luck to everyone with their issues - given the whole bailout situation with the car industry, I don't see GM doing anything about this problem.
  • xsgt1xsgt1 Posts: 3
    No more GM's for me thank you very much... 2007 Avalanche with 6 NO STARTS and NO POSSIBILITY OF A BUYBACK... Gee I wonder why General Motors is having problems... I think that their attitude towards CUSTOMER SERVICE needs some fine tuning... Maybe The board of directors need to know just what ole Rick and his cronies are doing or maybe that should be not doing for GM customers...
  • How many miles did you have on the Ave when the problem first presented itself and is it documented? Definately check on the lemon law in your state. It is imperative that you have ALL documentation from each occurance. If you are still under warranty I would not jump it or let them come out and jump it. It is very inconvenient to wait on a tow, but I would make them tow it and jump it at the delaership. You can't prove it was dead if you jump it yourself. Look at your owners manuel and make sure you follow the steps for filing a complaint. It sounds like you've been in contact with corporate, but you need to write them a letter as well if you haven't already. You also need to contact the BBB. They will inform you as to whether or not you are eligible to file a claim. They will also give you the information that you will need if you choose to go into arbitration.
    Stick to your guns GM is not going to agree that the vehicle is a lemon. Believe me this is not a easy process and certainly not something that you would expect to have to do when purchasing a fairly expensive vehicle.
    I would also contact the owner of the dealership, file a complaint with the NHTSA, and possibly contact your congressman.
    Again documentation is going to be important !!!
    Now Repurchase/Buyback--it is not as sweet as it sounds you will lose $$$ because they will want to charge you for "wear and tear" and you can kiss all the payment you made good by.
    I finally got GM to repurchase mine back after months of hassle but I lost around $16K if you figure in the above factors. With the great deals that are out now you may be better off just trading it in on something else. Yea is sucks, but is it worse the hassle?
    Good Luck!
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